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Chapter One: Extra Clothes?!

"Ahaha, Aniki, that's funny!" Izuna laughed at his older brother as he missed a target. Madara blushed furiously and whipped around to send his younger brother a hard glare.

"I'd like to see you try!" He challenged. Izuna smirked confidently, easily pulling out three kunai on his fingers and throwing them at the targets.



The third kunai flew past the target and slammed through a window. Madara burst out laughing as Izuna cried out.

"Damn it!" The younger Uchiha cried. Madara pointed his brother.

"Ha! You missed, Otouto!" He taunted.

"Who threw this kunai?!?!" A voice screamed. Madara stopped laughing and took off running, catching Izuna's elbow to drag him after as they fled the scene.

"Aniki, don't you think we should apologize?!" Izuna cried in shock as he stumbled behind his older brother. Madara felt a little guilty for teaching his brother to run away from problems, but he didn't want to get scolded for challenging his brother to use the last of his kunai.

"No, Otouto, we'll be in trouble." Madara scolded instead. Izuna sighed, but let his brother drag him all the way home. Upon entering the empty home, Izuna went right to the kitchen to eat, completely forgetting their escape. Madara sat down at the table to look out the window with a frown.

"What're we gonna do now?" Izuna asked as he sat beside his brother with a plate of mitarashi dango. Madara glanced at his brother's puffed out cheeks that were filled with food like a squirrel storing for the winter. He smiled half-heartedly.

"We should get some rest... We have a big meeting tomorrow, remember?"

"Oh, fine..." Izuna yawned sleepily as he munched on the dango. Madara rose after a while, leaving silently, and leaving Izuna to bask in his food.


"I have a bad feeling about this, Hashirama..." The elder of said boy speaking. The dark-brown haired Senju ignored him and took off into the trees. At age sixteen, Hashirama was a handsome, mature young man. He led his clan with his brother and parents.

Hashirama always felt, however, that something was missing in his life. Something important was missing... He needed something, anything to make him want to be the man he wanted to be. His brother had suggested he begin dating, but Hashirama never had time with his constant working.

Hashirama landed on a tree branch when he heard a splash. This alerted him to grab his kunai and tear it out. He heard another splash and crept through the trees and knelt behind a bush as he watched something dunk under the water of the river a few feet away. Hashirama was ready to attack, taking a step forward, then jolting back into hiding when the curious figure made its appearance.

Not human... No, nothing human was that... Gorgeous, Hashirama realized. The boy looked about his age. He came bursting from the water with a loud gasp that sent chills down Hashirama's spine. The male's hair was thick and black. What had looked like a wild hairstyle before was now flat with thick droplets of water that ran down the teenager's slender, yet someone muscular back. His porcelain skin glistened with a beautiful film of crystal water as the setting sun beamed off his form.

However, his eyes opened to reveal familiar dark eyes. Hashirama narrowed his own eyes, watching the teenager shake his wet hair out. It was rather long, possibly past his naked ass. Hashirama couldn't stop staring as he watched the male sigh loudly and relax in the water. He heard a twig snap and froze, but mentally gave his own sigh of relief as the intruder hadn't noticed him. Another dark-haired boy, looking rather much like the one in the river, raced forward.

"Aniki! Aniki!" The younger sang, waving his hand about. The older jumped in the water, settling so the water came up to his chin as he glared at his brother.

"Shut up, Otouto! You don't know if there's someone else out there!" The older hissed. The younger brother blushed apologetically. Hashirama did find it rather nice that the elder of the two was responsible.

"Sorry, Aniki, but we have a problem." The younger mumbled.

"Tsk... Fine. Go tell the others I'll be right there..."

"Need me to help you get your clothes, Aniki?"

"No, I can do it myself. Just go, I'll catch up." The older growled. Something about the way the elder was blushing and looking particularly warm told Hashirama it was a personal problem and that he should leave, but the blush on the elder's face was much too attractive. The younger brother complied to his elder's request and fled.

The older was coming out and that was when Hashirama saw the problem. Hashirama felt his usually plain face heat up. Ahhh... The erection on the poor teenager's body told him that the elder was planning on relieving himself. The elder stopped to look around a bit and that's when Hashirama saw it. His eyes widened. No longer were the boy's eyes obsidian, but red! They were such a dangerous, yet lustful red color with the three coma-like symbols to match.

Hashirama knew those eyes... Sharingan. He'd studied about that rare, eye-wielding doujutsu... But he'd never been told it was so beautiful, or how drop-dead gorgeous its wielders were. It was like watching some sort of nature video as the elder lowered himself to his knees. He gave his surroundings a check over and Hashirama was alerted when the gaze came close toward him. He silently hopped back; hiding in the trees so his chakra signature was gone.

The elder obviously wanted to get down to business for immediately after giving his surroundings another glance over, his hand wrapped around the pulsing hard organ between his legs, giving a soft moan. Hashirama shivered. The teenager then began to pump his hand around the leaking erection, panting out loud. He threw his head back, almost losing his balance and his free hand shooting behind him to hold him up.

The boy's Sharingan stared upwards past half-lidded eyes, moaning and panting as he pumped his hand around his cock. It didn't take long for streams of gooey, white liquid to come spurting from the swollen slit. A long moan escaped the teenager's pink lips as he came. Hashirama felt his own pants become unbelievably tight. He tried not to squirm uncomfortably, nibbling his lip.

"Hhhaah... Aaah...!" The boy was just ending his orgasm when he seemed to realize something horrible as Hashirama just realized it as well. He smirked. The boy had let his release spray all over his clothes.

"Aaack!" The boy cried in frustration and horror. He leaned forward and tried to come up with a plan to hide the embarrassing mess, but there was no way!


Oh no. Oh no. Ohhh no! Madara realized in shock that he had made a mess of his clothes. What could he do?! He panicked, lifting up his clothes between his fingers and about to throw them in the river.

"Do you need extra clothes?" A voice asked. Madara turned crimson, whirling around and covering his privates with his clothes. A dark-haired boy approached him, wearing a heavy suit of armor. Something about the boy looked familiar, though, and Madara felt even worse. Had the boy seen him...?

"Who are you?" Madara demanded now, forcing his crimson face to turn more angry than embarrassed. The boy smirked.

"My name is Hashirama. Senju Hashirama." He added. Madara knew he heard that name before, but where? Had father or uncle maybe said it? Madara ignored the nagging voice of his mother in the back of his head and frowned.

"I'm Uchiha Madara." He murmured. Hashirama nodded.

"All right. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Madara." He said.

"Pleasure's all mine." Madara tried not to realize how WRONG, how very, very wrong this was. He didn't like this boy. He was making him uneasy with the stare. Yes, the stare. The Senju boy was staring down... Down... Down. Too far!

"Extra clothes, did you say?" Madara asked quickly. Hashirama's eyes pulled back up.

"Hm? Oh... Yes... You'll have to follow me, though..."

"I thought you already some clothes with you." Hashirama was caught by surprise at the boy's cold statement. His first impression of this boy was that he was probably a shy little follower, but that obviously wasn't so by the authority and firmness of his tone.

"Uhm... No..."

"Then I'm not going anywhere," Madara insisted stubbornly, "I'm not going to be seen walking around without any clothes."

"Or clothes covered in...." Hashirama's voice drifted. Madara flinched, a vein pounding in his forehead as he glared at the boy with now onyx colored eyes.

"You... Saw that...?" He asked past clenched teeth as the corner of his mouth twitched in an annoyed smile. Hashirama tried not to smirk, but the corners of his mouth were twirling anyway. Both expressions were beyond comical.

"I can pretend I didn't." He offered. Madara kept glaring at him, the vein pounding.

"Mmm... Mmhm. Yes. Forget that you ever met me, in fact."

"... Is that so?" Hashirama asked, sounding hurt. Madara's expression softened a bit... Just a bit.

"Uhm... Yes. Sorry, but this really isn't the best way for us to become acquainted... It would have been better if we met in a different... Scene. Sorry." He added in a serious tone. Hashirama nodded, although, he was slightly amazed. Such a younger boy has reached such a high level of maturity that it almost matched his own. Possibly even surpassed it... He liked this boy. Very much... Or maybe... Too much.


A/N: Okay, this maybe not be completely accurate due to the fact that I myself do not know craploads of Senju Hashirama as I do about Madara. Same goes for his clan. Sorry if I get some things wrong. :/ Yes, I like this pairing and this is my first time writing it, I believe. :D So, I hope you guys like this!