A/N: I felt it was too long and too finalized. I wanted the pairings to be open. Despite what's within this literary work, I still feel that it can be hinted that there is a possibility of Lavi and Allen getting together (comfort?). The rest of the story or what happens after is solely up to the reader. The "Extended" Edition (original upload) gave access to Lenalee's thoughts, but I rather have only Allen's thoughts shared.


Allen looked at his best mate as if he were blooming mad. How could Lavi suggest another go when Linalee had seen them getting off?!

Before the English teen could decline any further, Lavi was *on the job. The young Bookman grasped Allen's arms and restrained him; his lips made contact with the latter's post-virgin ones.

The white haired boy struggled against his friend's advances and fought against him. Allen tried to pry the other teen off his face, but this caused Lavi to press harder.

"S-stop it!" Allen interjected, but Lavi took the opportunity and entered the other's mouth, playing with the small and warm appendage.

The smaller exorcist pushed against the other's face and forcefully broke the kiss, however, instead of conceding, the Bookman apprentice focused his attention to his best mate's milky clavicle. He nipped and sucked, but before a love bite could surface, he was rubbing a hot and bruised cheek; Allen punched him and he was crying.

Allen inwardly admitted that he had initially enjoyed the kissing earlier, but this was not his cup of tea. Lavi was his best friend, but it was Linalee he fancied!

Had he been played? Was his best mate secretly arse over elbow for him and was this "service" a foolish attempt to get what he wanted?

Brilliant. This is just bloody brilliant.

The brit felt more upset about being played and smacked his best friend a couple more times before finally breaking down on Lavi's shoulder.


Q: Does my mind tell me that Lenalee gave up on Allen and that this destoryed the possibility of those two ever achieving a relationship?