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Chapter Thirty-Two: Best Dream Ever

Sleep. That's what Madara wanted, but it was a little hard to even get to bed with members of Akatsuki buzzing in his ear with complaints and snickers. Ever since he arrived with Itachi, the entire base was a buzz with excitement. What irritated him was that Orochimaru was constantly hovering…

"How old did you say the boy was?" Orochimaru murmured to him one day while they were having a private lunch. Madara had his feet propped up, his expression bored behind his swirly orange mask.

"Thirteen, Orochimaru…" He responded, dragging out the words, then threw his head back, slipping up his mask to drop a piece of rice cake into his mouth. He heard Orochimaru give a hissing sort of laugh. It made him uneasy.

Later that same day, Madara found himself lounging alone like a panther spread out on a couch in the Akatsuki base. He wore only his Akatsuki cloak with nothing underneath. He had been too tired and lazy to throw on some actual clothes. He was watching a drop of water run down the side of his glass, his expression growing sleepy. He wanted to sleep.

But for some reason, he had trouble sleeping now! Just when I WANT to go to sleep, I can't… This is ridiculous. He thought bitterly, his red eyes narrowed dangerously. Before he could squeeze the glass to shards in his grip, he could sense someone moving closer from a hallway across the room. He lifted his red eyes over the top of the glass, watching as Itachi made his presence known.

"Itachi… You don't look well." The elder Uchiha mused, setting down his glass. Itachi looked up, staring blankly. He did look a sickly pale, his eyelids heavy with lack of sleep, and he was shaking slightly. He looked a little thinner too.

"I'm fine… Thank you for asking, Madara." He muttered. Madara eyed him suspiciously, but said nothing more as Itachi swiftly made his way from one end of the room to the other, heading down another hallway. Madara was about to get to his feet to follow when Orochimaru stepped out of the hallway Itachi had come from. He looked annoyed.

"Madara. The boy's sick." He deadpanned. Madara stared at him with his handsome face placid.

"Which one?" He asked stupidly, though, he already knew whom. Orochimaru's gold eyes turned to ice as he brushed toward him like a ghost in the room.

"Don't play dumb… Your boy is sick." He answered stiffly. Madara was a little pleased that Orochimaru referred to Itachi as his boy, but he was worried what Orochimaru meant.

"Sick? Like… A cold?" Madara asked flatly. Orochimaru smirked.

"Not used to babysitting a sick child? I could watch him for you… It'd be a pleasure to keep an eye on the boy for you…" He replied hypnotically. Madara blinked, then frowned.

"I'm perfectly capable of taking care of Itachi myself." He boosted, but it didn't whip the smug look off the snake's face. Madara rolled his eyes and whirled on his heel to head after Itachi, but Orochimaru put a hand on Madara's bicep, making him stop. Madara was tempted to spin back around and slap some sense into the man, but he knew Orochimaru would stop him before he could do much. Instead, he stood still as Orochimaru brought his lips to his ear.

"I love Uchiha boys… All the same… So feisty and beautiful… Like yourself, Madara." He cooed softly, letting his fingers ride up Madara's shoulder and finger a lock of soft black hair. Madara shuddered and smacked Orochimaru's hand away.

"Fuck off." He muttered and swept out of the room proudly, his head held high. Orochimaru only watched with his plastered on smug smirk.

Madara searched the halls for Itachi's presence, which led him to the little Uchiha's room. Itachi was hunched over on his bed, coughing harshly into the palm of his hand. Madara didn't open the door all the way, staring with wide red eyes. Sick… Sick? A cold? Maybe? Hopefully?! He thought, his heart pounding in his chest. He watched Itachi wrench out wet, shaky coughs into the palm of his hand. Itachi's frame was trembling between coughs and his eyes were screwed shut as if the coughs caused him pain.

Another cough had Madara on edge. Little droplets of blood flew and splattered on Itachi's hand, earning a short gasp from the teenager before another cough came up. Madara opened the door and Itachi was startled into a harsh coughing fit, his hand clamped over his mouth as if he were trying to hide it.

Without a word, Madara brushed over and sat on the bed in front of Itachi, reaching out and prying his hand away from his mouth. Blood was smeared on his precious palm and on his mouth, dripping now over the smears. Itachi gave him a weary glance before he coughed one last time.

"You're coughing up blood?" Madara demanded. Itachi shook his head. Madara rolled his eyes, then used his sleeve to wipe the blood from Itachi's palm and mouth.

"You should've told me sooner, boy. I could've gotten you some medicine… Or a diagnosis… I'm not doctor, but I have suspicions on what you have… Only one way to find out what it is." He muttered. Itachi glanced at him, waiting for an answer silently, though he was dreading the suggestion.

"Konan and Kakuzu will have a look at you… I'd rather have Orochimaru, but, uh… He's sick." Madara mumbled, spitting out the word 'sick'. Itachi flinched a little, but nodded weakly. Madara rose to his feet, suddenly feeling exhausted.

"I'll have to tell Konan and Kakuzu when they return from their missions. For now, just… Rest." He said quietly, running a sleek hand through Itachi's smooth raven hair.

He was worried. Itachi was sick. With what, he was almost afraid to guess. He slinked back to his room to rest, but it was a fitful attempt to sleep. So many fearsome possibilities came into Madara's head. What if Itachi had a disease Konan and Kakuzu couldn't identify? What if it killed him?

Itachi was his prodigy! Even Orochimaru knew it! He couldn't lose him… He'd already lost his mother, his father, Izuna, his clan's loyalty, his power… His lover… Just the thought of Hashirama calmed him down a little. Maybe Hashirama would know…?

Drifting off to sleep, Madara found himself on his back in a familiar room. The room looked a lot like the room Hashirama slept in when he was hokage some time ago. The room looked the same with the fancy futon spread out, the writing desk, the wide-open window, which gave a view of mostly fog. Hashirama was sitting on the futon across from him, holding a folded up outfit. Madara sat up carefully, eyeing his ex-lover.

"Hashirama… Itachi's sick." He stated, hoping for a reaction. Hashirama's lips twisted into a frown of displeasure.

"Yes… I know."

"How?" Madara demanded, annoyed that Hashirama knew everything, even though he was dead. Hashirama smiled at the cute expression on his rival/lover, lowering the outfit in his hands to his lap.

"I may be dead, but I can see a lot of things." He responded. Madara rolled his eyes, then rested his head in his hands, his expression turning worried.

"He's sick… And I don't know what it is. He's coughing up blood and-and…" His voice trailed off as he groaned. Hashirama sighed, then swept his arms out, pulling Madara into a warm, comforting embrace.

"Sssh… It won't kill him… So long as you can get the medicine required…" He whispered, petting Madara's long mane of black hair. Madara frowned against Hashirama's shoulder, squirming a little to get comfortable on Hashirama's lap. Hashirama smirked as Madara turned so his back was to his chest. Madara huffed and threw his head back to rest on Hashirama's shoulder. Hashirama could only stare, watching Madara think deeply about his little prodigy. He knew he should tell his lover of the cure for Itachi's disease, or at least the medicine, but something in him wouldn't let him speak it… So he settled for kissing Madara's neck.

"Hashirama…" Madara warned, but it sounded somewhat like a moan rather than a growl. Hashirama smiled against his lover's neck, then wrapped his arms around Madara's chest, kissing the Uchiha's neck again. He suckled, his tongue applying pressure as he created a purple bruise. He moved down to Madara's collarbone. Madara was squirming a little.

"Hashirama, I was talking…" He tried, but gasped when Hashirama pinched his fingers on a sensitive nipple under his shirt. Hashirama kissed his collarbone, licking every so often.

"No, you weren't… You were thinking…" He whispered. Madara frowned to himself, but barely had time to keep it on his face as Hashirama lowered one hand between his legs. He cupped the growing bulge in Madara's boxers, a smooth handsome smile spreading across the ex-Hokage's face.

"I haven't been able to touch you like this for a long time, Madara… I've missed you… Everything about you…" Hashirama whispered hotly against Madara's bare skin. Madara wiggled around a bit, trying to move away so he could remember what he was thinking about. He knew it was important, but he couldn't remember! And Hashirama's hand massaging his erection was so not helping! Madara finally pulled back, but Hashirama caught him and spun him around so Madara was back in his lap, but pressed up against him, their lips connecting.

Madara gave up. He slid a hand through those dark locks and raked his nails down Hashirama's shoulder blade, cutting into the faintly tanned skin. Hashirama only groaned in pleasure, his tongue wrestling with Madara's for power. He knew he was going to win, so it wasn't much of a match. He brought his hands to the small of Madara's back, inching them slowly down beneath the waistband of Madara's boxers… Closer… He squeezed the firm globes, earning a heated moan from the Uchiha.

"Madara…" Hashirama was stopped from speaking when he was met with Madara's lips in another rough kiss. Madara nipped at Hashirama's lips eagerly, his tongue darting out to lick every so often. Hashirama smirked as he let his tongue twirl in the familiar forbidden dance.

This is one of the best dreams I've had… Madara thought before his mind fogged over with lust.

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