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McMurphy's Bar. Downtown. Washington, D.C.

"Well, guys I think that's me done for the evening." Tony sighs as he sits down in the booth, picks up his drink and finishes it in one long swig.
"Ah, poor baby wouldn't she give you her number?" queries Abby as she leans over and affectionately tousles his hair.
"Or is that she already has his number?" McGee chimes in grinning. DiNozzo glares at him.
"She's married McMatchmaker and you know how I feel about that. She obviously wasn't smiling at me like you said she was." His colleagues laugh good naturedly and he can't help but join in.
"I can't believe we had to send Palmer home in a cab again. Anyway it's a school night so I think we should all head home. You know how the Boss gets when we show up hungover."
"That's just because we didn't invite him." The others just gape at Abby in disbelief for a moment and then there's a collective gathering of coats and scarves and they all head for the door.
"Good night." McGee walks away as a chorus of good nights ring out behind him.
"Where are you parked Tony?"
"Just around the corner."
"Why are you asking Officer David?" Abby asks emphasizing her incorrect pronunciation of Ziva's surname.
"Tony agreed to show me some shortcuts for travelling to work."
"I thought McGee already did that?"
"Yeah but I'm the senior field agent Abby and I bet I know better shortcuts than the probie does."
"Did you forget you promised to drop me at home since my hearse is in for an overhaul?"
"No, I didn't forget it's on the way. Can we go now?" he asks impatiently.
"Sure". They begin to walk. As Tony's car comes into view down the street Abby cries out "Shotgun!".
Immediately Ziva knocks Abby to the ground before leaping to her feet and drawing her gun as she scans the area for signs of danger. Belatedly she realises Tony is just standing there and not reacting. "What?"
"Are you okay Abby?"
"Yeah. Good reflexes there Officer David."
"Thanks. Now what is going on? Why did you shout like that?"
"Well it's just what you say when you want to ride in the front seat. It's an expression like saying calling it when you want the last of something or when you've predicted something and it happens or..."
"Abs!" Sometimes DiNozzo's impression of Gibbs could be scarily accurate.
"Can we go now? I'm freezing my butt off here while you two discuss the intracies of American expressions."
"Sure." Ziva helps Abby to her feet and they head for Tony's car. After dropping Abby at her place and showing Ziva Tony's super secret shortcuts they eventually end up outside her apartment building. "Thanks for that Tony."
"You're welcome Ziva." She steps out of the car but before closing the door leans back in to add "There's just one thing I still do not understand."
"What's that?"
"What, exactly is it?"
"It? You know when you call it?"
"Ah. That's one for another time. Good night Ziva."
"Night Tony." She shuts his car door and walks away without a backward glance. As he drives home Tony thinks that having Ziva on the team was probably going to lead to some interesting times.