Note: Right. I have no idea where this came from. I haven't even finished the next chapter of "Nothing Sacred" yet, but I keep coming up with something related to it. Frankly, for this particular one, I blame the song "Alice Human Sacrifice", since that is what inspired me to write this. If you look at the lyrics, then you might see some parallels to this.

BTW: if you're curious about this, then I suggest reading my other fic "Nothing Sacred". It will probably make more sense.

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~Prologue: The Tiny Dream~

Once upon a time, there was once a man who lived alone in the forest that was just outside the town of Fantasia.

One day, he was sitting in his room, feeling incredibly bored. He was already old and retired from the one job that gave him excitement—that feeling of dominance. He needed to feel that again—that euphoria of seeing someone break under pressure.

But how…?

And, most of all, who should be broken?

A childish giggle sounded from the outside of his home—the giggle of a little girl.

He looked outside and saw a pale little girl in a yellow sundress, running through the grassy fields of the forest. He immediately recognized her as a child from the town. She was running and laughing, her eyes bright with innocence.

He snorted with disdain. Children were so selfish. They were innocent to everything in the world, never caring for anything outside of their little bubble of naïveté.

The man clenched his fists so tightly that his skin turned paler.

Someone should teach them a little lesson about the harshness of life.

Someone should teach them what it means to be truly broken.

In the darkness, a slow, wide grin glowed pearly whites as dark eyes gleamed.