Note: I recommend listening to "Flying Dreams" from "The Secret of NIHM" while reading this chapter. You can find it on Youtube.


The sun was setting. Or maybe it was rising. Either way, its aura was streaking the sky over the ocean gold and red. The waves crashed against the seaside cliff. Standing on the overhang's grassy top, Jessie peered at the water below, its foam splitting apart as it hit the rocks.

"Hi Jess!" Said a voice behind her. Jessie turned. She grinned at the waving Spaceman who was approaching.

"Well howdy Partner!"

"You wanna go for a ride?" He asked as he joined her at the cliff top.

"Yeah!" Jessie said enthusiastically. As she climbed on his back Buzz opened his wings.

Standing at the edge, he spread his arms outward. "To Infinity…"

"And Beyond!" Jessie cheered. Buzz leapt off the cliff. Catching the passing breeze he rose up and then straight toward the sun. Jessie held her hat to her head with one hand while keeping the other arm tightly around Buzz's neck. They both knew this was a dream, but just whose dream? Did it really matter? Buzz pulled Jessie over his shoulder into his arms. He kissed her tenderly as they continued to fly. And over the horizon, they could hear the sweet notes of flute music...

"Love it seems
Made flying dreams
So hearts could soar
Heaven sent
These wings were meant
To prove, once more
That love is the key

Love is the key…"

UPDATE: Check out my profile for a link to an illustration from 'Flying Dreams.'