Okay, here it is the final chapter! Ok Ok I know its been over a year….sorry, had a lot of drama in the last year. BUT I did get to meet Jensen, Jared and Misha along with many others from SPN. So its all good right? Well this is the final chapter of Dean and Elizabeth's story, and you finally get to see who Cas ends up with, hope Dear Reader that you enjoy it.

With his tan trench swirling about in the heavy wind, Castiel had spent the night crouched on top of a St. Augustine's Chapel praying. His emotions, which had lain dormant until he had met Elizabeth, had risen to an explosive peak with making love to her. He was lost, he had no one to turn to. He had lost her to Dean Winchester, a man he had betrayed his family for, yet he couldn't be sorry. He could feel the love that radiated off the man for Elizabeth, and he knew they were meant for each other. But that didn't make his feelings for Elizabeth any easier. Castiel was devastated by her lies, and yet he still loved her. He prayed to his heavenly father to ease his pain, as he let the tears fall.

Castiel looked up into the dark night, noticing that clouds were rolling across the infinite expanse of sky, in dark ominous waves. He could feel the electrical pull of the lighting and thunder, and it raised the hair on his arms. Something was happening; he could feel the tingle in his body, the magnetic waves rolling across his skin, and straight to his wings. He stood and let his wings open wide, to absorb the energy. It made him feel powerful, more than he had since his whole defection. Lighting raced across the sky, brightening up the dark city, and his wings created massive shadows across the roof and steeple of the historic church. Within minutes the rain poured down, in sheets, sluicing down his face.

Castiel reveled in the powerful storm, amazed at how it charged him. He had weathered many a storm, but none had felt like this. His face still tilted to the sky, he screamed into the night, letting his anger and sadness out with it. Lightning ruled the sky in an electrical frenzy, and it seemed to lead straight to Castiel. He opened his arms wide, his feathers ruffling in the wind. When the first strike hit his vessel, he screamed, not in pain but in ecstasy. The power that flowed through his body, ending in the tips of his wings called to him, but he knew not what it said. The storm continued for twenty four straight hours, filling the town with water, and Castiel with energy.

As the storm abated, Castiel folded his wings, and ran a hand across his body, leaving his clothes dry as his hands passed over them. He sat down, and gazed across the town. It was dark again, and the town had areas of blackness, he assumed it was downed power lines. He sniffed the air, and breathed in the cleanliness of it. His senses seemed sharper, keener. He could see farther into the dark distance than her ever could before. He could smell the bakery two towns over, and he heard the voices of mothers singing their children to sleep a hundred miles away. He had no idea what was happening to him, and that made him nervous.

Suddenly Cas felt a pull, like his heart was being pulled by some unseen source, and he had to follow. He had felt this pull before, each time Elizabeth had called him via the necklace she wore. He turned his head away from the town, ready to fly as far away as need to be rid of the sensation. Suddenly, his head swam and his chest heaved outward towards hers. He had never felt the pull so strongly before, and his body followed even though his brain tried futilely to stop it. His wings opened, and he flew to the origin of the pull. He flew faster than he ever had before, bidden by a force so strong his now stronger soul still could not deny it.

Before he knew what was happening he was in a hospital room, standing next to Dean, Sam, Bobby and three people he didn't know.

"Cas!" Dean screamed and ran to Castiel, grabbing him by the lapels of his trench coat.

Castiel narrowed his eyes at the wild eyed man, surprised that he would dare to touch him in such a manner, after all that had happened. "What do you want?" He asked coldly.

Dean looked into Castiel's eyes, searching for any signs of compassion, and found none. "It's Elizabeth, she went into labor, she is having the baby! Please Castiel, you have to help them."

Cas's eyes grew large and round, and he straightened up to his full height. "What?" Before anyone could speak, he stalked out of the room, tilting his head. He listened for Elizabeth's familiar heart beat. He followed the unstable beat to a bright white room. He saw Elizabeth laying on the table arms wide, and several doctors working furiously around her body. Her eyes were wide open, and she looked terrified.

Elizabeth's eyes met Castiel's, and Castiel let go of all the hurt and pain. He was beside her in an instant, holding her hand. The doctors worked around him, never seeing him.

"Please, Castiel save the baby." She whispered hoarsely.

Castiel looked down at the hand he was holding, trying to come up with something to say to this woman, the woman he loved. He had lost most of his powers since his defection, he didn't know if he had it with in himself to help her and the baby. He saw her bloody thumb, and the archaic symbol cut into it. Now he realized why the pull had been so strong, her blood had called him here, even against his will. He looked around the room, trying to come up with an idea, something to help her. He could hear the babies rapid heart rate slowing, and knew time was running out.

Elizabeth watched Cas as his eyes raced across the room. He has no idea what to do, she thought. He can't help my baby; my baby is going to die. It was her last thought before she fainted from the blood loss.

Castiel felt Elizabeth's hand go limp, and squeezed it tightly. "I won't fail you!" he whispered into her ear, praying it wasn't a lie. He began praying to his heavenly father for help or for the knowledge of what he should do. Suddenly he heard the doctors pulling the baby from its mother, and discussing how to save it. Castiel watched as they put the baby on a small table and began working on it. He could see the baby's soul hovering just outside its body, barely holding on.

Raising his hands to collect all the power he could from with in himself, which was considerable after the storm, he walked towards the tiny infant. He closed his eyes and gently pushed the baby's soul back into its body. He left his hands on its delicate skin, and pushed the power he had gathered into the miniature body.

After a few moments, Castiel felt drained, but he could hear the baby's heart beat get stronger. He opened his eyes to see the baby staring up at him. He ran his hand along side the of the baby's head, and the baby turned it's face towards it. It opened its mouth, trying to suckle, but found nothing. Castiel could hear the doctors talking about the baby, and that it was a miracle it was alive, let alone breathing by itself.

Castiel smiled and looked up at Elizabeth's body. He slowly walked over to it, and touched her hand. He rubbed the soft skin with his thumb, and leaned down and gently kissed her on the lips. "Goodbye, my love." He whispered into her ear, and then he was gone.

Dean sat by Elizabeth's side on the small hospital bed, reversing their earlier rolls. She being the patient, and Dean being the worrying lover.

Elizabeth was sitting up, waiting for the baby to come. The doctors had told her they had no idea how, but that the baby was fine, incredibly tiny, but perfectly healthy. She watched as the nurse wheeled the infant into the room, giddy with anticipation of seeing the baby she and Dean had created. She had refused to allow anyone to tell her what sex the baby was, wanting it to be a surprise. She held out her arms and the nurse lay the baby in them.

Dean watched as Lizzy looked down and saw her baby for the first time. He had already held the baby a couple hours before while Lizzy was still in recovery. Now he just enjoyed seeing the love of his life holding onto their child. Her faced glowed, and she looked up at Dean with tears in her eyes. Dean smiled and kissed her forehead.

Beth laid the baby on its back, and marveled at its size. It was so tiny, but every feature, though miniature, was perfect. There were bits of blond fluffy hair, green blue eyes, ten fingers, ten toes, rosebud lips, and a tiny button nose. She slowly unwrapped the blankets and unfastened the diaper.

"It's a boy!" She grinned up at Dean, who was just nodding.

"You expect anything else from a Winchester? There hasn't been a female in our family in years." Dean said laughing.

No one noticed until later the paper that was sitting on the table. It was Elizabeth and Castiel's marriage certificate. Castiel had brought it to her before it could be filed with the city clerks office. It was if their marriage had never happened.

Fifty Five Years Later

She ran, ran as if her life depended on it, because it did. Her heart was pounding in her chest, and her breath burned her lungs. She ran into the alley, only to find the end blocked by a large wall that was impossible to scale. She flattened herself up against the dirty wet brick, and reached into her bag pulling out the large knife. She waited, but not long. There were six of them, but there had been nine. She watched them walk down the alley, their rows of teeth glistening in the moonlight. God, I hate vampires, she thought.

The six vampires, four men, two women, stalked towards her slowly. She had already killed three of them and they were under no illusions that this was just a simple girl. They surrounded her in the shape of a crescent moon, smelling her sweat and blood. They could hear her heart beat fast, and see the blood pumping in her neck. They had her right where they wanted her. They slowly advanced to her, laughing evilly.

Deanna watched them advance, and knew she couldn't defeat them all. She held the large hunting knife her father had given her with one hand. She absently fingered the cross she wore around her neck that her grandmother had given her on her deathbed. It lay next to the amulet her grandfather had given on his, two days after she had received the cross. She thought about her grandparents, and the love they had shared to their dying day. Her grandfather had died two days after her grandmother, unable to live with out her. She had grown up on their stories of being hunters. They had taught her father, Samuel, everything they knew, and he had done the same with his daughter.

Now, twenty five years after her birth, she faced what must be her certain death. She squeezed her grandfathers amulet and then her grandmothers. I'll see you soon Gram and Gramps, she thought as she felt the cross grow warmer in her fingers. Puzzled at the heat, she quickly looked back up and saw that the vampires hadn't paused on their slow progression to her crouched form.

She thought back to the day her grandmother had given her the necklace. That was the day she died, ironically one year ago today, and today she would follow in her grandmothers footsteps. Her grandmother had lain their, weak from the heart attack she'd had three days prior. She was struggling to breath, and had cases of hallucinations, mumbling about angels coming to get her. Her grandfather held her hand, tears in his eyes, and had just appeased her. Saying 'yes, the angels are coming'. Deanna knew there were no such thing as angels, even though her family believed it them. She believed in what she saw, and she had never seen one.

Her grandmother kept mumbling about Castiel not being there, and her grandfather just kept saying that he would come. In a rare moment of lucidity her grandmother had taken off the necklace, which Deanna had never seen her with out, and handed it to her. She had taken it reluctantly, knowing that it meant her grandmother was giving up.

"Press it tight, and he will come." It was her last words to her granddaughter. Deanna remembered that night one year ago vividly. Her grandmother had looked into her grandfathers eyes with such love, and he had leaned over and kissed her one last time. She had died with his lips on hers.

Deanna returned her focus on the vamps that were approaching, racking her brain for a way out of this mess. "Damn it, Winchester, think!" She muttered to herself. Suddenly there was a rush of wind, and what sounded like a massive bird, brush past her. She looked past the vampires in the alley to see a man in a tan trench coat advancing on them. She screamed for the man to run, not wanting the man to get hurt or killed. He just kept advancing. The vampires turned to see who she was talking to, and she took the oputunity to take the head off one. She was just getting to another when the mans eyes found hers. She stopped, dumbfounded. He was beautiful, black hair, blue eyes, full lips, and a tall well built frame that the large coat could not hide. She shook her head to clear it, only to find that the vampires had separated into two groups.

The women had turned to her, while the males advanced to the man. She yelled again for the man to run, but he didn't even pause. She swung her knife upwards, catching the blond one under her chin, smoothly separating the head from her body. She slowly turned to the redhead vampire, and growled at her. The vampire lashed out towards her, and she caught its hand with her knife, cutting but not severing it. The girl screamed in pain, and then charged at her pinning her to the ground. Deanna punched her as hard as she could, know it barely fazed her. She twisted and turned trying to get the girl off her before the vampire could kill her. The vampire got its hands around her neck and squeezed tight, closing off her airway. Just as the blackness started taking over, she felt the girl being pulled off her and saw the vampires head flying through the air.

Gasping, Deanna sat up, trying to ready herself for the next attack. Only to quickly see that the vampires were dead, their heads lying around them like some in some horror movie. She looked at the man, who was now covered in vampire blood. He held no weapon. "How did you do that?" She asked breathlessly.

The man didn't say a word, he just walked towards her. He leaned down getting right into her face. His dark brows furrowed, and he tilted his head, studying her. She leaned away from him, trying to get some of her personal space back. He just took a step closer to her. "Dude, personal space! Besides, your covered in vampire blood, its pretty nasty." She scooted on her butt far enough away from him to get up with out bumping into him., and stood up. The man looked down at himself, and furrowed his brows more, which Deanna would have thought impossible, until he actually did it. Then he did something she would not have believed possible if she hadn't seen it, or lived the life of a hunter. He ran his hand down his body, and the blood disappeared.

Castiel saw the started expression on her face, and was absolutely captivated at the beauty in front of him. She looked so much like Elizabeth, that he knew she had to be a relation, but in his mind she was by far prettier. She had the same dark hair and green eyes, and the face shape was the same, but there was just something about her. He leaned in to get a closer look, and she pulled back again. Thinking of her earlier remark about personal space, he pulled back also. Deciding he better introduce himself to her, he stood tall and flared out his wings. "I am Castiel, an Angel of the Lord, Second in Command." He said, proudly.

Castiel remembered getting that title. He had gotten it when the Apocalypse was over, and he had finally met his father. His father had been testing him, and his faith, which he had passed with flying colors. Now he watched as the girl took him in. Her eyes were large and round. Her pretty red lips gaped open. Suddenly she clamped them shut, and leaned towards him a little. His heart sped up, and his groin came to life in a way it hadn't in fifty-five years.

"Castiel? Your name is Castiel, and you're an angel?" Deanna asked, realizing her grandmother had been talking about this man, this angel… or whatever…when she had been dying. "My grandmother was waiting for you, when she died. She kept asking for you."

He looked at her, quietly. "I know, I was there. I welcomed her into the kingdom of heaven, just as I did your grandfather. They are happy and together."

Deanna looked into his eyes, amazed at the depths of blue. She reached up and touched his face, unable to stop herself. His skin was smooth and soft, and his lips were so full she wanted to kiss them to see if they were as soft as they seemed. She felt like the world had stopped and it was just her and the angel.

Castiel felt himself still as she touched him. Her touch brought peace to his mind, and his concerns flew from his brain on the soft breeze. He furrowed his brows, watching the flow of human emotion flit over her face. Disbelief, awe and something else he couldn't quite place.

"I was your grandmothers guardian angel, until the day she gave birth to your father. I had not seen her again, until I helped her cross over. I had no idea you existed."

"I had no idea angels were real. I wonder why she never told me about them, or you? She told me about everything else, but not you?"

"It was probably painful for her to talk about. Don't think of it again." He said as he brought his strong hand to rest on her cheek, cupping it softly.

"Castiel?" Deanna whispered.


"What is happening?"

"What do you mean?" He asked, wondering if she was feeling the same pull to him as he felt towards her.

"I feel…I feel...I don't know, like something is happening." She looked up at him questioningly.

Castiel looked into her eyes, and ran his other hand down the back of her head, loving the feel of her silky hair under his fingers. He gently pulled her close to him, kissing her softly. He felt her melt into his kiss, and he started kissing her more passionately. The wind picked up and swirled around them, thunder lit the sky and Castiel wrapped his wings around their entwined bodies protecting Deanna. Their hearts beat faster as they kissed, eventually their beats matched in rhythm as their soul searing kiss shattered their hearts and they became one. Their souls knowing they belonged together, even before their minds could comprehend the magnitude of what had just happened….an ANGEL fell in love with a HUMAN….history in the making.