I'm updating all but two of my stories as a Christmas present to everyone. Hope you like this Chapter. In this one, everyone is getting accustomed to their new dragons. Kevin is beginning to train Mana to go between and talks with Beauth about his family. During Weyrling classes, the gang has an abrupt and insane lesson concerning the goings on in their new home.

"K'vin?" Kevin blinked a few times as he absorbed this. "I gotta change my name to K'vin?"

Ben shrugged his shoulders. "Apparently. I dunno what they're changing my name to. I guess since I'm called Ben Ten, they might make me B'ten or something."

"New names…why don't Julie and Gwen have to change their names?"

"Because they're girls, I guess…" Ben muttered, shaking his head. 'Hey, Paladith? Do you know why?'

Haven't really thought to ask, to be completely honest. Paladith calmly replied. He let out a yawn. Could you come back to the room? I itch.

Ben rolled his eyes and grinned affectionately. "Gotta go, Kevin…or K'vin! Paladith is calling!"

"Do me a favor and keep calling me Kevin, okay?" Kevin called after his retreating friend before going back into his own room. 'Hey, Beauth.' He called out softly. Mana looked up from where she had been sleeping in the crook of Beauth's neck and chirped a greeting. "And hello to you too, Mana." Kevin sat down and lightly stroked her head while gazing at his sleeping dragon. He thought back to when he had contacted Grandpa Max and his mom. His mom had pretty much flipped out and Kevin had ended up hanging up. Guilt flashed through his system. He hadn't wanted to upset his mother…but Beauth needed him now! He couldn't go back even if he wanted to!

You're still conflicted, aren't you Kevin? Beauth asked as he woke up. He nuzzled Kevin's chest, crooning comfortingly. Don't be. You did the right thing. If you hadn't come back, I'd be dead.

Kevin felt his stomach lurch at the very thought of Beauth disappearing between. 'Thank goodness I wasn't too late…' He thought to himself before speaking to Beauth. 'I just don't want my mom to be sad. I mean, I know that I did the right thing but I wish that Mom would be more understanding.'

Maybe you can send Ship back to Earth and bring her up here to visit. Beauth felt excited at the very idea. I'd love to meet your mother!

'Possibly…' Kevin left it at that. He didn't really like talking about his family to anyone but Beauth persisted.

I'd like to meet her! Anyone who could have raised someone like you has gotta be-

'She didn't raise me, Beauth. My step-dad abandoned me when I was a kid. I only reconnected with her recently.' He could clearly feel Beauth's anger.

Why would he do that?! Beauth huffed indignantly.

'I reminded my mom too much of my dad…and my step-dad got jealous…' Beauth snorted in contempt.

I wouldn't mind meeting him too, only for different reasons…

'You won't be. Mom divorced him as soon as she found out. Haven't seen him since.'

Good riddance! Beauth nodded his head decisively. My eye ridge itches, Kevin…could you…

Kevin had already morphed his metal hand into a brush and began scratching his brown's itching hide. 'You always itch, Beauth.' He chuckled a little. Mana jumped up onto his lap and tilted her head at him. "Hey, Mana. Ready to start training today?" Mana bobbed her head. "Okay. Why don't you try going to the kitchen and back. Bring me something nice from there, okay?" Mana nodded and disappeared. A moment later, she reappeared on Kevin's lap with a meatroll in her jaws. "Good girl!" Kevin broke the roll in two and ate his half while watching his lizard chomp on the other.

"Kevin! It's time for classes." Gwen called as she ran into the room. She stopped and felt a smile come to her face at the sight before her. Beauth's eyes were closed in contentment and Mana was curled up on Kevin's lap while Kevin brushed at Beauth's eye ridge. 'I've never seen him like this.'

Kevin let out a loud groan. "Classes? Now?" He laid down and closed his eyes. "Can't I call in sick?"

"You called in sick four times, Kevin! Come on, it's not so bad!"

"I don't like poetry. I don't like history. That's all we're studying!" Kevin moaned as he sat back up again. "We should be out practicing flying!"

"Kevin, you know that we can't fly after our dragons just hatched a few days ago." She put a hand on his shoulder. "Don't worry. Our time will come. Until then, we have out dragons as companions. That's something, right?"

Kevin nodded his head. "Beauth isn't just my companion, Gwen." He patted the brown's hide affectionately. "He's much more than that..."

"The same with me and Runith. Now, come on! We don't want to be late!"

'Man, R'gul is dull...' Ben thought to himself as the bronze rider went over the old poems and songs.

I doubt that the Harper songs weren't meant to be this boring! Paladith called to Ben as he absorbed the lessons through him.

'Same here.' A roar from outside caught his attention. He ran to the window just in time to see a green shooting up toward the sky. "Wow!" He gasped, marveling at the creature's speed. "Gwen! Guys! Check this out!"

Gwen was already running to the window. "I think it's Morith." She gasped as the green became a mere speck in the sky.

Kevin looked out at the sky. "Look at all the blues and browns! Why're they chasing Morith?"

Julie noticed a couple bronzes also joining in on the flight. 'What's going on?'

R'gul ran over to the four. "Quickly! It's a mating flight! Get into pairs!"

"Pairs? Why pairs?" Asked Gwen, who was still wrapping her head around the idea of a mating flight. "Can't we watch?"

"No need." R'gul chuckled. "You'll feel the effects soon enough."


"Mating flights awaken similar...urges within the humans who are close by."

Gwen took a moment to contemplate this before her eyes widened with horror. "Is there a way to fight it?"

"No way at all! Everyone will end up doing it once the flight is done."

Julie saw her own panic mirrored in Gwen's face. 'I'm not ready for this!' She felt blind distress fill her to the brim. 'No! Not yet! I'm only fifteen!'

'I can't do this! No way!' Gwen's head whipped around desperately. 'There's gotta be a way to...' An idea struck her. It was a long shot but it might work. Closing her eyes, she allowed her mana to surround her.

Ben felt sick to his stomach. 'I did not sign up for this!' He turned toward Julie, who was on the verge of hysterics. He rushed to her side and hugged her. "It'll be okay, Julie. There's gotta be a way around this!"

Julie whimpered into Ben's chest. She could feel the urges beginning. She had to think fast. "Ship!" She called. "Ship! Come here, boy!" Thank goodness Ship always remained close by. "Mechanical armor, Ship! Hurry!" Obediently, Ship morphed around her and surrounded her with the familiar high tech alien armor.

"Ben! Use the Omnitrix!" Kevin instructed, moving into the far corner. He wasn't feeling any urges or the beginnings of anything. 'My mutant form actually has a plus side.'

"CHROMASTONE!" Ben shouted just as he heard the mating flight reach its climax. He hadn't done so a moment too soon! One more second and...his purple crystal body shuddered at the thought. The four friends stayed that way for the longest time, waiting until they were sure it was truly over. Finally, they all took down their shields except Kevin.

Mating flights aren't something to fear, Gwen. Runith stated calmly. I will mate when I am older, after all.

Gwen felt a pang of fear at that statement. If Runith was the one mating...there would be no escaping the consequences. She glanced at Julie, who was clearly receiving the same message from Aurith. The two girls locked eyes for a moment before silently agreeing to wait. They had plenty of time before they had to worry after all...

Clear this up for me: Dragons mate once they're three Turns and they can start flying with riders when they're one Turn. Is that right? Until weyrlings can fly, what do they do? I still have a bunch of empty pages here. Hope you enjoyed it!