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The Epilogue of "If I Were a Boy".

Rachel woke up around midnight at the sound of the door opening. A rush of memories flooded her mind and she almost leapt from the bed to grab up her clothes. Until she saw who was standing there. Kurt's jaw was on the floor as he stared at them, buck naked in Puck's destroyed bed. He glanced around once and pinched himself hard before looking back.

"I'm sorry, I'll just go and sleep in your and Tina's room. Don't mind me. I was never here." He muttered before turning and hurrying out of the room. Puck chuckled sleepily as he dragged his fingertips over her bare arm.

"Hey, Noah?" Rachel leaned back into the pillows, wishing her heart rate would return to normal.

"Hmm?" he rumbled, his lips grazing her neck.

"Why did you think Finn and I were still together? You had to have known that we broke up, I mean, it is high school." She felt him shift behind her so she was pressed partially against his bare chest.

"To be honest," she could feel the vibrations from his words rumble into her body, "I tuned anything out that had to do with you and Finn. I had lost you to him and didn't want to hear any of it." He said into her hair, which she was almost certain smelled like sweat. But what she didn't know was that he loved it. They were silent again; her drawing imaginary pictures on his arms that were wrapped tightly around her body while he leaned his cheek against her head, slowly drifting back off into sleep.

"Hey Noah?" she murmured again. He grunted slightly to acknowledge that he was listening to her question,

"What was her name?" Puck's blood went cold and he felt that wound in his heart rip open again. He was silent for a while, trying to build up the courage to do say her name,

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked. I don't know what I was thinking asking you this-,"

"Her name was Abigail." He cut her off. Rachel stopped completely and tightly gripped his arm as he took in another breath, "I'm pretty sure you know what all happened?"

"Quinn carried her almost to term, she was only about a month early, but her body was severely premature." Rachel muttered out. She could feel the pain radiating off of Puck as he nodded,

"She was pink and healthy, but the doctors said that she was about as developed as a baby in the middle of the second trimester. She-," Puck was choking on his tears as they filled his eyes. Rachel twisted around and wrapped her arms tightly around his body as best she could.

"It's okay. I don't need to know anymore." She whispered out and Puck let out a shuddering breath. He took in another deep one as he stared at the pattern on the comforter.

"Quinn was really out of it after that. Abby really changed her." Rachel agreed with that statement completely. When she and Finn had broken up and Rachel and him started to go out, things were about as rocky with them as they had been before Quinn had started Glee. Quinn had taken up calling her nasty names, vandalizing her locker and notebooks, along with numerous other things. Rachel didn't understand why she was being punished for Quinn's philandering though. She held onto the grudge though, until her fathers' told her one night that she shouldn't hate Quinn Fabray, but forgive her because she would need the support when the baby came, even from someone who she clearly hated.

Rachel was slightly surprised when Quinn and Puck had decided they would try dating for the baby's sake. But Puck knew that she would always want Finn. Then, she went into labor and Abigail passed away. Puck and she had broken up shortly after that even though she would still come over to his house and cry herself to sleep in his arms.

Rachel and Finn were happily dating, but Rachel felt a distance from Finn that she knew was because of Quinn. He would stare at her and Puck but apologize almost immediately to her even if Rachel didn't notice. Of course, what he didn't know what that she was staring at Puck at the same time. They broke up after Sectionals and they knew that they would never fit together like how Rachel had always dreamed, but they remained in a plutonic relationship. But, to anyone who didn't know, they looked like they were still dating, minus any kissing or hand holding.

Rachel stroked her hand down Puck's arm again, tracing the muscles. He tightened his hold on her and breathed into her neck,

"Are you worried about tomorrow?" He muttered; she felt his grip loosen, he was falling asleep.

"Not in the least."

Alright, so I know you don't find out if they win Regional's or not, but I am not predicting that in any way shape or form because I am leaving that up to the real writers of that fine TV show. I hope you enjoyed reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it (except for the writer's block once in a while) and I hope to get your reviews soon. And to get the sequel up too! ^_^ Ciao!