~*Eddie has been away for days. Jane fears he has left her…is it possible?~*

Jane's hands twisted nervously in her lap. It has been days since she last saw him, when he flashed her that crooked grin, kissed her, and said he'd be right back. Tears filled her eyes, but she wiped them away quickly. Call, she thought desperately. Why can't he call and tell me where he is? Just then, the phone rang. Jane dove toward it and snatched it, practically yelling into to phone, "EDDIE?"

Silence. "No, Jane, its Liz. Eddie's still not back? Any calls? Letters? Emails?

Jane sniffed. "D) None of the above. Liz, I'm just so scared. What if he's hurt, and needs me, but he can't get to me…" Jane mentally rattled off all the things that could have happened to Eddie. Hit by a car…Jane covered her face with her hand while listening to Liz on the other line

"Jane, its possible that—knowing Eddie—He's found someone…" Jane stared at the receiver in shock.

"F-Found someone? Liz, he has me, he doesn't need any other girl. Well, maybe I put that a bit arrogantly, but honestly Liz.."

"Jane, look at Eddie's history, look at EDDIE! He's probably still trying to get used to settling down since…what's her name…Rebecca. You can't honestly kiss him and have him think, 'Oh, I love Jane, all my womanizing days are over,' 'cuz that wont happen for awhile, Jane! He needs to get used to having a marital status!

"Liz, thanks for your help, someone's on the other line…it might be Eddie. Later." Jane picked up the call waiting and spoke as calmly as she could, "Hello?"

"Jane? Is Eddie there?" Ray Brown. Not someone who she wanted to talk to right now. "Jane? Are you there?"

"I'm here Ray. What do you want." It was a statement, not a question or request.

"Can I talk to Eddie?" Ray asked.

Jane's eyes filled with tears. "He's not here, but if you do talk to him, please tell him to call me!"

Ray was silent. "He dumped you, didn't he? That—that womanizer DUMPED you!"

"No!" Jane exclaimed hotly. "he did NOT dump me, and coming from you, Ray Brown, I'd spell out H-y-p-o-c-r-I-t-e. Hypocrite."

"Jane, Eddie hasn't been in the office for nearly a week! Diane is having a break-down. She is totally lost without her writer/producer."

"Yeah Ray. Real lost. Look, I gotta go, OK? We'll be back soon."

"Jane—I…" Ray faltered.

"Bye Ray." She hung the receiver up, and burst into tears. Found another…He DUMPED you?!...thoughts whirled in her mind, when the phone rang shrilly into her thoughts. She reached over and picked it up. "What now," she mumbled groggily.

"Miss Goodall?"


"The is the San Francisco Detective Agency. We were wondering.."

" I can't give anything right now, I'm sorry," Jane said gently.

"No, Miss Goodall, hear us out. Do you know of a Mr. Edward Alden?" Jane nearly fell off the bed.

"Y-yes. Do you have him? Where is he?" Jane gripped the receiver tightly.

"Well, Miss. Goodall, we have him, but we don't have him.." the detective said slowly.

Jane shook. "What the hell is that supposed mean? Where is Eddie?!…Sorry" she said sheepishly.

The Detective laughed. "Don't worry, we've gotten worse. Anyway, to get to the point, we found Mr. Alden's wallet down by the Golden Gate Bridge."

Jane squeezed her eyes shut. No…No God, no. he couldn't have jumped. No, I love him too much.

"Miss Goodall? Are you there?"

"Somewhat…" she answered weakly, before the phone slipped out of her hand and hit the floor.