~The Sweet Sound of Music, 10

The lab was mostly empty, and situated around the stairs to Mac's office was the team and my mom, who was looking a little snippy.

"Honey, there you are, goodness, I was starting to get worried…" She laughed nervously. "I hope you're ready?" She asked. I just nodded, my fingers drumming already on the neck of the violin.

"Wait…before you play…we got you something." Danny said, standing up. He came over with a little box. I raised my eyebrows (which didn't hurt anymore, it used to, thanks to Croup) and received the box after setting my violin down on a table.

I pulled off the wildly purple bow with a smile. The box in contrast, was white. I slit the tape with my longest fingernail (as any string instrument player, you are supposed to keep your nails trimmed down) and took off the lid.

My bracelet was inside, shiny and clean, like it hadn't been through what it had been. I slowly lifted it out. The violin charm had been replaced, and one more had been added, a tiny magnify glass. My eyes pricked suddenly as I set the box quickly down and slowly wrapped the bracelet around my wrist, and went to do the clasp.

"Here." Danny said quietly, and helped me do the still stubborn clasp. After a minute, he got it. I shook it out and felt a smile creep across my face.

"It's beautiful, the new charm. Thank you." I said softly and hastily wiped at my face. I hadn't expected to get it back, not to mention fixed with a new charm.

Danny gave me a hug, and then we had a giant hug fest. I got hugs from everyone, and after another quick swipe at my eyes, I shooed them all back to their seats.

"Who picked out the charm?" I asked. Everybody glanced at Danny, who smiled sheepishly. "Nice." I said and my face broke into a grin.

"Yeah, way to go Danny." Said Flack sarcastically.

"Way to be a superstar!" Stella said, and slapped him a quick highfive, taking him off guard.

"Oh shut up all of you. I love it." I said, but nobody heard me.

"But really? A magnify glass? How about something a bit more girly, like a compact or something?" Hawkes said.

"Hey now," Danny said defensively.

"Really Hawkes? Do I look girly to you? Now shut up, all of you!" I said jokingly, but they actually listened this time. My mom's glare helped. Mac just rolled his eyes.

Now that I had their attention, I was nervous again. Great.

I quickly tested my strings and took a deep breath…


She started slowly, and I could tell she was nervous. But after awhile, she acted like we weren't even here. It was beautiful beyond I could have thought from one so young. Her mom looked more proud than I had ever seen her.

The music sounded hard, but she made it look so easy. It was the best when she started to get into it, I could tell she was passionate about playing. A sort of silence descended on the lab, except for the sweet sound of music in the air.

My first story for CSI: NY! I thought it was pretty bad, really very nerdy. I realized halfway through that I used terms I'm sure you probably haven't heard of before. I'll list them here for you, if you honestly care to read them.

Violin- The highest string instrument in an Orchestra. Violin, Viola Cello and Bass all have four strings, and they are listed highest to lowest in pitch, and in my opinion, difficulty. They are also listed according to size. The only reason Amelia was put in a bass is because it is the biggest of the four.

Stradivarius- you've probably heard of this one. It's only the best violin you can buy. All of them were made in about the 1600's, and they are extremely fragile, but they make the best sound.

Instrument Parts- The best instruments are assembled by hand, but it can be done by machine. They have many parts, but I'll only define the ones I mentioned.

Front and Back- These are the largest parts of an instrument, they give a instrument it's shape, and therefore, impacts what it will sound like.

Supports- Wooden dowels placed strategically inside an instrument keep the plates from collapsing.

Bow Hair- Attached to the bow itself is the hair, which you put on the strings to produce a sound.

Glue- Obviously, it holds the instrument together so that as the wood expands and shrinks with different temperatures it doesn't fall apart.

Rack- Used to hold either violins or violas in cases, or cello's or basses without a case.

Case- Protects the instrument in question. They can be very expensive, especially ones for cello and bass.

F-Hole- The F shaped holes cut into a instrument to allow the sound to pass through.

Strings- What you play to produce different sounds.

Pegs- The four pegs tune each of the four strings to the correct pitch.

Bridge- What the strings are placed over.

Bowing- There are about a hundred different types of bowing, and they are very technical. For example, staccato is meant to be short and quick, and legato is long and fluid. Then there are up bows, down bows, slurs, ties…it's very confusing!

Vibrato- the musician moves their wrist quickly up and down to make the sound waver.

Rosin- placed on the bow hair as a dry lubricant, it also adds a bit of volume. It makes the sound smoother and easier to make.

Fingering- There are certain finger patterns to make certain sounds, or notes.

Clef- Different instruments are played in different clefs. Clefs tell the composer where to place the notes on the staff. The staff is the lines you see in music. Viola Clef refers to Tenor Clef.

Full Size- all instruments come in different sizes depending on the player. ¼, ½ and full size are the basic sizes, but they can be custom made for younger kids, or players with really long arms.

Warm up- before a performance, a musician will warm up to be more comfortable playing.

Key- Certain notes can be sharp, flat or natural. The key tells you which notes have occidentals, or one of the markings listed.

Scale- a series of notes in any key.