"Get back here, you filthy scumbag!"

A young man dressed in the garb of a low-ranked monk ran hurriedly through the streets, a rather nervous look on his otherwise handsome face. He cast a glance over his shoulder as he ducked between two huts, almost running into a mother and her young child as he did so. He muttered an apology as he sprinted onward, away from his pursuer.

Why was he being chased? It was simple. You see, Miroku was a houshi with a certain liking for pretty girls and a tendency for flirting, both of which he blamed on his doubly cursed hand. And flirting had been exactly what he'd been doing. What Miroku hadn't expected, however, was that the father of the girl he'd been giving his attentions to had been watching all along.

My, that old man had quite a temper.

'Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn!' Miroku thought as he finally broke into the market street of the town. He began to thank his lucky stars for the crowded street—it'd be relatively easy to disappear into. At least, that's what he thought, until...


He began to run again, but his progress was rather hindered by the sheer number of people in his way. At this rate, the event of being caught was looking very likely, which wasn't a very good thing at all. What Miroku absolutely needed was an escape route.

"Houshi-sama, what are you up to?"

Miroku was not one to pass up an opportunity, especially one that presented itself so clearly. So, when he turned his head to see Sango with her hands on her hips and a suspicious frown on her face, he recognized the taijiya (who also happened to be his fiancée) for what she had become at that moment: the escape route he'd been looking for.

He didn't waste time to consider the consequences of his actions when he caught Sango by the arm and inelegantly spun her around so that her back was to the hub of the street. Gathering her close, he leaned down and pressed his lips firmly to hers.

The effect was something akin to fireworks going off behind his eyelids and a rush of something similar to adrenaline coursing through his veins. Whatever had been on his mind before that moment was immediately lost, and there was no way he'd regain it after this. More than he had ever expected, Sango consumed him. When Miroku he finally pulled away, he found his arms tight around Sango's waist and his breath surprisingly short for such a chaste kiss. It was only then that his sensibilities finally caught up with him.

He had just kissed Sango.

The taijiya stared up with him with wide eyes and cheeks that were dark with her embarrassment, and maybe something else. Her fingers were twined into the front of his robes, as if to hold her balance. The confusion she felt was evident, and Miroku couldn't help but notice—not for the first time and undoubtedly not the last — how pretty she looked when she was caught off guard.

"I..." she finally managed to stutter out, before she changed her choice of words. "What was that for?" Her forehead furrowed as she struggled to keep from looking away from the monk, as she was prone to do when he unsettled her.

Catching the suspicious glint in her eye, Miroku suddenly felt very nervous.

"Well, you see..."

A loud curse cut through the crowd, interrupting his chance to present a feasible explanation. "Where did that corrupted excuse for a monk get to!"
Recognizing the sound of the angry father's voice, Miroku flinched, ducking down as though he intended to hide behind the both shorter and slimmer Sango. That action in itself was enough of an answer for the exterminator. She sighed and stepped back, eyeing him dryly.

"You were flirting around again, weren't you?" she accused.

"Sango, I can explain!"

He didn't get a chance to, as Sango wasted no time in placing a well-earned slap across Miroku's cheek.

"Go find someone else to use your diversionary tactics on," she ordered as she marched away.

"Ah! Sango, wait up!"

"There you are, monk!"


Miroku's attention diverted, Sango lifted a tentative finger to her mouth, recalling the unexpected exhilaration she had felt when he kissed her. It was nothing like what she'd imagined, the times when she allowed herself to ponder such things, although the motive for Miroku's advance left something to be desired. Even so, Sango knew she would be hard pressed to refuse him another chance, given a different context.

"Sango, help!"

Glancing back, Sango couldn't help but smile. He was such a... Oh, there were no words. He was merely Miroku, and it was probably her job to rescue him from whatever mess he had landed himself in now.

'Eh... maybe later.'


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