A normal Life

A Kingdom Hearts FanFic

I don't own it, neither do you. Get used to it.

* *

A sun sets in the distance, giving the sleepy town of Twilight Town a nice orange sky. It always stayed like this really, at least, whenever Sora looked up it did. He was at his usual spot on the clock tower that day. Eating his ice cream with his friends.

Of course, this was very dangerous, precariously perched on the edge of a tall clock tower. But he didn't care. It felt more memorable that way. He wanted to remember every day.


He looked over and saw his friend Kairi.


"Your ice cream's melting."

He looked at it and took a bite. Ah the familiarity.

"Y'know," his other friend Riku said," today's the last day of summer."

"Yeah." Sora said.

They continued to eat in silence. Sora's ice cream melted through and fell to the ground below. Sora just stared at it as it fell.

"I told you it was melting." Kairi said.

"Lay off. It isn't his fault."

A voice said. Around the corner, another one of Sora's friends walked over.

"Hey, Lea. What took you?"

Lea took a seat against the wall of the clock face.

"Work was rough today. I hate summer jobs."

Riku tossed Lea his ice cream and he started eating. Sora turned away and looked at his ice cream stick.

"Hey guys, look!"

He held up the stick. On it was printed the word "WINNER."

"Cool. Free ice cream." Lea said.

"Hand it over."Riku said.

"Why?" Sora asked.

"I am the one who buys everyday."

"Yeah, okay."

Sora threw it, but Riku missed and it fell over the side.

"Nice catch, Riku." Lea said.

"Shut up."

"Hey look!" Kairi said.

She was looking over the side. Everyone then looked too and saw someone at the plaza. It was a boy with spiked blond hair. He looked up and yelled, "This yours?!"

"Yeah!" Sora yelled back.

The boy with blond hair went into the station. A minute later, the boy emerged from the staircase they use.

"Cool spot." He said.

"Yeah. You got the stick?" Riku asked.

The boy pulled it from his wristband and handed it to Riku.

"Thanks." he said.

"No problem." The boy said.

The boy was opening the door to the stairs when Sora called to him.

"What's your name?"

He stopped and turned around.


"Well Roxas, thanks for the help."

"No need, I'm just a good Samaritan doing their job."

"You don't look much older than us. Where do you go to school?"

"Oh, um."

He tried to point in the direction of his school, but looked befuddled.

"Sorry, I'm not very good with directions. Plus I just moved here. It's that new school near the edge of town, the one that has the replica of this clock tower in the courtyard?"

"Oh, that one. What a coincidence. We go there too." Kairi said.

"Really? I guess we'll see each other around then." Roxas said.

"I guess we will. Later." Sora said.

"Later." Roxas said.

He then went through the door and down the steps.

'They seem like a tight-knit group.' Roxas thought. 'Must be nice. To have friends.'

At the ledge, Riku got up.

"It's about time to leave. We don't want to get grounded. Later, Lea." Riku said.

"Later." He replied.

"See ya tomorrow." Kairi said.

"Til then."

The threesome went down the stairs and boarded their train to their homes.

Lea sat there for a while and finished his ice cream. When he finished, he saw that his stick said "WINNER" too.

"Heh. That's funny."

He got up, put the stick in his pocket, and left.

'Life's always gotta be funny that way.' he thought. He walked to his house outside town.

* *

I want to know you

A thick fog

Enveloping everything

I see you

I reach for you

But you are never really there

When will you appear to me?

I want to know you

I want to see you

I want to be in your presence

Is that too much to ask?

I don't know you

But I want to be with you

I remember your name

And write it in the sands

But the waves always wash it away

Why is that?

Do you do this?

Do you not want me to know you?

Are you trying to protect me?

Tell me what it is

I can handle it

Is it something you've done?

I want to know

But you won't tell me, will you?

What did you do

That was so bad

You could never trust someone?

Tell me

Please, tell me

I want to know

I'll forgive you


I want to know you

But you can't know me

And that is why

You will never be free

From your burden

Let me in


I want to know you

End of Day 0, Start of Week 1