Author's Note: Wow, it's seemed like forever since I last looked at this fic. And yes, this is exactly what it looks like. A discontinued notice. I know, I know, I really wanted to do this and work really hard, but too many things are going on, the initial idea of the fic has changed so many times it's not even funny.

I'm sorry to all of my readers, but there is good news. I haven't given up on this idea juuust yet. While this story is a bust, I have actually been working on, in my part-time, an even better version of this story. Not so similar that I can just go back and replace previous chapters, but close enough to the original idea that I can still get the awesome ending that I wanted this thing to have. And trust me, it will be awesome.

So, again, I'm sorry, but I've messed up a lot in this story and will take to heart those mistakes and make sure they don't show up again. Look out for the new version of A normal Life, titled alTeRnatE ReaLitY. I should have the first 5 chapters ( because I love my readers ) posted by the end of the month. So again, Gomen nasai!