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Carlisle's point of view

"Bella Swan is in exam room#1." Judy told me as she hurried past me in the hallway. The hospital was buzzing with life today, which was unusual for our small town.

I frowned, looking after the frazzled nurse. Bella? She must have made a mistake because of all the commotion. Although it was not rare to find my suragent daughter at the hospital when she had lived here,(She knew the entire staff by name) Bella hadn't lived here for years. And my children hadn't mentioned her visiting anytime soon.

"Bella Swan?" I called, double checking.

She didn't even look back at me.

"Exam room1." she repeated. She didn't sound unsure in the least so I must have missed something. I had been working a lot this week- more than usual. Maybe the kids had been talking about Bella's visit and I had missed it.

Well it would be good to see her at any rate. Alice must be thrilled. She's missed her so much. Rosalie has too. And I couldn't even imagine my son's reaction. He fell apart after she left and he didn't seem to have gotten over it. As a matter of fact he seemed to have gotten worse lately. He needed to just admit that he was in love with the girl already. They would both be so much happier if he did.

"I need Bella Swan's file please."

The head nurse at the station handed it to me with an odd expression. I thought about asking her about it but she was known for her gossiping ways and surely any conversation with her would only lead to that gossip. Besides that now I was getting anxious to see Bella. She had obviously not been in town for too long and already she was at the hospital?

I arrived at exam room#1, tucking the file under my arm and opening the door. Bella sat inside, looking rather nervous. She jumped, startled, as teh door opened and her eyes widened. She must have been lost in thought.

I smiled, relieved as I scanned her appearance. I didn't see anything too grutatious- no gushing blood, no missing limbs, and she was still concious. So far, so good.

"Hello, Bella." I greeted warmly. It really had been too long since her last visit. I wonder if Esme has invited her for dinner yet.

She didn't respond. She didn't even move. I must have really startled her.

"How long have you been in town?" I prompted, closing the door behind me.

She blinked, seeming to come around but her face was other wise still frozen. Head trauma perhaps?

"uhm... only a couple of days. ...Hi, Carlisle." she stuttered.

Hm. I watched her eyes carefully. The dilating of the pupils seemed normal but she was still acting strange. I almost chuckled. It's like the good old days, spending the evening cat scanning Bella.

"Are you here visiting Charlie before college?" I asked, setting the file down and turning my chair to face her with a smile. Charlie had been talking non stop about his little girl getting into Harvard. She must be thrilled. But I had always known she would get in.

She nodded but she still wasn't fully there. Either her injury was more severe than I had originally thought or there was something she wasn't telling me. She seemed to be miles away.

"That's good." I said hesitantly, eyeing her carefully. "He's missed you."

She didn't say anything and I grew more uneasy. There was definitely something I was missing here. SHe wasn't the same shy but playful Bella that had become a part of my family over the years. And now that I really thought about it I'm sure there would be no overlooking Alice's excitement about Bella's visit no matter how many hours I had to pick up this week.

"We have all missed you of course." I added honestly. "Have you seen Alice yet?"

She smiled but didn't make any effort to answer. There was panic clear in her eyes. The girls aren't fighting are they? No- I'm sure Alice would have mentioned that too. Usually if my youngest daughter was thinking it you knew it. She got that from her mother.

"Rosalie?" I hedged. She had to have talked to one of them. "Edward?"

A hysterical laugh slipped from her lips before she slapped her hands over her mouth, new panic overtaking her. There was no way I was imagining her discomfort from earlier. Something was definitely going on.

I eyed her with a raised eyebrow for a moment before picking up her file. Enough hedging. If she wanted to tell me what was wrong she would but until then the least I can do is get to the bottom of what brought her in here in the first place. She can't be feeling well. She's so obviously not herself right now.

I was leaning towards head trauma more and more every second and those things needed to be treated as soon as possible. Especially with all of the previous blows to the head she had taken.

"So, what brings you here so soon after your arrival?" I asked.

Wanting to ease some of the nervousness she was so clearly feeling I smiled at her- teasing.

"I must say you take accident prone to the extreme, my dear." I chuckled- light hearted.

Her expression changed at once but not in the way I had been hoping for. She looked to be now fighting off tears.

"Actually I'm feeling much better now." she said quickly.

I just stared at her with confusion.

"I was only teasing you, Bella." I said slowly. "If you came here you obviously have reason."

I opened her file, looking down at it but she frantically shook her head.

"I just wanted to see my favorite doctor." she stuttered.

I blinked. What on earth was going on with her? Maybe I should ask Charlie if he's noticed any change in behavior lately and when it started. Of course I would honor the doctor/patient confidentiality but whatever was bothering her was obviously serious. Maybe she would feel more comfortable talking to her father about it. Whatever it is.

"Are you alright?" I asked, worriedly glancing at her file. All of the usual information was at the top. Name, DOB, Emergency contacts, regular doctor, height, weight, ect. Then there was her medical history which took up three full papers. I turned to the very last page for her reason for todays visit.

"Did you hit your head again?" I asked, scanning the page. Judy had taken her vitals and they all semed normal. My voice faded as my eyes, widening frantically, caught on two words: First trimester.

Someone threw the proverbial breaks in my mind and everything came to such a sudden stop that I visibly jolted. I re-read the information that had been added today about fifty-three times before I slowly raised my eyes back to Bella. She was more pale than usual and her hands tremble on her lap.

She was pregnant. In her first trimester appearently. And she was here for a check up and ultrasound.

Even after reading it in black and white fifty-three times I still needed confirmation. After opening and closing my mouth a few times I finally got out a full sentence, albeit awkward as it was.

"Bella... is this a joke?"

She squeezed her eyes shut as if in great pain. And then she shook her head.

Of course it wasn't a joke. It was a preposterous question to even ask. What kind of a joke would this make? It wasn't funny. In the least.

But I had to ask it because... well because I'm almost positive I'm having a heart attack. I couldn't manage to keep count on my heart rate,(it was high) and say the right thing. Yes- someone had finally managed to stump me.

But what would even be the right thing to say in this instance? I wasn't sure there was a perfect way to handle this. If she had been just another patient I wouldn't have thought twice. I would have smiled a congratulations, arranged the ultrasound, done the exam, prescribed her some vitamins, and given her an information packet.

But she wasn't just another patient. She was a member of my family. Esme and I saw her as a daughter of sorts. Our children were her best friends. My son was in love with her for Gods sake. As a matter of fact if she hadn't been states away with her mother all this time... I'd have to wonder about that son of mine. Edward was going to be heart broken.

Okay. I needed to be professional. Bella was a bright girl, strong. This was going to be difficult, exceedingly difficult, but she would be fine. If anyone could do this it's Bella- although I wish she didn't have to.

I cleared my throat. Professional. If I was going to do that I'd have to forget momentarily that she was the girl I had watched grow up with my children. At least to get us through this appointment. I'm sure that by her next appointment I'd have time to come to terms with the fact.

"Okay." I said abruptly. "It looks like you were scheduled for an ultrasound today."

The only thing to do now is make sure she and the baby are healthy.

She opened one eye and then the other, gaging my reaction. I forced a tight smile, trying to reasure her.

"I will go get the ultrasound technician."

She smiled timidly but it looked just as forced as mine was.

The head nurse and some of her gossiping counterparts were huddled around the nurses station, eyes trained on the door of exam room#1. I sighed, knowing this was only the beginning of what was to come. It might be 2009 but this was still a small, judgmental town. And Bella was still the girl we had all watched grow up.

"Isn't that Charlie Swan's kid?" one of them asked as I passed to find the technician.

I turned towards them, keeping my face calm and composed.

"What you read in that file," I said, narrowing my eyes just slightly so they knew I wasn't pleased they had even opened the file. She wasn't their patient. And Judy had entered her information today. They had no reason to look at that file. "Is Bella Swan's business and no one elses."

Their eyes were wide but I didn't hear anyone agree with me.

"Gossip is a very dangerous thing, ladies." I said. "There's no way to really know if, once you start talking, something will get out about you."

"Think about it, ladies." I called over my shoulder.

This was no one's business but Bella's and... For the first time I wondered who the father was. I'm pretty sure whoever he is he doesn't deserve her but I hope he at least is planning on helping her. She hadn't mentioned him. But then again she hadn't really said anything. I could have been a more understanding listener. She'd just caught me so off guard. This is the last thing I would have ever expected to hear from Bella.

Maybe she could come to the house later and talk to Esme. My wonderful wife was better at that kind of thing than I was.

"Maggie, I need an ultrasound in exam room#1 when you have a moment please." I told the young woman politely when I found her.

She looked up, brushing some hair out of her face and smiled.

"Sure thing, Dr. Cullen." she said. "I can do it now. Just let me get the machine."

I smiled in thanks. This was her first year here and she was really young. Some of the other doctors had their doubts about her but I thought she was qualified. Besides that she didn't gossip or judge which was just what Bella needed at the moment.

The check up and ultrasound went by normally. Thankfully Bella and the baby both were healthy. Maggie got a picture during the ultrasound for Bella even though you couldn't see much of anything because it was too early. It was a sweet thought though and Bella seemed happy when Maggie mentioned it to her.

The doctor she had seen in Arizona hadn't prescribed her any prenatal vitamins. I frowned, appalled. I knew they had a lot of patients and they were busy but that was basic. I handed her the prescription and she took it, still refusing to meet my eyes.

I sighed.

"You're around eight weeks." I notified her. "So your due date is February eighth."

She may have nodded. She may have even said something. I couldn't really be sure because something clicked in my brain as I said those words. Eight weeks.

The kids had graduated seven weeks ago. She had gotten pregnant the week before graduation. Edward had been gone that weekend. Esme had been so worried. He didn't tell us where he was going and it seemed like a very last minute trip. He had just said he needed to go, he had to do something as he rushed around his room, throwing things in a duffel bag. Esme had cried but he promised he was coming back on Monday. There was just something that he needed to do and it couldn't wait another moment.

I had told him it had better be a life or death situation to be leaving the weekend before graduation. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes so that Bella wouldn't think I was angry with her. I guess a new life had been made that weekend.

"Here's the picture that the ultrasound technician was able to get." I said tensely, holding the picture out to her. "You can't see hardly anything because it's too early."

Of three things I was absolutely certain. Bella was pregnant. My son was a dead man when Charlie Swan found out. And I had just handed Bella a picture of my grandchild.

Oh, Edward Anthony Cullen- you have so much explaining to do.

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