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Flirty Neighbour

Chapter 5


"Alright, calm down!" The boy ordered Chigusa. In another occasion, he would've been annoyed to hear her react this way, but he knew better than to scream at her. The only information he managed to get from her worried him. He could hear the girl at the phone trying to gain control, but whenever she would seem to calm down, the sobs came back. "Okay, okay. Breathe. It's fine now."

Sitting in the bed, Chigusa brought her legs closer and rocked her body, concentrating on Haseo's words. It's fine, it's fine, everything's over, she repeated to herself. "You know..." She paused to take another deep breath. "You really have the same voice..."

There was a small silence, followed by a snort. "Did you think I use those stupid voice modifiers? I play the game for the challenge, not to sweet talk girls like Kuhn does."

Chigusa giggled, finally feeling better. "Do you think he uses one?"

"You never know what a player is like behind a character. For all we know, he might be a forty years old virgin." The comment made her laugh out loud. "Haseo!"

The boy chuckled. "I'm kidding." Then the silence came again. Chigusa apprehended the moment. It was one thing to tell small details of her life in an email, it was another over the phone, especially things like her parents' tragic demise. Deep inside, she feared the he regretted crossing the barrier between online games and reality. Fortunately, the adept rogue broke the ice. "You said that your parents died. Did you... um, murder them?"

Chigusa's eyes widened. "What?"

Haseo groaned in embarrassment. "I said-"

"No! No, I'm sorry. I heard you. It... It just surprised me." I wished their death, I might as well have, she noted sadly.

"What did you do, then?" her friend asked in annoyance. "How come you couldn't contact us? We... the others were worried sick... oh, the hell with it. Me too."

Maybe she should've explained a bit better in her email instead of rushing it. "It's... complicated." She trailed off, still trying to find a way to explain everything.

"It's two in the morning. Ya might as well start now." She winced as she glanced at her alarm clock. She had one last day of school tomorrow before the weekend, but since Haseo's call sent her into tears, you could say that she was really awake now and certainly not going back to sleep anytime soon.

"Well..." She leaned against the wall and brought the sheets close to her. "The night we fought Cubia, my parents were out... My father drank too much and got into a car accident that killed them both..."

She swallowed with difficulty, ignoring the lump forming in her throat. "Time went by so fast, after that. My uncle took me in, but he lives in Kanazawa and he sold the house. He found me an apart, but I don't have a computer here and I don't know the city very well so I haven't found an internet cafe either."

"Whoa, that's a lot of things to take in. How have you been holding up until now?"

"F-fine! I'm stronger than I look, even without you!" Chigusa replied, faking being offended. The silver haired player didn't need to know how difficult things have been for her. He had showed her, in the past, to stand up and keep walking forward, like he did for Shino. How could she expect forgiveness from her parents if she abandoned the game? She wished for them to disappear. Now it was time to face the consequences.

"Idiot. No one expects you to get better all alone. We're all here for you, you know that."

The affirmation touched her heart and Chigusa shut her eyes to stop the tears from coming again. She had forgotten, until now, that she had friends to help on. Sure, they were all online gamers, but their friendship was true nonetheless, unlike the ones she had in school. "Y-yes!"

"You haven't found a single internet cafe in the area? Aren't they like at every block?"

"Really?" she asked, surprised. "I haven't found one while walking to school and the grocery. There weren't a lot either in the Chiba prefecture."

In the background, she heard him typing on a keyboard. "It's probably only like that here..." Haseo answered. "Where did you say you live?"

"In Kanazawa. Why?" She asked innocently.

"I'm looking for a place available... damn, that website is lame. Are you doing something this weekend?"He asked.

"N-not really. You do know that I can't connect, right?" she asked, worried. Unless Haseo was looking for an internet cafe nearby for her, she couldn't guess what he was doing. If he could find a place, though, she'd be the happiest girl in all Japan.

"Yeah, I know. You said it earlier. That's why I'll come to your place instead. There has to be a cafe somewhere. I just have to find a hotel and book a room..."

The room went silent for a short moment, except for the sound of the keyboard over the phone, before Chigusa burst. "WHAT?"

"Damn, would you turn it down? My ear's going to fall off!"

"A-a-a-a-are you serious? Do you live in Kanazawa too?" Chigusa lowered her voice, but couldn't stop the excitement. She didn't know what think about Haseo's player coming to meet her, or about him living close.

"No, I live in Tokyo." It took a moment for the news to sink in. She used to go to Tokyo a few times each year because of the short distance between the Chiba prefecture and the huge city, but now... "But Haseo... Kanazawa is completely in the west. You can't travel all the way up here just to-"

"Shut up! Like I care how far it is. I'm not going to leave you alone. Not anymore..." Haseo's voice became softer and he did not add anything after that. Chigusa didn't protest anymore; once the adept rogue made up his mind, there was no use trying to stop him, and maybe, deep down, his decision made her happy. Perhaps their friendship has taken a step further.

Another curse broke her trail of thoughts. "Haseo?"

"What?" The boy snapped. Chigusa bit her lower lip. "Sorry. I didn't mean to..."

Haseo sighed in the phone. "It's not you. I'm cranky, I guess." He answered awkwardly. "It's hard to find a good hotel."

"You know... You could use the futon in my living room, if you want. This is the least I can do for the trouble of coming all over here in Kanazawa." She could hear him hesitate over the phone. Didn't he want to? Maybe he just preferred to have his own space. Nervously, words came out of her mouth. "I cook pretty well. Just ask me anything and I'll do it! Hehe..."

"Really? Then I want chocolate chips waffles both mornings then, and not those cheap ones from the grocers."

She gasped. "Uh, I... If that's what you want, I'll find a way to do it, even though I don't have the machine..."

She heard him laugh quietly. "You idiot. I'll come even if you don't do it. Alright, what's your address?"

After she has given him the information, he explained that he'd be there late in the evening and she promised to keep a warm meal for him. By the time she hung up, it was already 3 am. She buried her face in the pillow. Things were very hectic today, to say the least. She'd have to thank her neighbour for this turn of events. However, before she could think of what she would tell him, her eyes closed definitely, putting an end to this long day.


Barely past four hours later, the alarm clock interrupted her slumber. Chigusa glared at the object accusingly and for a slight moment, she envisioned herself throwing it across the room. Of course, she just sat up in her bed and turned it off. It was only doing its job, she resigned.

It took a long hour before Chigusa finally began feeling the dreaded stress of last night news. She spent the day lost in her thoughts, barely listening to the teachers' monotone explanations. They never looked her way, besides, and neither did the students. Any other day, she would be upset about it, but her mind was elsewhere.

She didn't know what she would tell him. What was else there to say? She lost her parents and moved away. Her daily life would bore him. She hasn't done anything interesting ever since she came in Kanazawa. Besides, Chigusa couldn't even imagine making conversation with him. It had been rather easy over the phone, but her feelings for him began to resurface ever since. She had almost forgotten how his voice sometimes sent butterflies in her stomach and make her blush behind her M2D, and that happened in an online game! What will happen when they will meet face to face?

Her feelings shamed her. Ever since she first met him, she wanted to prove herself to him. He attracted her, like a bee to a flower and yet, she felt foolish about it. His character amazed her, to start with. His white, unruly hair and his bloody eyes expressed defiance, while his black leathered clothes made him look like a bad boy.

She blushed furiously, hiding her face in her hands. No one paid her attention.

She couldn't think this kind of thing about him; it was incredibly wrong. The World's just an online game, for crying out loud! His appearance shouldn't have any importance, anyway. What is important is the person inside the body, the personality, and for that, she knew that she did like him. His strength of character and determination made him different of others. He would do anything for his friends, no matter what, and remained faithful to his beliefs: a true leader.

She worshipped Haseo for all he's done for her, but told herself that she didn't have a crush on him. Even if he did return her feelings, would they be able to stand each other for a long time? He liked to fight and took challenges head on, while she tried to ease the hot heads in the group and preached for peace. He wasn't inclined togood manners either.

She smiled. Oh well, it didn't matter. It would never take away all the admiration she had for the adept rogue.

The day dragged on slowly, leaving her plenty of time to ponder her feelings, but the classes finally reached an end and Chigusa left the classroom, the stress devouring her insides. Even though Haseo wouldn't arrive for a long time, she hurried home, just in case he...

However, she found no one in front of her doorstep. Her eyes lingered on the landscape before they fell on her neighbour's door. She owed this man so much. If it wasn't for him, she would have never reached Haseo and she would still be alone.

In fact, he has done much more than that. He's been there since the first day since she arrived here, by making her smile and laugh. Chigusa suddenly walked to his door and knocked, determined to share her gratitude towards him, but after knocking twice and still not receiving an answer, she abandoned, disappointed, and headed inside her own place. What a strange neighbour she had gotten. He even managed to make her feel special; even if he probably said the same things to every girl he flirted with. He reminded her of Kuhn, once again. That player could run away from you after spotting a girl, but he was always at your side when it counted.

They both made her feel the way she did toward Haseo. All three of them were unexpectedly nice.

The girl gasped. No, no, no, no. Haseo had nothing to do with her neighbour or Kuhn. Pi warned her to stay away from that kind of man, however, and it puzzled her. Was it fine to let him flirt with her or should she tell him that she wasn't interested to be one of his many conquests? He has done so much for her...

Glancing at the clock, she pushed her thoughts away. She had to prepare dinner and it needed a lot of preparation.

After an hour and a half, the small apart smelled extremely nice, and Chigusa took the meal out of the oven. She decided to do her homework right away, so she could eat with Haseo.

At seven, she let out a sigh. He hadn't texted her or anything and the last meal she had was far away. Reluctantly, she returned to her textbook.

At eight, her stomach growled, again. Her homework was since long finished. Chigusa served herself, unable to wait anymore. She had to re-heat the food.

At nine, she was laying comfortably against the futon, watching the Friday night shows. The lack of sleep was catching up with her and as much as she fought against it, her body protested the bad treatment. She groped in her bag for her cell phone, and placed the alarm for ten. If Haseo were to arrive in the next hour, which she was hoping he would, then she'd hear it from the living room. Cell phone in hand, she let her eyes rest and immediately fell asleep.

10:47, the cell phone long since rang annoyingly and she didn't move an inch at all since then. She wondered if it was such a good idea, in the end. She almost never brought friends home in the past, even less boys. She had, once, three years ago. The boy approached her at school. He liked animals too, and she was thrilled that someone like him talked to her. Her father didn't see it the same way, though. He yelled at them so much that the student never spoke to her ever again. It was improper to invite boys back home, her father said. Only sluts did such dirty things. She made him extremely ashamed. How could his only child act like that?

I'm so glad that they're n-

Chigusa closed her eyes. No. No, no, no, no. She has been unhappy for a long time, but her parents brought her to this world, fed her and made sure she had everything.

Except love.

What a terrible person she is.


Chigusa's eyes flew wide open. She remained still a few seconds, before sitting up. Another knock convinced her to get up. Finally, he was here. She had to stop thinking about her family for the weekend. She couldn't let Haseo see her weak.

Hesitantly, she placed her hand on the doorknob and slowly turned it, before opening the door.

On the other side, she saw a hunk.

Well, to be more precise, it was a teenager, a male and handsome one. He was much taller than her, and his light brown, unruly hair made her envious. His clothes looked cleaned and she recognized a logo on his coat that she always knew she couldn't afford. He had a nonchalant posture, his bag carelessly hanging over his shoulder, and one hand in his pocket, but the moment he saw the person inside, he straightened.

Both of them were at loss of what to say. Chigusa cursed herself for her stupidity, but didn't know what to do. In truth, she hasn't spent much time thinking about what Haseo looked like in real life. She hasn't even bothered to ask for his real name over the phone, although neither did he. She half-expected to see the character Haseo at her door, but this boy made her realise her mistake. However, he wasn't too far off from the player either. His hairstyle looked alike, as well as the lean, yet muscular body. She couldn't believe that she'd spend the weekend with such a good looking boy.

"Um, you're Atoli, right?"

His voice quickly eliminated any doubt in her mind. "Y-yes! Welcome here!" She exclaimed, a little too loudly to her liking. She stepped back to let him inside and he complied. In the middle of her small, old fashioned kitchenette, the boy looked out of place. He threw a quick look at the place, but made no face whatsoever, relieving Chigusa.

"So... how was your trip?" Chigusa asked, polite as ever. She fiddled with the apron that she had forgotten to take off.

Haseo slipped his bag off his shoulder and let it hit the ground with a thick sound. "A pain. They didn't even change the schedule on the internet, so I got to the bus station too late. The next time, I'll come with my new car. It'll be easier."

The girl nodded, but didn't add anything. What could she say? That she was impressed that he possessed a car? Ask him what kind it is? That would be pointless. She didn't know anything about them. Besides, what if he had an old one? She would hurt his feelings without realising it. Instead, she stepped back from him a little, hoping to escape Haseo's staring. Did he regret coming already? Her physical appearance so far away from her character disappointed him, perhaps. Really, there weren't a lot of blonds in Japan and her form wasn't as petite as Atoli...

Enough! Do something! "Um, are you hungry? I made you a meal..."

The teenager looked puzzled, but shrugged and pulled a chair. "Yeah. I didn't eat anything on my way here." Chigusa turned her back from him to heat his plate. When it was done, she gave it to him and leaned back against the counter, hugging her body. Haseo immediately dug in the food. Halfway, he looked up at his host, frowning. "What are you doing so far? Sit down here." He ordered, pointing the chair next to his. "I won't eat you."

The girl blushed furiously, turning her eyes away from him. "It's-It's fine! I'm just waiting for you to finish so I can do the dishes."

"Forget about that. We'll do it tomorrow." He replied nonchalantly. Chigusa looked down, refusing to look at him. "I'd like to do them tonight. It wouldn't be proper to let them in the sink."

"Who cares if it's proper or not? I don't know why you're acting embarrassed toward me. It's the same as in The World."

Chigusa clenched her teeth. She hated that he saw through her so easily. "No it's not." She countered. "Things are completely different, since we aren't in a virtual reality. You don't have the same name to begin with."

"So what? I still kick ass everywhere I go."

Her eyes searched for his and for a moment, she was certain that the silver haired adept rogue was standing in front of her before the image switched to the boy. Unable to resist, Chigusa burst out laughing. "I guess you really are the same." She admitted after calming down. Having lost the argument, Chigusa sat down next to her guest. "Did all the fame at the arena go to your head?"

He put on his traditional smirk. "The arena? There's nothing great about beating a bunch of brainless sissies. If anything, it got to yours. Remember the first match you won?"

Chigusa smiled at the memory. "It felt good to finally win at something, although the other team had to abandon the competition..."

Haseo rolled his eyes. "You never change. It's eat or be eaten out there."

"I guess..." she trailed, her gaze lingering on her kitchen, away from the boy. Yet another awkward moment passed before Haseo noticed his mistake. "Hey, it's fine if you think that way." He admitted gruffly. "That's how I like you."

"Huh?" her heard shot up.

Haseo coughed, food stuck in his throat while he blushed in embarrassment. "I mean *cough* that's how we like you! *cough* Sil-Silabus, Gaspard and ever -*cough* everyone." His eyes watered as he kept trying to clear the airway. Atoli quickly grabbed a glass of water and handed it to him.

"Thanks." He muttered, still recovering. The incident managed to make Atoli forget about his comment, though, and she was once again in better spirits. The two of them chit chatted while Haseo finished his plate.

"Aw man, I'm full. That was amazing. "Atoli blushed in response. "That was my first time trying this dish. I'm glad that it came out right." She suppressed a yawn not very subtly. "Sorry!"

"I was actually thinking of the same thing. Wanna watch the tv on the futon?" His question surprised her, but the idea of lazing sounded good. "Um, sure." Together, they unfolded the metal frame and placed the sheets. Atoli grabbed two pillows from her bedroom, but when she came out, Haseo has disappeared.

"Um, Haseo?"

"In the bathroom!" A voice replied to the left. The door was indeed shut, light appearing at the floor. Atoli shut the light in the kitchen and sat down on the futon, making herself comfortable while keeping an appropriate stance. She didn't know what to think about her friend's presence anymore. He was undeniably attractive and that made her nervous, but his nonchalant behaviour also put her to ease. It felt like she was hanging out with an old friend, although it was the first time they met in person. "But our hearts know each other. That's why there is nothing to be afraid of." She whispered softly. Haseo was Haseo, final.

The bathroom door opened, revealing the boy in question. Atoli silently took back what she just said.

Haseo has changed into black and white boxers and a sleeveless tight shirt, revealing many forms that she would've preferred to ignore . He jumped onto the couch and sat next to Atoli, completely at ease. He turned his head. "Hey, you didn't change? You'd be more comfortable."

"I- huh, I don't think it's a good idea." She replied shyly. Maybe he would get the hint.

"Why not?" Apparently not. "Y-you're a boy, and... I'm a..." Oh now that was difficult to say. She was painfully aware of his warm body next to her and his naked, strong looking legs spread out across the couch.

Haseo only scratched his head. "What, do you sleep naked?" He received a small punch on his arm from the girl. "Absolutely not! It's just wrong! If my father knew, he..."

The remaining words died on her lips, but Haseo completed it for her. "He would yell? But it's only you and me here." He said softly, his cocky attitude forgotten. "You don't have to fear him anymore."

His words slowly worked inside her mind. She always had the feeling that her parents followed her everywhere she went, even after their death, that she had to obey them not to fail them. Yet, wasn't one of the reasons why she thought of suicide some months ago was because they imposed strict rules? She had to be a sweet, quiet girl. If she had been born twenty years earlier, her father would've probably imposed a husband on her. Now was her chance to follow her own road. No one could stop her anymore.

Haseo's POV

"I'll be back." Haseo looked at her friend disappear into the bedroom. From what he could tell, that girl was rather withdrawn and her the small facade of joy that she put on in front of him while playing The World attitude disappeared. It must've been difficult to lose her family. It didn't look like she had someone to talk about it either. When Shino got attacked and fell into coma, he felt distressed too. Sure, he had some friends at school, but no one particularly close to him to talk about his problems. The person who played the role of confident used to be Shino. That's why he was here now, so that Atoli had someone to talk to.

Normal POV

The young girl finally emerged and Haseo had to smile. She opted for a similar pyjama as him, but she hugged her body around a comforter and hesitated at the door frame, judging his reaction. He decided to push her a little. "I told you earlier, I'm not going to eat you."

As expected, she looked flustered but joined him nonetheless. "Stop making fun of me." she said, pouting.

"I can't help it, you make it so easy."

"Hmph." She grabbed the remote and began flipping through the channels, looking for something. "How about this?" The screen displayed an American movie, Spider-man, if she recalled correctly. Her parents never liked American movies, but she did. Haseo didn't protest, so she put the remote away and began listening. It looked like the movie was already halfway through.

"Tomorrow, we're going to search for an internet cafe. I brought my M2Ds with me, so we'll be able to log." Haseo said between two adds. The news excited Atoli who grinned. "Really? That would be great! I can't wait to see everyone! By the way, have you heard about Moon tree?"

The adept rogue rolled his eyes. "Figures that's the first thing you'll want to check out. I don't know much, but the guild is still running. They lost a lot of members when Sakaki lost it. Matsu also quit the game, but Zelkova and Kaede are still around. They were worried about you."

It made her happy to know that lord Zelkova thought about her. "What else? Oh, what about Shino? Sorry! I forgot to ask about her. She is your friend..." The answer scared her, but it couldn't be avoided.

"She woke up when we beat Cubia. The hospital let her out a few days later. Ovan's the only one missing now..." Atoli heard the sadness in his voice, but didn't know what to say. To be honest, she wondered what Shino and Haseo's relationship was. Could she compete against this woman? Haseo fought so hard, all for her.

But he travelled from Tokyo to Kanazawa just to see her. Surely, that meant something.

Stopping her thoughts, Haseo continued. "Things are pretty much back to normal. Now that you're safe, Pi will probably quit the game too. I told everyone that you wrote to me. They're annoying now with their message. You'll have a lot of talk to do. Especially to Kuhn."


"Yeah." She waited for him to say more, but when it was obvious he wouldn't add anything, she sighed. "We all thought..." Oh?

"We all thought that you fell into a coma. Kuhn said that there couldn't be any other reason why you would abandon the game so suddenly. I couldn't believe it."

Atoli looked down. "I'm sorry... If only I thought about you guys after the fight, I could've sent you an email..."

"What are you saying? Don't be sorry for things that you can't control. Besides, we found you so it's fine. Hey, the movie's starting again." The conversation resumed there and for a while, they became absorbed into the fight. Atoli laughed whenever Haseo swore against the main character's stupidity and he would mock her when she closed her eyes in front of a scene.

The movie almost reached the end around midnight when they heard a door being shut loudly, followed by the sounds of objects crashing onto the ground. The two teenagers glanced at the window, but it was too dark to see anything. A minute later, a moan crossed the apart. Atoli hold her breath. "What's that sound?" she whispered.

"I think-" Another moan, louder and clearer this time, erupted from the other side of the wall. "-that someone's having fun. I just hope they'll turn it down."

"A-a-a-are you sure about it?" It was just her luck. She hated the cheap walls. It was so embarrassing, especially with Haseo next to her! Another moan interrupted Haseo's answer and this time, they heard someone's name. "Oh my! It's my neighbour!"

He sat down on the futon and groaned at the sounds. "That Tomonari guy, you mean? You know him well?"

"He helped me when I moved here and when I had a flood in the bathroom. He's also the one who let me use his computer last night. But you could say he's..."

Now, they could distinguish banging against a wall. Atoli's cheeks went on fire. Why did he have to do this now? Tomonari had a private life, it wasn't his fault, she argued, but why tonight?

"Man, what are they trying to do? Prove to the whole building how much fun they're having? I bet the chick's faking it. She can't be that loud."

Fighting against the urge to bury her head into the pillow, Atoli instead put the volume louder. "Let's just ignore it. It won't last long..." And so, they resumed watching the movie.

However, fifteen minutes later, the couple next door was still very active. The constant noises finally made Haseo snap. "That's it! Let's see if they like this. Atoli, get up."

Confused, she complied and rose from the futon. She watched him move the furniture away from the television to the wall separating hers and Tomonari's apart. "What are you doing?"

The boy pushed a final time before jumping back on the futon. "Come here. We'll give them a piece of what they've put us through." She didn't like where he was going with this and reluctantly sat down. "Alright" Haseo said, "eat this!" and he began banging the futon against the wall. "You too!"

If it was possible, Atoli would've lost consciousness. Anything not to go through this. "I-I-I CAN'T! Please, stop this! Tomonari's been really nice with me!"

Haseo kept doing his little exercice. "Like hell he is. People are trying to sleep here and they don't give it a damn. Com'on, help me!"

She shook her head. Once Haseo made his mind, it was too late. He seemed to take a lot of pleasure into revenges, online and offline and watching him slamming against the wall made her smile. He looked really silly, like an immature child.

"Alright, me too!" The girl acclaimed. To Haseo's surprise, she threw her whole weight against the wall, blocking with success the annoying moaning at the other side. The rogue grinned and together, they continued their childish game.

After a few minutes, however, a violent sound abruptly stopped them. The two teenagers looked out the kitchen window to see a young woman stumping toward the staircase while trying to put her shirt back on, followed by Atoli's neighbour with his pants unbuttoned. "YOU BASTARD! HOW DARE YOU?"


Atoli nervously turned her attention back to Haseo, having already forgotten the fun they had just a moment ago. "I don't think she'll come back."

"Yeah. Good for us." Haseo stifled a yawn. "Do you mind leaving the bed in that position? I'll put in back to its place tomorrow."

"Okay." Her body felt wore out all of a sudden, now that the excitement was over and she didn't find the strength to drag her body to her own bed. One glance toward her guest made her change her mind. There was no way she would sleep with Haseo. It was just too... inappropriate. She prepared herself to get up when something tugged her T-shirt. She looked down to see Haseo staring at her. "Yes?"

Immediatly, he removed his hand and used it to rub his neck, looking away at the same. "There's enough place for both of us on your couch."

She was surprised by his offer. "Really?"

"Don't make me repeat myself!" He said, louder. Her legs begged for rest and despite her reticence, she agreed and lied down next to Haseo, her back facing him.

After a while, Haseo spoke up. "Do you want the pillow? Eh, Atoli?" He leaned on his elbow to look at the girl. She was sleeping soudly. "Ch. Troublesome girl."

With that, Haseo finally went to sleep.


For those who never read the previous chapter five, basically Haseo, while banging at the wall, asked Atoli to act as if they were having sex, leading them to be into an intimate position and almost kissing, just before being interupted by the woman and Tomonari (Kuhn). I was thrilled by that idea of a scene at first, which is why I wrote it and while some people were very enthusiastic, some others thought it didn't belong to this story. I was wrong to try to create a romantic relationship between Haseo and Atoli. Sure, as a fan, I think they belong together, but it's not useful in this fic.

So until next time,