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7:45 AM:

Brennan wrapped her robe along her body after she finished her shower. She carried the two bowls from her bedroom and washed them out in the sink, scrubbing at the chocolate that had hardened to the inside of one. She was surprised that Booth wasn't there, but she vaguely remembered him kissing her cheek and saying he'd be back soon. He'd probably gone for a run, or some Parker related issue. She shrugged a shoulder and continued to try to remove the chocolate from the bowl. At this moment, it seemed almost worth it to just throw the entire bowl away; she could certainly afford to buy a new entire set. But she supposed Booth would consider that to be wasteful, and she did too.

"Heya, Bones." She heard the click of her door open, and turned to see him enter. Booth had a sweet and earnest smile on his face, and his hands were behind his back.

"Heya, Booth" she tried to emulate his tone, and it just made him tilt his head to the side. Feeling insecure, she turned back to the sink and worked harder on the bowl. Suddenly a handful of daffodils were shoved in front of her face. Brennan stilled and then turned around.

"Hi, Bones" Booth repeated, leaning down to kiss her.

Brennan's eyes stayed open and on the flowers in Booth's hand, even as he kissed her. "Are you wanting to have sex now?" she asked.

Booth laughed once, "Um, what?"

"Angela told me once that men only buy women flowers if they are feeling guilty about something, or if they want to have sex." Brennan explained.

Booth's eyebrows rose. "I see…"

"So naturally, I assume you are interested in having intercourse with me--" she trailed off when he groaned and wiped a hand down his face. "Are you annoyed that I used the word intercourse?" When he groaned again, she nodded. "You are. Well, it's the scientific term, so…"

"What we have isn't scientific" Booth growled and cupped her silky clad hips, pinning her to the counter. "and while I wouldn't mind having sex with you…that's not why I bought you the flowers."

Brennan let her arms snake around his neck, enjoying the warmth from his chest and stomach. "Then rationally, you must be feeling guilty about something. Is it about the other night? Because I'm not mad about that, Booth. I mean it."

His jaw worked back and forth, and she knew she was right. "You ARE feeling guilty about it. Booth…please…"

He sighed. "That's not why I bought you the flowers, okay? Angela doesn't know everything about men, all right?"

Brennan's eyebrow arched, clearly in disbelief.

"Hey…" Booth slid his hands down and cupped her rear end, lifting her up onto the counter behind her, "Which one has a man moving into her apartment, you or Angela?"

Brennan's lips curled up in a tiny smile. "Me."

"Mmhmm…and which one is standing with me in her kitchen right now?"

The smile left Brennan's lips, and her hands tightened around Booth's back, pulling him closer. "Me."

"That's right," he murmured and slid his hands under her robe to smooth against her bare thighs. "And which one…" he whispered, leaving lingering touches with his lips against the straight line of her jaw, down her neck to where her robe parted to reveal silky warm skin. "hates psychology."

Brennan lowered her head and met his lips with hers, slipping her tongue into his mouth and wrapping her legs around his waist, leaning forward against his chest at the same time. "Me…" she gasped as he thumbed her nipples through her silk robe, the friction making her crazy. "I hate it so much."

"Yeah you do, baby. And that's how you know that sometimes flowers are just flowers." Booth slid her robe from her shoulders and began to kiss her chest, openmouthed and warm, all over her skin. "You're so beautiful, Bones. I want to buy you flowers every day. Just to make you happy."

"Happiness…" she moaned, "…it's an emotional construct…oh!" Her hands clenched in his hair. "Designed…designed to give humans the interpretation, oh…oh yes…designed to give the interpretation that actions are valid."

Booth chuckled, even as he leaned her back and moved his lips down her belly to the cotton of her underwear. "How's this for valid, hmm, Bones? You're pretty damn hot in the morning. No interpretation needed in my book. Hot and slippery and you just melt all over me."

Brennan's hands twisted against his shirt, and she pushed him away. "Heat!"

Booth stumbled backward, a confused look on his face as she hopped off the counter and walked back to the sink. "Um, what?"

She smiled at him, bright and proud. "I need hot water. You figured it out. Very smart, Booth."

With that, she turned and faced the sink again, running hot water against the chocolate in her bowl. Soon it melted, and she was able to clean the bowl quickly.

Booth wasn't sure whether to be complimented that she thought he was smart or mad that she'd so quickly forgotten about what they'd just been warming up to.

As he watched her, she turned again with a bright smile. He couldn't help himself and smiled back, picking up the flowers he'd purchased for her. He leaned forward and pressed a kiss to the back of her neck, and then reached around her for a vase near her window. She paused for a moment, and settled back against him. Booth decided that enjoying her Saturday morning sweetness was best. "Breakfast?" he murmured, kissing her again.

"No time to make anything" she shook her head. "I'm going to get dressed, and then we've got to go to meet with my accountant."

Booth's lip curled up, "Oh yeah, I forgot about that."

Brennan stilled, and then turned around, smoothing her hands against his shoulders and cupping his arms. "You don't have to come, if you don't want to. I just thought you did want to, that's all."

"Nah, I want to, Bones. I promise."

Their eyes met for a moment, and held, and Brennan smiled before sliding away from him. "I'll be right out. You can go start my car if you want."

"Your car?" he snorted. "Why would we take your car?"

Brennan's eyebrows rose. "This isn't FBI business. This is completely personal. Using your SUV seems to be an abuse of your driving privilege. Right?"

Booth shifted his weight from one foot to the other, and he ran his hand against the back of his neck. "No, no, you're right. I guess."

Brennan smiled and turned, a bit of a skip in her step as she made her way back to her bedroom.

"But I'M driving" Booth called after her.


9:00 AM:

"You okay?" Brennan asked as she looked over to see Booth tapping against her steering wheel.

"Sure, Bones." He shifted in his seat and rolled his shoulders back, sparing her a quick glance. "Why wouldn't I be?"

Brennan just looked at him for a moment longer, but didn't reply and just watched as he drove through the city toward her accountant's office.

Once they arrived, Booth pulled in a deep breath before undoing his seatbelt. He opened the driver's side door and waited for Brennan to meet him around the car before they walked up the sidewalk to the door. Just as he was about to open it, Brennan stopped him with a hand on his arm.

"What's the matter, Bones?"

Brennan bit her bottom lip, and tilted her head to the side. "I know you, Booth. And I need to ask you something."

His nostrils flared a bit as he stared at her, "Okay…what is it?"

She sighed. "You have a tendency to judge people who have more money than you. And then it's up to that person to prove to you that they are a good person. But Booth…" she stepped in front of him when he turned away from her. "My accountant isn't rich. Just because he deals with money all day doesn't mean he's a snob. He's a good person, and very trustworthy, okay?"

"What's your point, Bones?"

"My point is that you're already tense, for no reason than you suspect rich people think they are better than you for some reason. But the only rich person in that room is going to be me, so stop acting like that."

Booth didn't meet her eyes, and instead looked up toward the rather average looking accounting firm. "How'd you find this guy, anyways?"

When she didn't answer, he turned to her. "How, Bones?"

Brennan's eyebrows rose, and she tried to open the door, but Booth stopped her with an arm. "What's with the secrecy, here, Bones?"

She sighed. "We dated, briefly, many years ago."

When he tensed, she rolled her eyes, "He's the grandson of my first landlord. We were set up, and within a few dates, it was clear that he was more suited to handle my assets than my…"


"Booth, now you're just being crude."

He smirked and opened the door. "So what, is he married now or something?"

"Yes, apparently very happily" she nodded and began leading the way down the hallway. "And of course, I am very happily…you know" she motioned between them.

Booth caught her hand in his and smiled. "I thought you said happiness was a human construct designed to validate actions, or something like that."

Brennan stopped outside a closed door and met his eyes. "Just…will you be good?"

Booth leaned in and kissed her, "You betcha, baby."

Brennan kissed him back for a moment and then turned, and just as she was about to knock on the door, it opened.

"Temperance, come in…"

"Hello Perry," Brennan nodded.

"You dated a guy named Perry?" Booth whispered in her ear and then grunted when she elbowed him in the stomach.

"Perry" Brennan repeated with emphasis. "This is my partner, Seeley Booth."

Booth shot her a look as he held out his hand. "Special Agent Booth."

"Ah, yes. Agent Booth, I've heard a lot about you. It's nice to finally meet you."

Booth's eyebrows rose and he smoothed his hand down the front of his shirt as he and Brennan made their way to the double chair on the other side of Perry's desk.

"You have?"

"Well yes" Perry smiled as he sat down and opened a file, "As one of the primary beneficiaries of Dr. Brennan's…"

He trailed off when Brennan cleared her throat. With a surprised look, he turned toward Brennan.

"Booth is not aware of his part in my current financial…status." Brennan swallowed and ducked her head down a bit. "But that is why we are here."

Booth shifted in his seat and leaned toward her. "What status, Bones?" he whispered. "Are you poor now or something? See, I told you, we never should have picked out that bed! Too expensive."

"Booth!" she hissed. "No, I'm not…I'm not poor, okay? I just…" she turned toward her accountant. "Perhaps it would be better if you explained."

Perry looked between the two of them. "I see. Okay, well…Agent Booth, for a few years, you have been the primary beneficiary of Dr. Brennan's funds."

Brennan leaned toward her partner. "That means if I die, you get my money."

"I know what beneficiary means, okay, Bones?" Booth mumbled.

"Right" she smoothed her hands down the front of her skirt. "Well, what I want to do today is shift a few of my accounts into both my name and Booth's name. Also, at this point, I want to increase the…"

Booth watched as she trailed off, her cheeks flushing.

"That will be fine, Temperance." Perry nodded and turned toward his filing cabinet. "I have that file here somewhere. Although we haven't done much with that in a few years. Your original deposit was one million dollars."

"I would like to double that." Brennan answered, her cheeks flushing further, "Please."

"Increase and double the what, Bones?" Booth wanted to know.

When she didn't look at him, he tucked his finger under her chin and forced her to meet his gaze. She bit her bottom lip and her hands were twisting in her lap. "Do you remember that time you were blown up in my apartment?"

His eyes darkened for a moment. "Kind of hard to forget something like that, but yeah, Bones. I remember."

She nodded and looked away. "Well, after that, I worried about what could have happened, if you'd died then. Especially because it would have been my fault."

"Not your fault, Bones" he insisted. "You know that…but that's not what this is about, right?"

Brennan met his eyes again. "Right. I knew enough about you and your situation, and so I set up a fund for Parker, in the event of your death. I haven't touched it since, but now that we're…you know…I figured it was time to tell you about it, and …"

Booth blinked rapidly for a few seconds. "You did?"

"Yes" she whispered. "It seemed like the right thing to do at the time. I am sorry I never told you about it, but I didn't want it to make you uncomfortable, and I had forgotten about it until a couple of years ago when you were shot, and…"

Booth didn't answer her, and instead interrupted her speech by pressing his lips against hers. She muffled a gasp, and her hands pressed against his chest for a moment in shock, and then in an attempt to push him away. "Booth…" she whispered, a flush on her cheeks as her eyes grew wide with astonishment.

Just the idea that she'd been thinking of him all those years ago left Booth feeling very, very good, and he just leaned back and placed his arm around the back of her shoulders as he smiled and nodded, clicking his tongue against his teeth. "Nice to meet you, there, Perry."

The accountant nodded and smiled at them both. "Likewise."


1:00 PM:

"You know, Bones, Perry was actually a pretty good guy, for a money squint, that is."

"Booth…" Brennan turned to look at him as he drove back through the city.

"What?" He chuckled. "I'm just saying he was a pretty decent guy is all. I can see how you would like him, for your money…"

"Now you're just being cocky" she challenged, and he winked at her and tapped his belt buckle.

"Mmhmmm…so what do you want for lunch?" he asked, pulling to a stop at a red light. "Unless you have to work on your book; I can fend for myself for the day, if you need me to."

Brennan licked her bottom lip and stared out her window, "No, I want to spend the day with you. If you want to, that is." She turned and met his eyes.

He smiled and then drove forward when the light turned green. He reached across the seat and pulled her hand into his. "I want to, Bones. I want to."

She squeezed his hand in return and then pulled her hand back to her lap. "What were you going to do?"

He inhaled, "Honestly? I don't know. Maybe pack up some of my stuff. I will have to give my landlord notice of course, and I don't know what my brother is up to, but I might as well get out of that apartment." He cleared his throat and looked in her direction without making eye contact. "That is if you um…still, you know…"

Brennan didn't answer him directly, but just nodded and looked back out the window. "I'll help you pack."

Booth turned to her in quick surprise, but she didn't look back. A smile crossed his lips, and he settled back into his seat, resting one hand on the steering wheel and his other elbow on the door. "Thanks."

He made a U-turn at the next light and then made his way to his own apartment.


Once they arrived, they walked upstairs. Booth keyed in and tossed his keys into the cup near his fridge. He walked into his living room and nodded. "Hey, Jared."

Jared turned from his seat on the couch and hit pause on the remote. "Hey. What's up?"

Brennan stood in the doorway between the living room and the kitchen, her eyes on Booth. He paused for a moment and shoved his hands into his pockets. "Well, actually…" He turned and met her eyes for a moment, a small smile tilting up one side of his mouth. "Actually, I'm moving in with Bones. And we're here to start packing up some of my stuff."

Jared looked between them, and Brennan widened her stance, clenching her hands a bit at her sides.

Jared nodded and then stood up, walking over to his brother. "Congratulations. That's great." He patted Booth on the shoulder and then walked to the fridge to take out another beer.

Booth's eyes met his partner's and he shrugged a bit. "That went well," he murmured.

"Quite" Brennan nodded.

Jared came back into the living room. "What are you going to do with this place, then? It's not so bad."

Booth nodded and rocked forward onto his toes. "Nah, it's not bad. I guess we can talk to my landlord about you taking over a lease, if you want to. I mean, not that you have to or anything, but…"

They were all three silent for a moment and then Jared nodded. "Sure, yeah, maybe. Although, we'll have to get someone to fix the bedroom door. It looks like someone kicked it in."

Booth flushed and Brennan tucked her head into her chest and walked down toward the hallway. "I'll start packing in the bedroom."

Both Jared and Booth watched her walk away, and then turned to one another. Jared handed him a beer, and Booth took it, twisting off the cap and taking a deep swig before walking back toward his bedroom.

"Was that the wrong thing to do, Bones?" he asked as he entered, watching as she began to lay his shirts and suit jackets onto his bed, matching up the hangers to make them easier to carry.

"No, I don't think so. Do you think so?"

Booth leaned in the busted doorway and shrugged. "I don't think so."

She met his eyes and nodded. "Do you have any boxes?"

He laughed and then sighed, walking over and kissing her. "I think I might have a few."

"Hey…what are you going to do with…" Jared entered, "Oh, sorry."

"Nah, it's okay." Booth pulled back, but kept his arm wrapped around Brennan. "What's up?"

"I was just going to ask what you were going to do with your TV."

Booth smirked. "I guess you can have it." He turned toward his partner. "That is, if you don't care. It was a gift from you."

Brennan shrugged. "I don't care. It's your TV; you can do what you want with it."

"Sweet" Jared nodded and turned to walk away.

"Seriously, Bones…you don't care?"

"Why would I care, Booth?" she asked as she walked back to his closet, pulling out pairs of shoes. "It's your TV."

His hands cupped her hips from behind, and he pulled her up. "I know. But that's not the point. The point is that you gave it to me."

She turned in his arms. "You already have one at my apartment, so…"

"Exactly" he leaned in and kissed her again. "Plus I have something even better."

"What's that?" she murmured against his lips, tucking her index fingers into his belt loops.

"I have you…better than a TV."

Brennan paused, and pulled back, disbelieving. Booth chuckled and shrugged a shoulder. "Yes, Bones. Better than a TV. Although…having you AND the TV is pretty darn awesome."

She just laughed and shoved him away. "Get to work."


After an hour or so, Booth decided to run back to her apartment to exchange her car for his SUV, so they could haul more back.

"You don't need that chair, Booth" Brennan insisted when he returned and started to move the ratty recliner toward the door.

"Don't need it?" he huffed. "Are you kidding me? This chair won the 2008 World Series for the Phillies, Bones."

Her eyebrow rose. "That is highly unlikely."

"Well, that just goes to show you how much you know about sports" he snorted. "When I sat at the bar, they lost. When I sat in this chair, they won. Seems pretty obvious to me."

"Obviously you're delusional" she laughed, and placed her hands on his. "It's quite hideous and old."

"I know" he gushed. "Isn't it awesome?"

She rolled her eyes, knowing that she eventually would get the upper hand, with something he wanted even more. "Fine, go ahead, but you're just wasting your time."

"Whatever" he mumbled and continued to drag the chair toward the door.

Brennan shook her head and grabbed one of the cardboard boxes he'd had, walking over toward his bookshelf. She pulled a few off, nothing she hadn't scanned before when she'd been there after a case or something. But when she pulled one off a higher shelf, she saw what looked like newspaper clippings fall from it. She reached down to her feet and picked up what looked like reviews. Frowning, she turned the book over in her hand and saw it was a copy of her second novel, the first one she'd dedicated to him. Opening it up, she ran her finger against the words there.

"Reading something interesting?"

She closed the book and whirled around to see Booth standing behind her. "I just…I mean…I was packing up these books, and these fell."

Booth walked toward her and reached out with his hand. He took the book and then opened it up, letting her lay the reviews inside.

"You cut out all of my reviews?"

Her tone was quiet, and he smiled. "Of course I did, Bones. You're my girl."

She smiled in return and looked at him suspiciously. "Now I am, although I feel led to point out that you don't own me, nor am I a girl, technically, but…" she trailed off when he pressed his fingers to her lips.

She pulled them away and conceded with a nod. "I see your point. But that is now. When these reviews were published, I wasn't…we weren't…"

Booth smiled and then began helping her move more books into the box. "Yeah, Bones, we were. We always were."

She thought about it, and then thought back to the past few years. Perhaps he was right about that.


They worked side by side for the rest of the afternoon and into the early evening. At one point, Booth pulled her to sit on his living room floor with him as he opened up a shoe box. Inside were photos from when he was a boy, and she stared, wide eyed, as he began to tell her stories. "And here, Bones, check it out. My first ball game."

She looked at him, and noticed the way his eyes were crinkled as he smiled. "I couldn't sleep the night before, I was so nervous." He met her eyes then, and she saw a tiny bit of vulnerability there.

Biting her lip, hoping he wouldn't make fun of her, she nodded. "I felt that way before my first science fair."

His lips curled up a bit, but he just used his index finger to tuck her hair behind her ear. "Oh yeah?"

"Yes" she nodded, "It was on…"

"Let me guess" he interrupted and nudged her shoulder with his. "Disrupting the surface tension of a two liter cola."

She leaned into his arm. "Yes."

He smiled, and then sifted through the box again, showing her photo after photo. Some were of Parker when he was little, and one on the day he was born. Brennan felt a slight twinge at the tired but perfect smile on Booth's face as he held his newborn son. Some were of his high school days, playing football or basketball, or whatever. A couple were of him in his Army uniform, a smile on his face that never quite met his eyes, his arm around some younger men who looked at him with pride. There was even one of her in there, taken from Angela's wedding. It was of the both of them, standing at the center of the front aisle, hugging one another. "Where did that come from?"

Booth chuckled and blushed a bit. "Angela. Who else? Her photographer charged her for the photos he'd already taken, and so she bought them. She gave me this one, and I don't know…I thought it was nice. I forgot it was in here, though."

"It is nice" Brennan nodded, wanting to make him feel comfortable again. She felt very, very close to him, both in proximity and in what she could only quantify as emotionally. In all the years she'd known him, he'd never once shown her any of these things.

"What's that?" she pointed to a black and white photo underneath a few others.

Booth pulled it out, and she saw his jaw work back and forth a bit. "That is my parents' wedding photo."

Brennan gingerly touched the edge of the square photo, looking down at it. She could see that Booth was tall like his father, but he had his mother's smile.

"She um…" he was saying, and his voice was almost raspy. "They were pregnant with me at the time, although Dad didn't know it. Mom did, and later…"

He paused, and Brennan looked at his profile, watching as his cheek twitched slightly.

"Later…" he continued, rubbing the pad of his fingertip over the picture, "Dad told me that she tricked him into marrying her. And if he could do it all over again, he never would have. That pretty much she'd ruined his life. Which pretty much meant that I had…"

Brennan wasn't sure what to say. Her mind flashed back to several nights where she'd been hurting and confused about her family, and he'd shown up, with food or a hug, or just whatever. She never would have guessed then, or even recently that he carried a lot of these issues in his memory. Not sure how to respond, she just wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him, kissing him on the cheek. Booth's body settled a bit, and he leaned into her, letting the photo fall back into the box. He rested his hand against her knee for a moment before turning and cupping her face in his hand.

"Oh, Bones…" he gasped, surprised when he saw her eyes were watering. "It's okay…"

Brennan had always hated these situations because she never knew what to say. Give her a crowd of anthropology students, and she would be perfect, but now…

But in Booth's eyes, she could see that she didn't need to say anything. He saw how she felt, and he smiled a bit, resting his forehead against hers. "Thanks, Bones."

She pressed her palms to his cheeks and leaned in, touching his lips with hers. After a few moments, he pulled back, and then stood, reaching with one hand toward her. "Come on, Bones. That's enough of that for today. Let's get out of here, yeah? Grab some dinner and a movie or something?"

Brennan accepted his desire to stop thinking about the past, and she accepted his offered hand and stood up, wiping off her skirt. "Sure."

He set the box of photos down and then grabbed his keys from his coffee table. "I'm buying."

Brennan rolled her eyes, but let him have this one. "Fine."


10:45 PM

"I still don't understand it, Booth" Brennan commented as she lifted her ice cream cone to her lips.

Booth stared at the way her tongue licked a perfect swirl over the pink strawberry sweetness, and his mind went blank. "Hmmm…what's that, Bones?"

She narrowed her eyes in annoyance. "I said I don't understand it. Why would someone make a movie primarily about the end of life on earth as we know it? It seems counterproductive. Instead of making a movie like that, and then charging people to see it, perhaps they should spend their money on worthy global causes that would increase education. Most people who know better would never believe in a scenario like that."

Booth chuckled and wrapped his arm around her as they walked through town. "I suppose you're right. But Bones," he paused, licking his own ice cream cone. "That's kind of the point. No one wants to really worry about real life. That's what the movies are for. To distract us from real life."

"Oh" she nodded. "I guess that makes sense. But still…"

He laughed, and then kissed her, enjoying the strawberry flavor of her lips. "Still…"

They pulled apart, and he led her to a bench where they sat for a few moments and finished their ice cream. Booth tossed is napkin into the nearby trashcan and then pulled her close to him, looking up at the stars. "It's a gorgeous night out."

Brennan leaned against his arm and looked up, too. "I agree. I find it fascinating that some nights the stars seem so much closer to us, when in reality, they are still so many miles away, that it's really just…" She trailed off when she realized Booth wasn't looking up any more, but at her. "What?"

He smiled, and kissed her. "I find you fascinating. And I love that you are much closer to me."

She chuckled and shook her head, even as she leaned against his shoulder again. "You're a romantic."

He laughed. "I guess so. One of us has to be."

Brennan laughed too, and then stood up. She held out her hand, and Booth eyed it for a moment before taking it and letting her help him up from the bench. "I know what I want for my last fantasy night, Booth."

He nodded, and pulled her close. "Okay, what?"

She smiled, and leaned in close, whispering in his ear. "I want you to fuck me in our bed."

Booth froze and pulled back, her words a contrast to the sweetness they'd just been sharing. But he couldn't deny that they had an immediate effect on his lower half. "Okay, Bones. I think that's pretty easy enough." He turned and began walking back down the street toward his SUV, stopping when he realized she hadn't followed him. Turning, he smiled, opening his palms in her direction as he walked backward. "I thought you said you wanted this. One last time, hmmm?"

Brennan smiled and then motioned toward the large window beside her. Booth stopped and then saw where she was pointing. Right toward the furniture store. He gulped.

"No, Booth." She nodded. "One first time."

"Bones…" he huffed, and walked toward her, "What? No…noooo…no way. That's a public…no. No way, Bones."

"I said our bed, Booth" she smiled and walked toward the door to the store. Booth watched in horror as she jiggled the handle a bit and then the door opened.

"If anyone asks," she smiled as she backed into the building. "That door was open."

"Oh…" he snarled and followed her quickly. "Temperance Brennan, you did not just use my line on me."

She laughed and grabbed for his arm, leading him through the darkened store. The only other sound was the clinking of the chandeliers in the doorway.

"Bones, we could get into so much trouble." Booth insisted, but she wasn't listening.

"Do you know why I liked this bed the most, Booth?" Brennan asked him, sitting down on the mattress and taking off her shoes. "Because it's the perfect height for me to lay down like this, and for you to stand just like that and screw me until I can't see straight."

Booth let out a strangled moan from the back of his throat, even as the zipper on his jeans grew annoyed.

"Please?" she whimpered in fake sweetness as she rotated her hips on the bed. "Please, Booth?"

He had no control when she said please, but this was crazy. "This is crazy, Bones. There are probably cameras here!" he hissed under his breath, looking around, even as he moved closer to her to shield her from them, if they did exist.

"My bra has a front clasp and my panties are easily moved to the side. It's easy access for you, Booth."

He groaned and ran his hand down his face, even as his entire body began to imagine what it would be like. He stared down at her, on what they'd picked out together to be their bed.

"I hope you bought those sheets, too."

Brennan laughed at his words, knowing she'd won. But where she expected him to give in completely and pounce on her, he didn't and instead just looked at her for a moment longer. "What's the matter, Booth? Need help?"

She reached for her skirt and began to lift it up, but he stepped closer and grabbed her hands. "Not so fast, Bones."

He pulled her fingers up to his lips and gently kissed each one before kissing from her wrists to her elbows. From where he stood, he loomed over her, but instead of taking her hard and fast like she wanted, he seemed intent to take it slow.

"Boooooth, why?"

He laughed. "Because. I want to make love to you in our bed."

"No." Brennan shook her head. " Come on…"

He smiled and leaned down to kiss her, keeping her hands at her sides when she tried to clutch onto his head. Her legs wrapped around his waist, and he groaned and pushed forward a bit. "Damn if you aren't exactly right" he moaned, looking down to see the way this position put them in perfect alignment.

"See?" she smiled, swiveling her hips in a rocking motion. "You know you want to."

Booth grinned and pulled back, removing her legs from around his waist. He shoved his hands and arms under her shoulders and pushed her up so she was laying underneath of him, her head resting on the pillows there.


He laid a gentle finger on her lips. "Compromise, Bones. If you want me in a public place, that you broke into, you have to let me do it my way."

She frowned, and he smiled against her pouting lips. Taking her silence as acceptance, he began lightly touching her, kissing her face in sweet angel-light kisses, designed to make her feel like the most beautiful woman he'd ever known.

He reached between them and unbuttoned her blouse, taking his time with each one, smoothing his index fingers around them as he revealed her to him, inch by precious inch.

"Enough, Booth" she writhed. "Just get to the good stuff."

He laughed, knowing she wouldn't be silent for long. "This is the good stuff, baby."

"That's what you think. I want your hard cock in me. Now."

"Oh…" he groaned at her words, but shook his head. "No, Bones. Not like that."

She clenched her teeth and ran her nails up and down his back, desperate to entice him.

But he just kissed the skin of her belly, tracing his thumbs along the edging of her bra.

"Booth!" she gasped. "Damn it."

He laughed and released the clasp, letting the sweet weight of her breasts fall into his hands. "So beautiful, baby."

"I know" she groused. "Just take off your pants already."

Booth laughed and pulled back, meeting her gaze. After several moments, he smirked. "The nastier you talk, the sweeter I'm going to make love to you."

She huffed and ran her hands down his waist. Before he knew it, she'd unbuttoned his pants and was sliding her hands into his boxers, stroking him in a tight, perfect rhythm. "What if I want you to fuck me?"

He felt strangled as he bit his cheek to maintain control. "Then I'm going to make love to you."

She growled and increased her pace, leaning up to suck at his neck, just where she knew it drove him crazy. "What if I ask you to make love to me?" she tried to trick him.

"Then I'll just…" he grabbed her hands and forced them over her head, spreading her out under his body. "Make love to you all the more."

"Damn it" she repeated her earlier curse, and he grinned.

She laid still, determined to prove to him that his light touches weren't what she wanted. But he was doubly determined to make her want it. So he kissed and loved her, enjoying the thin layer of perspiration that gathered over her skin, enjoying the tightness of her breasts and the relaxation of her core. He used his index finger to rub over her, until she was gasping and writhing underneath of him.

"What do you want, Bones?"

She bit her lip and refused to reply, but he was persistent. He leaned down and pulled her right nipple into his mouth, suckling gently, even as he began a light stroking motion inside of her, tenderly tickling her inner parts, making her saturated with her desire for him. "What do you want, Bones?" he whispered against the center of her chest as his lips traveled to her other breast to continue his perfect torment there. Her feet began to rub against his legs, and her thighs crowded around his. "Make love to me" she begged.

He smiled against her skin, and then slid down the mattress, kissing her as he went. Her hips arched up into him as he kissed and licked her, and when he began a steady rhythm inside of her, his tongue dipping in and out in perfect counterpoint to the way his thumbs brushed her inner thighs, she began to pant. "Booth, please. I need you. Whatever you want, I need you."

Booth continued for a few more moments, and when she was incoherently calling out sounds mixed with praise and his name, he pulled back, leaning forward quickly and forcing her to meet his gaze.

"What do you want?"

Her eyes were glossy and confused as she tried to focus on him. "What? Booth......"

He kissed her and then pulled back when she began to undulate against him. "Answer me. What do you want, Bones? The fantasy, or the reality?"

She paused and her fingers stilled their beat against his back. She met his eyes and nodded. "You. I just want you."

His breath left him in a rush, and he pulled back.

She moaned in confusion until she realized he was standing at the side of the bed, pulling her hips to the edge. "Oh, yes!"

Booth shoved his pants down and hiked her skirt up to her waist. He grabbed her thighs and lifted, settling her feet up near his neck. The position allowed him to look down and see exactly what he was doing, exactly what it looked like when he entered her, and the way her soft lips opened and stretched around his rigid length was almost more than he could bear. But he couldn't look away as he pulled out and then thrust back in, a little more roughly than he'd intended. But her gasps, combined with the vision of her delicate pink flesh, accepting him perfectly, combined with the unfuckingbelieveble clench of her perfect body around him, they just propelled him into a fierce rhythm, designed from the beginning of time to join one man and one woman.

"Booth" she gasped and he tore his gaze from their union to settle on her face, her beautiful eyes wide and pleased with him. Her cheeks were ruddy and her hands were pressed over her breasts, gently rubbing. He felt his lips twitch at the sight and he shoved harder, giving her the screw she wanted, giving him what they both wanted. Her feet twisted near his neck, and he blessed her flexibility, even as he reached down between them and used his thumb in soft swirls between her legs. She began to huff and chant his name over and over and over and over and over and it was the sweetest, sexiest sound he'd ever heard. All at once, he felt her pause, and his eyes flew up to meet hers again. She looked almost sad in her perfect pleasure, and then it was all he could do but to hang onto her legs as she came, squeezing and warming and soaking him, pulling him even deeper, even though he wouldn't have thought it possible.

But she felt it too and she gasped, even as he reached further inside of her than anyone ever had. He couldn't stand up straight then, and he leaned down, pressing his hands on either side of her as he propelled forward, rocking into her as she swiveled her hips in welcome and perfect, perfect precision to his pistoning cock.

"Let go, Booth" she cooed, and the tenderness in her tone, compared to the rough way he was taking her was too much for him, and he gave in. He released into her, coming so strongly that he saw spots and collapsed into her and onto her, his chest falling and lifting off of hers in deep, angsty breaths.

"Bones" was all he could say as his entire body shivered in response to his orgasm. "Beautiful Bones."

She had mostly recovered, and she let her hands stroke his head and face, his chest and back as she whispered soothing sounds into his ear.

Once his breathing was back to a somewhat normal pace, he smiled, and then he began laughing as the magnitude of what they'd just done imprinted in his consciousness.

She smiled and kissed his throat, scraping her nails along his back once again to let him know she enjoyed it. He trembled at her touch, and then sank against her for one more delicious minute before rolling to his side. They both laid there for a few moments, and then turned to look at each other.

Her hand searched and found his, and she twined their fingers together. "I bought the sheets."

His stomach clenched as he laughed once, and then he rested his arm over his eyes, even as he pulled in a few more breaths. "I just can't wait until I can do that in this bed and then fall asleep. Now I have to drive home."

Brennan laughed and then sat up, fixing her clothes. She patted him on the stomach and smiled when he gasped, still ticklish and sensitive from their recent activity. "Come on, Booth. We should hurry. Otherwise, we might get caught."

He opened one eye and looked at her, reaching to cup the back of her neck with his hand. He pulled her down into a kiss and then sat up. "Let's go home, Bones."


Well, I hope you enjoyed the last chapter of Fantasy Week, Brennan Edition.

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