Okay, so, I have fallen ill with the wondrous Glee epidemic and I must say, I abso-freakin'-lutely love it!!! Especially Puck ^_^ Mmmhmmm, Puck…Sorry, right. And I'm not going to lie, I think he and Rachel would make a cute couple like opposites-attract cute. So, here's my fanfic.

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Rachel sat crying on the benches next to the football field again. This time she wasn't upset she didn't get the lead or that Puck threw a slushie in her face. She stared out at Finn and saw him talking lovingly with his girlfriend. She was going to be alone forever…or at least until she made it big as a star. She felt grief wash over her again but held back the tears. A few eye drops stung her eyes and she was back at Glee practice. Puck glared at her as Finn came up to talk to her, but today, she noticed he was glaring at Finn too. Rachel shrugged it off and looked up at Finn as he beamed down at her.

"Hey, Rach, what's going on? I haven't gotten a chance to talk to you all day." She sighed and nodded,

"I know, been a little busy." Finn nodded and sat down next to her.

"Yeah, I know what you mean." There was an awkward silence for a few moments before Finn cleared his throat again and rubbed his neck, "Hey, um, I'm gonna throw a Halloween party and am inviting everyone from Glee. Do you wanna go?" Halloween wasn't until next weekend. Rachel felt her breath catch in her throat before she nodded,

"Yeah, I'd love to go." Finn beamed at her and nodded. He got up and went back to Quinn who sat away from Santana and Brittany now that they knew about the baby. Rachel felt like she was on cloud 9 as she sat on the uncomfortable metal chairs. That is until Puck flopped in the chair next to her.

"Hey there, freak," he opened with but it was quiet so Finn couldn't hear him, "Now, listen up. You aren't going to go to that party. You're just going to tell Finn you are and then not show up because it's not where you belong." He growled. Rachel wasn't going to lie; she was slightly frightened by Puck. They intense hazel eyes, Mohawk, muscles and ritual slushie to the face had made her jumpy around him.

"Puck, Finn wants all of us from Glee there-."

"Yeah, and I don't mind if the other kids show up, but my boy isn't himself when he's around you." Puck glared at her a little more intensely before Mr. Schuester strode into the room. He then got up and went back to his seat in the back of the room next to Matt and Mike.

"Alright, I've been thinking, and I want to see some mixing up. A lot of you are used to just singing background and I wanna see what you've all got. So, I'm going to mix things up by splitting you off into groups and then we'll have you perform and it'll help me choose some songs in the future." Everyone gave a groan and Rachel buttoned her lip. She really wanted to ream Mr. Schuester. She was supposed to get the solos. But she had decided that her friendship with everyone in Glee was more important than her being number one in everything. Mr. Schuester looked at her surprised, expecting a fight but shook his head and looked back at his clipboard.

"Ok, Mercedes, Santana, Mike and Artie in group one. Brittany, Tina, Matt and Kurt in group two. Quinn, Finn, Rachel and Noah in group three. Okay, here are your songs, and I'll expect you ready to perform next week. Group one on Wednesday, group two on Thursday, three on Friday and I'll announce what I have come up with on Monday. No Glee practice until then. Just work on this." He handed everyone their manila folders and stood by the pianist talking in a low voice with him. Rachel clutched the manila folder and glanced over at Puck who was staring at Mr. Schuester like he was going tackle him. She stood and strode over to Finn and Quinn who were already sitting next to Puck before daintily sitting on the metal chair, she opened the folder and handed out the parts. She held Puck's in the air for a while before he snatched it out of her hand and let a growl out. It was a remix of a song by Beyoncè called, "If I Were A Boy". Rachel faced the paper but her eyes were slanted toward him. While everyone else was planning out when they would meet to rehearse, they were quiet. Finn and Quinn were just as uncomfortable as she was. Rachel finally lost it.

"Ok, I know you have football practice and Cheerio practice, so we should probably rehearse afterwards. We could rehearse here or at my house, I dunno if you want to go to any other house but mine is open and my schedule is open." Puck continued to stare ahead at Mr. Schuester. Finn cleared his throat and nodded,

"Sounds good. Maybe we can go to Quinn's too. We could practice in your basement." Quinn nodded in agreement.

"Okay, we should trade information so we can get ahold of one another." Rachel nodded slowly before she opened her notebook and scribbled something down on a clean piece of paper. She tore it in thirds and handed it to her teammates. It was her cell number and address. Puck felt like crumpling it up and throwing it back at her but he knew that Finn or Mr. Schue would get on his case about it. Finn and Quinn handed her their information and waited for Puck to do so as well. Puck clenched his jaw tightly as he scribbled a number down and handed it back to her. She folded her piece carefully and placed it in a pocket in her bag with the other pieces of paper while Puck shoved his haphazardly into his jeans pocket.

"What do you say to meeting after football here?"

"Uh uh crazy," Mercedes called from her spot further down the music room, "My groups got it. And Tina's group's got the auditorium." Tina nodded. Rachel looked back to the others in the group. Finn sighed and looked at her,

"I can't make it tonight, I got a family thing to take care of." Rachel nodded and looked at Quinn and Puck. Puck looked like he needed to go hurt someone, so she looked at Quinn.

"Quinn, want to meet at my house for rehearsal tonight?" Quinn just nodded.

"Okay. Meet at my house promptly at five. We'll get started and I'll get started on choreography. Puck, you're going to be there too right?" Puck shrugged and let another deep sigh roll from his lungs.

"Fine, whatever." The bell rang shortly after and Puck was out of the room like a bat out of hell. Finn actually had to run to catch up to him. Finn had a small grin on his face as he finally caught up to him.

"Dude, slow down!" He gripped Puck's shoulder and tried to get his legs to slow down. Puck whipped around,

"Why did I have to get paired with the insane chick? Huh, does Mr. Schue hate me?! What the hell did I do to deserve this?" Puck yelled at Finn who was laughing but trying to calm his friend down.

"Puck, really, she's not that bad once you get to know her. Yeah, she's crazy but she can sing like no other, and once she calms down, she can actually be human. Back off and get to know her. And besides that, I'll be in the group too." Puck rolled his eyes, "Try to for me and everyone else in Glee. If she and Quinn can be civil to one another, you guys can too." Puck clenched his jaw until it hurt.

"Fine, but dude, you owe me. And what are you doing with your family?"

"A bachelor party for a cousin." Puck rolled his eyes and started to walk off. Finn nodded and waited until Puck had turned his back before laughing. Puck whipped back around and pointed threateningly at Finn.

"Dude, I am going to seriously hurt you."

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