Hey guys! :D Figured I'd do a little something for Naruto's birthday today. Wrote this a while ago but I wanted to post it on his birthday. :) Enjoy!

Miah-Chan disclaims Naruto.


The breath left the blonde's lips with barely any sound. Blond locks fell to shield watery blue eyes from anyone's curious stares; which were nothing to worry about, considering there was no one around. There was never anyone around.

The child dressed in an orange shirt and dark blue shorts sat alone on the swings at the Academy's playground. The day was sunny and a cooling, almost chilly breeze blew through the area, but there was no one here to enjoy the day with. At least not while he was here. That was usual though. Nearly everything about today was the usual.

Except for one thing. One thing, today, he thought just might be different. But today was just like every other; today didn't really matter. And he was hurt that there was no difference.

Tears rolled over whiskered cheeks but he quickly wiped them away with the back of his hand. Crying would solve nothing. He knew that well.

The sun was fading, making way for the moon to arrive. The boy knew it was time to return to his home, a small apartment where nothing changed.

He stood from the swing set and began walking towards his home, if one could call it that. He had school in the morning and he wanted to wake up early enough to train a little beforehand, so he wanted to get to bed early tonight. The sun began its slow decent below the horizon as he walked, expression betraying nothing of his earlier tears. In a few moments he was home, climbing the steps to his door.

As he turned the key to unlock the door, he sensed another's presence, which was unordinary. No one ever came around his apartment. Ever.

Yet as he turned to face the newcomer, his eyes widened in recognition. A dark-haired, onyx-eyed boy wearing a navy blue shirt and white shorts stood before him, an expression of boredom on his features. The blond turned to face him fully, suspicious.

"What are you doing here, Sasuke?" he asked accusingly, folding his arms over his chest. Uchiha Sasuke raised a brow and stepped forward.

"I came by to give you something," he replied in his quiet way. The blond winced. Normally that meant he was going to be hit or something of the like. Yet, he had known Sasuke for a while now and the young Uchiha didn't seem to be the bullying type. On the contrary, he was actually rather nice in his own stoic, arrogant way.

"Oh yeah? Why?" he growled, defensive anyway. Sasuke grunted and made his way up the steps to stand in front of the boy on his porch. He dug into his pocket a second and when he retracted his hand he held a small box wrapped in orange wrapping paper. He handed it to the blond and gave him a small, rare smile before turning to retreat down the steps once more, headed on his way home.

"Well, Naruto, it's your birthday," came his reply as he walked off. "You didn't think I'd forget, did you?" He continued to walk without waiting for a reply.

Naruto stared after him long after he had disappeared into the night. He felt his eyes burn with tears, however this time; his tears were those of joy. His smile was wide and he stepped inside his home, closing the door and sitting on the couch before opening the present he had received.

It was a brand new weapons pouch, including a few training weapons inside it. On the back was U. Naruto with a whirlpool-like swirl beneath the name. Naruto smiled even wider.

Today had been different. Sasuke had remembered his birthday, when no one else had in years. That was what Naruto had been looking forward to and disappointed about and now he was rewarded with the kindness of a friend he was never going to forget.

Hope you guys enjoyed this one. Just wanted to do something with Naruto and Sasuke's friendship. :) Reviews are loved!