Drabble-ish. It may just remain a oneshot. Demyx is my favorite Organization member, and the idea popped into my head. I did not come up with his human name- Author7777777 did. This is shortly after Sora's first encounter with Demyx.

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Nocturne's Return

Chapter One

It's so cold here.

Where am I?

I couldn't remember anything, just the feel of Roxas's Keyblade against my skull. What did he have against me? I thought he was a pretty cool guy. I thought he was my friend, too. I guess not.

I sat up, and the blood rush gave me a headache. The first thing I thought of was Superior. He was going to be so mad at me. Then I'd have to spend another day with stupid Marluxia in his stupid garden taking care of his stupid plants.

Oh, right. Marly's dead. Whew.

My job had been to 'liberate his true disposition.' I didn't really know what that meant, as words had been Zexion's thing, but I had interpreted it as 'beat the living snot out of him until he gives in.'

Ahem. Fail. I told them I wasn't right for combat. Did they care? No. I bet they just wanted to get rid of me. I felt a hollow little ping of rejection.

What… was that?

I must be hallucinating. I couldn't feel. I was a Nobody. And Roxas had hit me pretty hard. Yeah… that must be it. I was probably dreaming I could feel. Next thing I knew I'd probably be waking up with creepy Vexen watching me in the infirmary. Then Superior would come in and yell at me and threaten me with his light sabers.

Okay, I know they're called ethereal blades, but they look like light sabers to be. I used to love that movie when I had a heart.

Besides, Vexen's dead, too.

I stood up. It appeared to be that I was in some sort of alleyway, because the walls felt like they were closing in. I walked around a bit. It didn't look anything like the world I had previously been in. There it was all dark and spooky. It didn't scare me, of course. But that doesn't mean I didn't get the impression. My sitar was perched by where I'd woken up. I couldn't believe I'd nearly forgotten it, because I couldn't live without it. Well… I could, but it was a habit to have it with me. Besides, I couldn't fight. I needed the power of water. I picked it up and strummed a few notes. She seemed to be fine. Thank god.

I wandered out into the streets. Everything was cobblestone, from the houses to the pavement of the streets. Hollow Bastion restoration committee meeting Thursday night, I read. The name sounded familiar, but I just couldn't recall why. I rounded another corner, and jumped back. Locals.

I could always just portal back, I realized. Right. Why hadn't I done that in the first place? I lifted my hand to open a portal, but it just didn't work. So I tried again. That failed, too.

Christ. What did Roxas do to me?

Perhaps I can just sneak around them, I thought. I could practically make myself invisible, since the Organization had sent me on so many recon missions, I had had to learn to not be spotted. And that was not always easy, since I wore a black robe and worlds had a tendency to be bright.

I held my breath, rounding the corner again slowly, scooting alongside the wall like it was a two-inch thick ledge above a deep pit. My sitar dragged, and I silently apologized to it. Sorry, baby, but daddy's in a tight situation…

Despite my near utter invisibility, I was seen. A girl with a long brown braid tapped her friend's shoulder. "Leon, is he with them?" She asked.


A guy about my age with straight brown hair and a scary-looking knife thing whirled around. "You!"

I grabbed a hold of my sitar's fingerboard. "Dance, water, dance!" I cried. The girl shrieked as the boy was drenched and temporarily knocked off his feet.

I took off running. The boy addressed as Leon stood up. "Aerith, tell the others the Organization's here!" He yelled at the girl, and turned to chase me.

Thing was, I knew I was outmatched. I was weak, disoriented, and I hadn't been here before.

"Flee, waterboy, flee!" Leon taunted.

I growled, feeling furious. Not noticing the emotion, I struck a hard G cord and it hit him, dead on. "You're asking for it," I muttered.

Leon said nothing and struck my arm with his knife-thing. I cried out in pain. He grabbed me by the front of my shirt and yanked me forward. Our noses nearly touched, but it was not in a sort of intimate way. He had the look of someone who was about to kill me. I had tears in my eyes.

"Get out," he hissed, and threw me onto the ground. I watched him walk away, fighting tears for the first time in who knows how long. What a weird dream. Vexen must be experimenting on me. He'd been trying to find a way to give Nobodies feelings without a heart.

Let's see… what have I felt?




Pain and coldness didn't count, as they weren't linked to the heart. But when I woke up, I had to tell Vexen he'd succeeded. Then I remembered, once again, he was dead.

I turned my sitar over so it wasn't lying with the strings down. I heard the swish of a dark corridor opening, and looked up. Saix was staring down at me.

"Number IX," he greeted coldly.

"Number VII," I replied.

"Where have you been? We've been looking all over for you. You're supposed to be at the Coliseum. Did you at least get the stone?"

"Yes," I told him, searching my pocket, but it was empty. Darnit! Roxas must have taken it!

Saix scoffed. He grabbed me by my wounded arm and yanked me up. I let out a cry.

"Demyx, what did you do to yourself now?" He asked me in his monotone voice.

"I fell," I lied. I didn't want him to know that I'd let a human beat me.

Saix dragged me through the corridor, and suddenly, we were back at the castle. All the years I've been here, and it still wasn't home. We didn't stop at the infirmary so I could be healed, but continued right into the Round Room.

"Superior, we have found Number IX," he informed him.

Xemnas- I mean, Superior- just smiled in his false way. "Hello, Number IX."

I felt like screaming, my name is Demyx! But I didn't. I didn't want to be turned into a Dusk. "Good morning, Superior."

Superior turned to Saix. "You are dismissed."

"B-but…" Saix was second-in-command. He was Xemnas's shadow. He thought that Superior's business- and mine, as well as everyone else's- was his, too.

"I said, you are dismissed, Number VII."

Saix let go of me and stepped through a dark corridor.

"How dare you have the audacity to fail me," Superior began once we were alone. I strained to see him, as his chair was about fifty feet high. "I give you one chance to prove your worth to me, Number IX. I give you one chance, and you fail me. You are obviously nothing but a worthless hydromaniac! It makes me wonder why we ever chose you to join our Organization! I mean, what have you offered us?" His voice carried the façade of anger.

I wanted to speak up and tell him about my flawless recon missions, but I didn't. I just stood there, chin pressed towards my chest, never having felt more ashamed… never. Especially since I wasn't supposed to feel emotions.

"Number IX, look at me when I speak to you."

I glanced up. The piercing whiteness of the room hurt my eyes. All this time and I hadn't gotten used to it. "My name is Demyx," I peeped.

"I didn't catch that."

"I said, my name is Demyx! Not Number IX!"

From what I could see, Superior's fist clenched. "Never will you talk back to me! Have you forgotten the place I have offered you in our Organization –God knows why? I give you a chance to regain your heart, Demyx." He spat my name. "And you fail me. You are one of the few Nobodies who remain intelligent enough to have a chance to become whole again, though I seriously doubt it! All you do it sit around and play that sitar all day."

I tried to muffle my sobs. His words hurt. And I knew they shouldn't.

Superior leans forward in his chair. "Number IX," he begins. His voice isn't falsely angry now, it's falsely surprised. "Are you… crying?"

"No, Superior," I choked out, though my voice was jagged and broken. "We both know I can't c-cry-y."

I hear the swish of a corridor once again, and right away Superior is by my side. I tried to hide my face in my hands, but he threw them away, tilting my face towards his. "I hurt my arm," I lied pathetically. Well, I suppose it wasn't a lie, but the injury wasn't why I was sobbing.

The Superior says nothing, just takes two fingers and holds them against the side of my throat. He jumps back. "Dear lord," he gasped. For a minute, he remained truly stunned, then takes me by the shoulder and throws me against the cold, hard surface.

"I'm sorry," I wailed. I really thought he was going to kill me.

I felt the thick sole of a shoe smack my head. Before I blacked out, I could distinctly hear the sound of footsteps, walking away…

I hope I got Demyx's voice correctly. We hardly see him in KH II, and his role in 358/2 days is pretty much small. But I think you can guess what happened to poor Demy. Even though he may just be a 'comic relief' character, I really want to explore the possibilities of his backgrounds. So, in a way, this is just a character study.

I know Leon's weapon is really called a Gunblade.

I also know that chronologically, Demyx had already visited Hollow Bastion once. I'm twisting the story just a tiny bit.

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