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Battle Scars

The battle had been one of the hardest, that they could all agree on. The titans looked like a colorful disaster as they all limped or otherwise supported one another through the tower's main entrance. Even the simple journey to their home had been so difficult for the defeated team.

Frowning, Robin laid Starfire down on the couch. The redhead's eyes were shut, and her beautiful body marred with red cuts and black bruises. The Boy Wonder didn't look all that great himself. His bottom lip was puffed out (which would have been almost comical if it had not been for the situation at hand), his eye blackened. Raven had to suppress a shudder when she realized that he looked even worse than when Slade had 'come back' through the mask reagent. His black hair was mussed and a deep gash ran along his leg. Next through the tower's entrance came Beast Boy as a pterodactyl, and he dropped to the ground as soon as he had made it through the doorway. Sadly, that meant that Cyborg's shut down body, which Beast Boy had carried in his talons, landed hard on the floor.

Raven sighed softly, and lifted the now unconscious Beast Boy (A/N- I repeat, no romance there) despite the burning pain in her arms and quickly laid him on the end of the couch opposite Starfire. Her hands shook slightly as she drew them away, her cloak entirely covering her small frame, effectively hiding that which she did not want Robin to see.

Raven's face was bloodied; there was a dark red slash across her right cheek and she was quite sure that her shoulder had been pulled from its socket. Her ankle was also set at a very painful angle, but this she did not mention to her leader, just as she did not mention the multiple slashes that ran across her stomach, or the blood from impact with the wall. It had matted down her hair.

Robin turned to look at her then, the only two of the titans still awake after the mass breakout of Arkham. Robin spoke quietly, his voice gravelly and defeated. He didn't even want to think about all the bad guys that were still running amuck on the streets. But he had known that it was time to abort the mission. The lives of his friends were at stake.

"Raven, I know that you're tired. You don't have to…,"

She admonished him with a gentle wave of her hand. Then she stuck her hand out, and breathing deeply through her nose, laid it first upon Starfire's prone form. The cool blue surrounded Raven's hand then, and slowly but surely the Tamaranian's body began to heal until only the slightest of injuries could be seen upon her. Raven withdrew her hand and staggered backwards, glancing quickly over at Robin. Thankfully, he had not noticed. She could feel the poking and prodding in her flesh, the turning and awful crawling crumbling pain.

But she knew that her injuries had to wait.

She approached Beast Boy next. Besides his broken arm and slashed collarbone, he was for the most part fine, and had passed out only from exhaustion and the nightmares, nightmares The Scarecrow had been so kind to give them.

This time the blue was harder to conjure, and she groaned weakly as it finally did shoot out from her pale hand. Robin shot her a glance of worry, but she weakly shook her head at him. She had to continue. He wanted to protest, she could tell. But he knew that his team needed help.

Her left arm began hurting so much now that she could barely stand it. But she gritted her teeth nonetheless as she felt the skin across her collarbone rip open. She finally stepped aside, Beast Boy's sleep now peaceful and nightmare-free, a clownish smile now on his green face.

The empath swayed on her feet at that moment, but quickly righted herself. Cyborg she could not fix, being that his wires were damaged, but that was okay, as Robin knew what to do. But she needed now to fix Robin.

Robin looked worried when she came towards him. "Raven, I'm fine. You need to rest. Please, I can wait."

She shook her head at him, and he knew there was no point in arguing. He sat down slowly and she coached the blue to come from her hands. Robin was feeling such pleasure when the healing began that he didn't notice Raven's look of strained pain. She was about to rest her hand on his cheek, but he stopped her. "That's just a black eye," he said, "And I wear a mask." She looked dead to him, so pale that it was frightening. Her hood was down, and that allowed him to see so much more. "Raven, are you going to be okay?"

She nodded mutely. Robin reached out to assist her, but she shakily pushed away his supportive arms. He could only watch as Raven staggered painfully up the stairs and through the automatic door.

She fell onto her bed moments later, completely unconscious, not floating above her bed in the least. On her body Raven bore the injuries not only of her own, but also those of her teammates.

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