1 Jhondie & Justin (6) – Justin A. Carter

Rated: PG-13

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2 Justin

"Took Kayla to get some things for school," Jhondie read aloud from her mother's note. "We're meeting Anna and Melissa for lunch after if you would like to join us - Mom." She looked up at me with a sparkle in her eyes. "So, you want to go meet them?" she asked teasingly. I didn't have to reply. I just swept her up into my arms and kissed her. From the way her arms wrapped around me, I figured I came up with the right answer.

It wasn't that I didn't want to see her family or anything, but I had been gone for three weeks, and I had missed Jhondie more than I thought possible. There had been a special workshop that had been offered, and I had been invited to attend. It was supposed to be some big honor since only a total of thirty students from four different colleges were invited to attend. Yeah, big honor to attend a workshop in Sacramento that was government run and entitled "Responsible Journalism".

The whole thing was for the government to get us to believe that censorship was just fine. We were supposed to be pleased that they were protecting the masses from irresponsible story telling like what had incited rioting after the Pulse. We should support censorship. The government needed to tell us what to say. Why make people unhappy anyways? They gave us examples of wild journalists that wrote stories without proof that incited mass hysteria. It didn't matter if the articles were true or not. After the second day I wanted to ask about Eye's Only and remind them that he wasn't censored, but his stories were always true. Would they block him?

I had really gone there to network though, and getting kicked out would not have been the best move. I wanted to know if there really were others out there getting ready to go into my profession that felt the same way that I did. Most of the people there were government drones, but I did meet two people that had a great deal of promise. Nikki wanted to cut out the corruption that plagued this country and Dwight wanted to revive that forgotten document, The Constitution of the United States of America. I wasn't about to tell either of them who I worked for, but almost immediately we knew that we had a common bond.

Overall, the three weeks went rather well. I got to meet the enemy head on which might help in the future, and Nikki, Dwight and I got to know each other pretty well. The first night of the workshop there had been a dinner, and the three of us gravitated to each other. I think we could see that distinct lack of dullness in each other and knew that we were all determined to truly be responsible journalists, and not the way the government defined it.

Nikki was disappointed that I had a girlfriend to say the least. She hit on me lightly the first night, and then was a little more forthright when I didn't respond to her subtle flirtations. I told her that Jhondie and I were very serious, and that even though she wasn't there, I had no intentions of doing anything that would hurt her if she knew. Nikki was impressed with my integrity and commitment to Jhondie, and relaxed after that. There was a waiter at this diner the three of us went to almost every night that she started flirting with instead.

The three of us had promised to keep in touch when the workshop ended. Nikki was going back to San Diego, and Dwight was off to San Francisco. I had a feeling that in time the two of them would be able to help expand the Informant Net. We all had laughed so much at the seminars when we were eating together at night and comparing notes. It was almost scary to see how much the drones just sucked up all the crap that was being spewed at us.

I had been busy as hell, but I still missed Jhondie every day. Her summer classes ended during the second week of the workshop, and I thought about inviting her until the day it started and I saw some military types hanging around. There was no way she would be able to enjoy herself if she saw any of them. It was tough, but I managed to talk myself out of asking her to come. She would have, but she would have been tense the whole time she was there. Not exactly vacation material.

She was with Dad and the twins when they picked me up from the train station. It was a little like an old fashioned movie with me hugging my girl on a platform, but it was cool anyways. We had to go back to my house so I could deposit my stuff and I could get out of my suit. I promised Dad we would be there in time to us all to go out to dinner together, and then we went over to Jhondie's. She had gotten some information that Eye's Only had asked for, and the disks were at her place. I had a special program on my computer that would let me send it to him, so the plan was to go back to my place, do the upload, and have dinner. It was funny that Dad was starting to include Jhondie in family gatherings. He had actually been doing that ever since we got back from Boston.

But when we got to her place, her mother and sister were going to be gone for a couple of hours and I had just spent the last three weeks without my lover. I had missed her so much. Nikki was very attractive, and a year and a half ago I would have enjoyed the diversion, but Jhondie had pretty much ruined me for any other woman. She was the one I thought about every day while I was gone, and the boss was just going to have to wait.

Jhondie already had my shirt off before we started moving from the entryway of her house. It would seem that she had missed me just as much as I had missed her. I wasn't sure how we managed it, but we never broke that kiss that was becoming scorching in intensity and almost frantic with desire. I managed to get her shirt off of her as she started moving backwards to the couch. By that time, both of us knew there was no way we were going to make it upstairs.

I unsnapped her jeans, trying to get them down, but she was a hell of a lot quicker than me, and just as determined to get my jeans off of me, undoing my belt and unzipping them. I gave her a little push as the back of her legs hit the arm of the couch and she tumbled backwards, her jeans pinning her legs together.

She let out a little surprised scream as she fell, but I ignored it, practically pouncing her where she had landed on the couch. I had more important things to deal with like how I was going to get her jeans the rest of the way off of her and kissing that little mole on her shoulder. God, she tasted so sweet. Her hands were all over me, and we were so caught up in each other, that I didn't even hear the creak that the third stair from the top had started to make when someone stepped on it. It actually started to make that noise mysteriously right after last Thanksgiving. It was a mystery to say the least. Thinking about it later, there might not have been a creak at all.

I was working on the bra issue when a hand grabbed my shoulder, and before I could even think about reacting, I was pitched halfway across the room, skidding across the hardwood floor into the wall. A blonde man was standing behind the couch in an attack stance exactly like what I had seen Jhondie do before when she was ready to do some serious a$$ kicking. His expression was a rather interesting combination of pissed and confused. I suspected that I had a rather similar one.

Jhondie was on her knees on the couch, eyes wide, gaping at him. "Zack?" she gasped.

3 Jhondie

Of all the times for my darling brother to show up, now was not exactly the best timing. "Zack?" I squeaked out, not at all feeling like a dangerous soldier. I felt like a teenager that had just gotten busted with her boyfriend. Justin didn't look hurt, but he did look like he was about to jump up and go after whomever it was that had intruded on us.

"It's okay Justin," I said quickly, jumping to my feet. "This is just my overprotective big brother Zack." Justin's eyebrows shot up. I had mentioned a few of my sibs to him, but not very often. It hurt to think about them scattered about, and I didn't like to talk about it. I knew Justin was curious, but he knew why he shouldn't push the issue on me. Now instead of talking about him, here was Zack in the flesh. Oh God. There was a reason I didn't want Zack to meet Justin.

Zack glared at me when I made that introduction, his blue eyes snapping fire. "He already knows about us," I said, knowing the dressing down I was going to get. Well, dammit, he was going to have to live with it. We had talked about this a million times before. He didn't like it, but he had to know it was going to happen sooner or later. We were all growing up, and serious relationships happened when kids became adults.

"What the hell do you think you're doing breaching op-sec?" he snarled, his hands bunching into fists. There was one thing that would instantly light Zack's fuse, and that was telling someone about our misbegotten childhood. But I was sick of the whole op-sec song and dance. Despite what he liked to think, I was not reckless.

"What the hell does it look like I was doing?" I snapped back. I didn't mean it the way it sounded, but he flushed, and that was when we both realized that I was still half naked. It was one of the very rare times that I had ever seen Zack flustered. We had showered together in the barracks, but we weren't kids anymore, and as much as he was my brother, I still had a nice body.

"Cover yourself up soldier," he muttered, looking away from me.

"Quit enjoying the view," I replied with saccharine sweetness, trying to get my jeans back up and look for my shirt. Zack reddened a little more. I had a feeling he wasn't terribly experienced with the opposite sex, and this was far more embarrassing to him then it was to me.

Justin was finally getting to his feet and tossed my shirt over to me. I quickly pulled it over my head, and Zack was able to look at me again. Maybe I should take it back off. He was pissed. The last time I had seen him this pissed was…I think he might have been this angry when I was twelve and he was interrupted taking me from Las Vegas. Actually, no he wasn't. Justin came up behind me trying to discreetly zip his pants, and I made sure my body was between him and Zack. This could get very ugly very quickly. There was only one way I could remember to contain a problem with op-sec. Eliminate the breach.