A Rainy Afternoon

Disclaimer and the Author's Note: I do not own the characters of Vocaloid, but if I ever could... I want Len and Rin to be lovers. ^_^ This is my first attempt at a one-shot, though I leave most of the writing to David. I am not truly that great with fanfictions now that I have lost a bit of that writing edge. Still, please go easy on me. :3

Today was cloudy.

In Sapporo, there was an apartment-like house where a group of famous singers lived. In this house was two thirteen year olds. Both of them were fraternal twins. Kagamine Len, and Kagamine Rin, and both of them were doing something completely childish: playing outside in the rain. Both did not care about their clothes getting wet, or the fact that most of their clothes were white (and thus white clothes when wet become a tinge transparent).

Len and Rin laughed wholeheartedly, as Len was trying to catch his sister, but slipped on a patch of mud and fell, prompting Rin to giggle even more. Len however got up, and grabbed his sister, and both of them fell to the wet grass. Both lay there, allowing the rain to pelt their bodies as they kept their eyes closed as they lay on their backs. But this sort of fun would soon come to an end, when a bit of a thunder clap began to rumble in the air.

"We should get inside soon," Rin told Len.

"I guess..."

She smiled softly, keeping her hold around her twin brother, who did not let go of Rin. Of course, when a louder clap echoed, they did get up and head inside, discarding their wet shoes and socks on the back porch. But they did not want to get the house all wet so... the two shucked off their wet clothes before making a quick run for it through the kitchen, living room, up the stairs, and into their shared bedroom.

Two naked Kagamines were laughing, and smiling, as a short time under the rain thus came to an end. Getting dried up using two towels they took out from their closet, they got dressed in a pair of matching shorts and shirts. And with Len's ponytail undone, and Rin no longer wearing hr favorite white bow, both looked identical.

Still, it was a fun rainy afternoon. And also being home alone, allowed them to spend some closet quality time together... starting with the sealing of their lips once sitting down on the couch in the living room.

It is short yes, but I like it how I wrote it out, with a smidge of twincest. David agreed with me when he beta-read it. Ja ne~