Fates Colliding
By: Runs at Dawn

Chapter 1: Green Eyes

Summary: Bella Cullen has been alone for over a century, sure she'd never find her soul mate. What will happen once she meets him…but he's a 17-year-old human boy, and her singer? Will she give in to fate; will he continue loving her once he finds out what she is?

This story will be told from both points of view (POV). It will start off more or less similar to Twilight, but soon it will start heading into a different, lemony, intense direction.

Rating: Mature for sexual content, swearing and fabulousness :P. There will be lemons later, just be patient ;)

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May, 2009

"Don't tell me you didn't know your girlfriend is a Vampire," James sneered, delighted beyond measure.

Edward started laughing but I didn't see any humor in the situation. He was painfully bound to a metal chair and here I was, paying for the consequences of my lies and for having interfered in his life in the first place.

"Shut the fuck up James, this is about you and me. Let him go."

"Oh, no, I don't think so. I think he needs to stay. It will be quite the show and he won't want to miss it."

I felt like throwing up. I couldn't believe this was happening. Suddenly, when I thought things couldn't get any worse, they did.

"Victoria, finally you arrive. Look who I got here."

She flowed into the dark little room, red hair to match her blood-drenched eyes. I heard Edward gasp, but I couldn't afford to lower my guard for even one fraction of a second. Now it was two against one, and they held my most precious treasure.

"Let him go and I'll do anything you want. I'm yours," I spat, my voice strong and firm. I was shaking inside, my soul was being torn up and shredded, but I refused to break down in front of them. I wouldn't give them the satisfaction.

Victoria clapped her hands. "Goody, that's excellent. You did promise you'd get rid of her after you're done with your little fantasy right?" she addressed James, scowling.

"Of course, and don't worry, you'll be part of the fun too."

"No!" Edward screamed, struggling against his binds.

"You'll only hurt yourself," I told him gently, not meeting his eyes.

"Fuck you! Leave her alone, you can have me! Untie me, you fuckers."

"Silly, silly human boy. We don't want you; you merely were our bait. Now, Bella, I think I heard you you'd do anything to save your pet."

"Yes," I said through gritted teeth. "I did."

"NO! Bella, no! They can't do this to you!"

January 18, 2009

Being a vampire certainly has its disadvantages.

Exhibit A: Being forced to repeat high school over and over and over again with the purpose of pretending to be human and living a semi-normal life.

Exhibit B: Being surrounded by screaming, giggling, delicious-smelling teenagers for six hours a day.

Exhibit C: Being constantly stared at and lusted over during those six hours.

After a hundred and seven years of existence, one became used to the monotony, notoriety and nomadic way of life.

For the most part.

I glanced around the small cafeteria; once in a while listening to a conversation, concentrating on those which contained the word Cullen. Our acute hearing was very convenient for what we sometimes called MIP "meat-bag infiltration program". Emmett came up with the acronym, of course. Carlisle hated it; therefore, we used it a lot when we were feeling like our teenage rebellious selves.

It was imperative that we be in the lookout for any new tales about us. We were already the Cullen Freaks: too pale, too beautiful, too antisocial, too intelligent and too rich. Everyone knew there was something wrong with us. Despite all the precautions we had carefully set up, sometimes one of us would slip or someone would become too suspicious, get too close to the truth and it was game over.

Precaution was key to avoid a premature relocation. Those were extremely inconvenient. It made everything more complicated and it wasn't prudent to leave rumors behind; there were enough ridiculous "legends" circling around as it was.

MIP usually fell onto me. Alice was often preoccupied by her visions of the future. Jasper struggled too much with the desire of springing up, grabbing a few students and feeding with abandon. It would be pretty unwise to further burden him by having him pay attention to their conversations as well.

Emmett lacked the focus and patience for it. I suspected he suffered from ADD. During school hours, he was either growling at whoever stared at Rose for more than a few seconds, was cracking a joke or planning his next act of mischief.

As for my other sister Rosalie…let's say she was more interested in her reflection, and paying too much attention to human interaction brought her pain. She rarely said it out loud, but we all knew how much she wish she could be human. Rose would be willing to give up anything for this, even Emmett.

I turned to my right when I heard Rose giggle. Emmett was whispering something in her ear, and his hand was inching a bit too close to her homeland.

"Perverts," I told them in a whisper and she snorted. I stuck a finger in my open mouth, gagging loudly. In retaliation they started kissing lewdly.

If I could still blush, my cheeks would be quite a lovely shade of pink by now. I turned away from their antics.

Rose and Em were constantly flirting and trying to catch each other's attention. It was a dance, a crazy pattern of arguing and making up that worked for them. They were fire and infatuation, often absorbed in each other, oblivious to the rest of us at times. Emmett grounded her while she brought out his savage side.

Alice and Jas shared a profound connection, born from the fact they essentially rescued each other. Alice had been waiting for him for years, constantly seeing him in her visions. She introduced him to a whole new way of life. Their relationship was based on understanding, forgiveness and empathy. The match between a soothsayer and an empath was quite fascinating to observe.

Carlisle and Esme completed each other; they were intricately bound by a gentle and intense devotion, much more mature than the connection between their children. Every time they looked into each other's eyes, anyone could tell theirs was a strong and quiet bond, which grew even stronger through the years.

Living with three perfectly matched couples who adored each other in every single way imaginable was taxing. I was the odd one out, most likely facing an eternity of loneliness despite being part of such a loving family.

For the time being, I contented myself with listening to the mundane, trivial everyday conversations of the youngsters around me. They were so normal, so human. Sometimes I needed to try to forget what I was, what I had become.

Two girls were conversing on a table close to us and I listened in.

Wow, the new guy is hot...The hair, those eyes. Want. That.

I know...he is gorgeous with a capital G. He's going to be popular, that's for sure.

Damn, he is fine.

He's like super smart too, and has a pretty nice car.

Do you think I have a chance with him?

Girl, you're lucky I'm already taken.

All morning I had been hearing about the new boy who transferred from warm and sunny Phoenix, Arizona. His name was Edward Masen. He was quickly becoming the object of most girls' fantasies, and I couldn't blame them. He exuded confidence and charm.

I saw him deftly make his way to an empty table, holding a food-laden tray. I observed him as he walked. Nice build, tall, reddish-copper hair that was artfully disheveled, thick brows which framed gorgeous green eyes. A straight nose, strong jaw and high cheekbones completed his stunning features.

"Bella, what's the scoop on the new guy? Has he already been told how creepy we are?" asked Emmett in an eager tone, tearing himself from Rose for a few seconds. Alice, Jasper and Rose turned to me as well.

I laughed. "No, it's been the usual. Nothing interesting, really. It's actually a bit disappointing. We are too pale, pretty and aloof. Total freaks and weirdoes who never socialize. Two underage couples living under the same roof, scandalous!"

They laughed along with me.

"Eh, that's boring," Emmett said, looking a bit deflated.

"I don't see anything out of the ordinary happening in his future. He isn't going to cause any trouble for us as far as I can see," Alice confirmed.

"You're telling me that not even a new guy dropping into this little high school in the middle of the school year will make things a tiny bit more interesting?" complained Rose, exasperated.

Apparently she was in one of her moods. Em often joked she had been changed a few days before her period, and therefore was in a constant state of PMS. I silently agreed but usually tried my best not to laugh when he said things of that sort, especially regarding Rosalie. You didn't want to get on Rose's bad side or encourage his behavior.

"Sorry about the lack of excitement," I snarked. "However, most girls are very much fancying him, which could result in many interesting situations. A few catfights, perhaps."

"Well, he's not bad looking, for a human," Rose said, sending Emmett a mischievous smirk. He growled low enough so that only we could hear. She waggled her eyebrows.

"Don't tell me you're not up for a little healthy competition?" Jasper asked, chuckling.

Emmett guffawed. "That was weak, Jasper. Like that pasty scrawny boy is anything compared to all this," he said, flexing his arms, kissing his guns for effect.

We all rolled our eyes. "Some girls are looking for something more than a goofy gorilla," Jasper retorted.

"Really, Jasper? What else are they looking for? Someone moody, emo and who always "understands your feelings"? Sounds kinda gay to me."

Jasper punched him in the arm as the same time Rose smacked him on the head.

"At least wait for your turn ladies," complained Emmett.

We all laughed. Swiftly, the topic switched to that night's hunting trip and bets and dares were already flying around.

My attention drifted again to Edward. As luck had it, the moment I spotted him, he turned back to look at our table, most likely to stare at the freaks.

Our gazes clashed and I felt an unfamiliar sensation in my stomach. Hunger, desire, longing.

Alice gave a small shriek, but I didn't even acknowledge her. I was locked in his eyes. His piercing, deep, stunning, spectacular green eyes. I didn't have the will to look away. Nothing short of a nuclear blast could have shaken me from this lockdown, and he seemed just as intent on our silent, intense connection.

The air was swirling around me thickly. I swallowed painfully, stuck in this second, this moment. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced. He was pulling me forward and I was two seconds from following his siren call.

Alice frantically grabbed my arm and I let her, not even registering the sensation of her nails digging. I think at this point I might have been drooling. I leaned forward for an ever better look.

"Bella, Bella, stop it, look at me."

When I didn't immediately obey, she forcibly took my face in her hands and yanked me to her, speaking right into my face.

"What?" I hissed, irritated that she had pulled me away from the vision.

"Bella, I just saw something."

"What's new with that?" Rose uttered in a bored voice, glancing up from her nails.

I went back to staring at Edward and Rose scoffed.

"Jesus, Bella, the boy isn't that hot. You so need to get laid. Pronto"

I shook my head, disoriented and offended at Rose's tone and comment. How many times did I have to assure them I did not need to get laid? Before I could snap back at her Alice repeated, "Damn it Bella, I saw something."

"You already said that, care to elaborate?" asked Jasper.

She took a shuddering breath. "It…I...wow, it…totally insane. I've never seen something like this. Bella, your entire future shifted abruptly. A whole new path just opened for you and all these images are overwhelming."

"'A whole new path', are you getting into some hippie new-age shit or something?" Emmett said and then snorted at his own joke. Alice growled at him.

All right, maybe this is serious.

"Alice, how is that possible? What are you talking about?" I asked, shaken out of my trance. Those eyes still flashed across my consciousness, even as I tried to concentrate on the current conversation. Couldn't they all be silent so I could go back to staring?

"Crap, the bell's going to ring in thirty seven seconds," Alice said, looking panicked.

"So?" I asked. "Tell us quick, then."

"There isn't enough time to explain right now...besides, I think you'll understand much better after Biology...yes, I think that would be the way to go. Go to your next class and then we'll talk."

"What? Are you insane? You are seriously leaving after telling me you've seen a vision that will change my entire life?" I snapped.

"Yeah Alice, spill. Screw school," Emmett agreed.

Alice's expression grew stubborn. "No. We'll talk later, I promise."

I hissed in frustration and right then, the bell rang just as our clairvoyant sister had predicted. Alice shot off like a bullet and sprinted off to her next class. I couldn't follow her without appearing foolish. She was running too fast as it was.

Seething, I muttered to myself, thinking of ways to get back at her. She better guard her stupid closet.

I walked to my next class: Biology.

To be continued…

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