There was once a Victorian Era author by the name of Oscar Wilde.

He only wrote one novel, which is titled The Picture of Dorian Gray.

In that novel Lord Henry Wotton, one of Wilde's most charismatic characters, once said to the main character Dorian:

"It is only the sacred things that are worth touching."

But this makes one wonder.

Family is sacred.

Happiness is sacred.

Children are sacred.

Innocence is sacred.

Life is sacred. If there are people who are willing to taint these things in life, then we have a problem:

Nothing will be sacred anymore.

This shouldn't even be considered an epilogue. It's really more of an explanation of where I came up with the title for "Nothing Sacred". See, at the time I was thinking of this my senior class and I were assigned to read The Picture of Dorian Gray.

Loved the book; I recommend it to anyone who has a thing for a Faustian gothic novel, (with homoerotic hints on the side).

Hoped you liked it. If you didn't, then thank you for reading anyway.