Okay, here's the dealio. I've been obsessed with Dragonriders of Pern ever since I started reading Dragonflight three weeks ago. I am now around halfway through Dragonquest…right after the point when F'nor and Brekke…well…yeah… Anyway, I'm also majorly obsessed with Ben 10 Alien Force, as I'm sure my fans already know. So, when the idea for this Crossover came to mind, there was no stopping it! It's too perfect, the more I think about it! Now, I know what ya'll are thinking: "You promised yourself not to make any new stories until you update all of your current chapter stories." Well, a combination of writer's intuition for this story and writer's block for the others makes this situation COMPLETELY not my fault! Anyway, enjoy! ^_^

"Okay, Tennyson…what exactly do you intend to do once we get there?" Kevin asked Ben in an annoyed voice. "I mean, these Thread things will be falling for a couple decades and we can only stay throughout summer break. At least you guys have to go home at summer break…why do you go to school again?" Gwen rolled her eyes at him.

"Kevin, we go to school because there's more to life than fighting aliens and trading technology." Kevin gave her an uncomprehending look.

"How is that?" Gwen sighed and leaned back against the seat, knowing that this debate would be pointless.

"Come on, Kevin! Anything we can do to help is fine by me! I have it all planned out! I'll have one of their dragons scratch the Omnitrix and I'll be able to help get rid of the Threads in dragon form." Kevin leaned back.

"It's not like you'll make much of an impact in three months. Especially if you compare it to how long these things will be falling! …Hey, Ship! Are these seats retractable? I'm tired."

"SHIP!" The seat shot back with such force, that Kevin bumped his head.

"OUCH!" He rubbed his head. "Thanks a lot…" Julie leaned back in her seat, which Ship had gently retracted for her.

"Lighten up, Kevin! This'll be fun!" Kevin rolled his eyes.

"Oh yeah…like we've had such luck with dragons before." Ben turned toward him.

"Hey! I kept him from destroying the Forever Knights, didn't I? Plus, he's a different dragon from a different planet so…Nya!" He stuck his tongue out at Kevin. Gwen gave him a withering look.

"Nya? Seriously, Ben?" Ben grinned and shrugged his shoulders.

"It works for me!" He yawned and closed his eyes. "Wake me up when we get there, Ship. Okay?"



Ben sat up abruptly, not because of Ship's wake up call, but because of a new terror that entered his heart and shook all fatigue from his mind. He looked around and saw Gwen, Kevin, and Julie awake, their faces mirroring his fear. "Wh-what's going on?" He stammered. At that moment, a red light pulsated into the inside of Ship. Ben turned his head slowly to see the source, a red star. He felt a cold sweat on his face and his chest pounded so badly, it felt as if he would explode. Julie made a whimpering noise and snuggled up against him.

"I'm scared, Ben…I don't know why but…I'm really, really scared…" Ben patted her arm gently.

"I know Julie…I know…" He whispered in a trembling voice, resting his head on top of hers.

Kevin turned toward Gwen, whose eyes were wide with horror. Slowly, he extended a hand toward her. She turned toward him, blinking curiously, before understanding and moving until she was next to him. He wrapped his right arm around her and held her close. She shivered against the cold metal but didn't protest. "Don't worry, Gwen. Everything will be okay…" He murmured, trying to hide his own fear.


They passed out of sight of the star as they drew closer to the planet and the terror slowly ebbed away. Still, Julie and Gwen didn't move away from Ben and Kevin until Ship had finally landed. When solid ground was finally reached, Ship immediately turned back to his normal form. Everyone stood up and looked around for a few minutes before turning to Ben for instruction.

"Okay, guys. These people are kinda like Earth, meaning that they get little to no known contact with other worlds. We may come as a shock to them." Kevin threw his hands into the air.

"Wonderful! We come to a planet that'll freak upon seeing us! Why didn't you tell me?! I left my DNAlien mask at home! They'll shoot me on sight!" Ben walked over and gripped Kevin's shoulder.

"Focus, Kevin! Just because they get little contact doesn't mean they'll shoot us on sight. To be honest, I'm not sure if they have guns." Kevin stared at Ben.

"How did you even get the idea to come here in the first place?!"

"I was talking to Grandpa Max and he told me about Pern. He said that this was the time when Threads were falling and I thought, since we have a lot of down time, we could help. Our parents were cool with it!" Kevin sat down in the grass.

"Great. Just great. I'm stuck on a planet of giant flying lizards for three months. I could be making some money on alien tech but noooo. Mr. Ben 10 wanted to waste three months blowing fire at big silver strands falling from the sky. Why did I come with you again?" Ben gave him an innocent smile.

"Because you love spending time with us?" Kevin wasn't amused.

"Yeah…no!" A small crooning sound interrupted them. Kevin turned to see a tiny green figure moving toward them, her head slightly tilted. She was hungry. "Hey Ben…gimme one of the lunch packs."

"Why do you want me to-"

"Just hand me one." Kevin muttered, not taking his eyes off of the small creature. He felt the bag being pressed into his hand and he slowly reached in, pulling out a chunk of corned beef. He reached his hand toward the tiny animal and placed the meat on the ground. She leapt toward it and ate it up immediately. She wanted more. Kevin placed another piece on the ground, slightly closer to where he was sitting. He made a small trail up to his hand. The little animal ate each piece of meat before eying the one that Kevin now held. 'It's okay…' He found himself thinking. 'I won't hurt you…' The little green lizard snapped the meat from his fingers and he felt a surge of happiness. The creature let out a yawn and moved into Kevin's outstretched hand. He tenderly cradled the sleeping reptile in his arms. 'Kinda cute…' He thought, gazing down at her. He heard Gwen move close and kneel next to him.

"It looks like a tiny dragon." Kevin nodded.

"Yeah…do you think she's a dragon that just hatched?" Ben bent down and examined her.

"No…dragon hatchlings are much bigger. It think that's a fire lizard hatchling." Kevin stood up.

"A fire lizard huh…?" He listened to the steady breathing of the little green lizard and smiled. Julie moved close to him and gently ran her finger across the smooth scales.

"Looks like you made a new friend, Kevin." She muttered before walking over to Ship and giving him instructions to not morph into anything until told to.

Kevin glanced at Gwen, who had left his side and was now hovering in midair, trying to gain her bearings with her Anodite powers. He turned to the lizard and whispered quietly to her. "I'll name you Mana." The lizard stirred slightly and Kevin felt a wave of appreciation move through his mind. It was a good name.

A roar cut through everyone's thoughts. Gwen quickly stood upright again while Ben and Julie turned toward the sky and Kevin instinctively held Mana closer to his chest. A large shining bronze colored beast was circling above them. Upon closer inspection, they could see a person riding on a leather saddle attached to the creature's neck. There was no doubts that this was one of the dragons. The dragon slowly hovered before landing in front of them. The human jumped off of his back and moved toward them.

"I am T'bor, Weyrleader of the Southern Weyr, and rider of Orth. Who are you and what brings you here?" There was a combination of characteristic curiosity and forced hostility. Whoever this person was, he wanted to be intimidating, but wasn't succeeding. Ben took a step forward.

"My name is Ben Tennyson. Have you heard of me?" T'bor's uncomprehending look answered him. "Well, I'm from offplanet and came to help with your Thread problem." T'bor looked even more confused.

"How could you have come from offplanet and how can you help us?" Ben took a step forward.

"Please take us back to your Weyr. This will take a lot of explaining."


"So you see, I am supposed to help planets in need. When I heard about Pern, I wanted to come and see if I could perform a service to your cause." Ben finally finished. T'bor and the other riders who had attended this discussion were looking at Ben with expressions that varied from disbelief to suspicion. T'bor made a request that Ben expected.

"Show us how you change into another creature." Ben was already on his feet and looking through the Omnitrix. The riders looked at the flashing green pictures with interest and he smiled smugly.

'If that impresses them…they aint seen nothing yet!' He finally decided on going Big Chill and slammed his head on the watch. "Big…Chill…" Some of the riders moved back away from him but T'bor gazed at him with an expression of wonder on his face.

"Amazing…" He moved close and carefully inspected Ben who stood patiently. One by one, riders moved forward, touching his cold moth wings and staring into his green insect eyes. Finally, T'bor spoke once more.

"How can you help us?" Ben changed back into his human form before speaking.

"I want the strongest dragon you have to scratch the Omnitrix. His or her DNA will go into the watch and combine with my own, making it possible for me to change into a dragon. I'll be able to help fight the Threads." T'bor frowned slightly, clearly in deep thought.

"The biggest dragon in Pern…you'll want a fighting dragon for I am unsure on how combining your DNA with a queen will affect you…" He nodded slowly. "If we will do this…our best candidate would be Mnementh." Ben tilted his head.

"Mnementh?" T'bor nodded.

"He is the bronze of F'lar of Benden Weyr. He is large in size and is also very skilled in fighting Thread. We will need F'lar and Mnementh's consent of course. This is indeed interesting… There is much to consider, however. Since you aren't a true dragon, it is anyone's guess if you will have the same instincts. Will you require a rider and if so, how will you bond with one? Will you even be able to go between?" He shook his head. "We will need to discuss this with F'lar." He turned toward the outside where Orth was, clearly giving him instructions. "You will ride with us to Benden to talk about this with F'lar." He added, more to himself: "It would be no good going to the Oldtimers…they'd probably have a heart attack and die…" The sound of another dragon landing close to Orth came to everyone's ear. "Let us go."

Kevin looked up as Ben walked over and felt a surge of relief. The women who walked by kept giving him fearful looks. It was quite annoying and humiliating. "Well? Where are we going?" Ben glanced at each of them in turn.

"We're traveling to Benden Weyr to talk to their leader." Kevin looked nervously at Mana.

"Would journeying scare her?" T'bor walked over and looked down at the lizard.

"I doubt it. By how much you have been feeding her up to now, she'll sleep through everything."

Kevin nodded before noticing that T'bor was staring at him. He clearly wanted to ask Kevin something but decided against it. Kevin was glad. He knew all to well what he had wanted to ask: What are you? The problem was that Kevin really didn't know.

Gwen and Julie walked toward a brown dragon, who his rider, F'nor introduced as Canth. The dragon gazed at them solemnly before turning toward his rider. The two seemed to be sharing an intimate discussion. Canth looked at Gwen, Julie, Ben, and Kevin in turn before nodding his head at F'nor. F'nor nodded back before turning back to the girls.

"You will ride with me." He said in a calm voice.

Kevin noticed a small golden body cradled in a sling on F'nor's arm and walked over. "You have one as well?" F'nor turned toward him and let out an exclamation of surprise upon seeing Mana.

"Were there any more where you found her?" He whispered. Kevin shook his head.

"No. Just Mana." F'nor tilted his head.

"Mana…interesting name. This is Grall." He indicated the larger golden fire lizard. He looked back at Kevin and scrutinized him carefully for a few minutes before turning back to Canth.

Kevin groaned quietly. Why oh why had he forgotten that mask?

Ben walked over to Orth, who he and Kevin would be riding. The magnificent bronze creature gazed at him with a look of mild curiosity. Ben reached over and tentatively scratched the beast's eye ridge. Orth closed a lid over his jewel like eye and made a crooning sound. Ben smiled. These dragons were certainly nicer than that one the Forever Knights had kept! His thoughts were interrupted by T'bor.

"It's time to fly to Benden Weyr."

This is my first Crossover story. Review and don't be too harsh! Anyway, you see now how Ben 10 and Pern can combine so beautifully? I know you do! Now, those people who have read the whole series, don't judge me! I am going off of where I currently am in the book. Anyway, I'll update soon! Bye all!