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Oh look, another fanfic! What a surprise! I have a bunch of them in my notebook, but I'm too lazy to type them up...anyways, this one's based off the Vocaloid song 'The Dissapearance of Hatsune Miku'. It takes place sometime after Italy's defeat in the Italo-Abyssian War, so it's...kinda historically accurate? And parts of it were really rushed… Some OOCness, and I'm not very good at writing, so…yeah…on with the story!


When Italy awoke, he was surrounded by darkness.

It took a moment for his eyes to adjust, but when they did, he discovered that it was not completely dark. He was closed in by four walls on all sides, but there was no roof, and pale moonlight shone down through the opening.

But Feliciano would have much rather preferred it dark, for the moonlight illuminated the walls, revealing suspicious red splatters, and he choked back a cry of terror.

He backed away, only to be driven into a dead end. No way out… He slid down the wall onto his knees, coughing up blood and staining the floor with the crimson liquid. That was when he remembered the blood on the walls was his own.

If he closed his eyes, he could still see Ludwig, although the image wasn't pleasant, because he was shouting violently, "Give up being a nation!", and he had ran, like always, like the coward he was.

"I'm sorry…" he sobbed, coughing up more blood as the tears flowed freely down his face. "I'm...I'm so sorry!"

Germany…Romano…Spain…Austria…he had failed them all…he deserved this…right?

Another wave of pain shot through him, making him cry out. "Oh God…no, no…please…I'm so sorry…please forgive me…"

He closed his eyes again, falling into some sort of half-sleep, half-awake state. Whatever it was, he was sure it couldn't be real. Because there, right in front of him, was Germany, standing under a streetlight and looking around, like he was trying to find something, and oh, how Italy's heart leapt at the sight of him!

He tried calling to him, but when he did he found that his voice was faint and raspy-barely recognizable. But still, he had to try, had to get his message across…


"Italy!! Italy, where are you? Dammit all…" Ludwig was sure he had checked this street at least a dozen times, with still no sign of Feliciano. He hadn't meant the things he'd said, no, just the opposite, in fact, but now…

His thoughts cut off when he was hit with the feeling that someone was watching him. But when he spun around, he saw only empty air.

He would have marked it off as his mind simply playing tricks on him, had he not heard Italy's voice singing.

It seemed to come from everywhere, and it was faint, but sure enough, it was real. He leaned in close to what seemed to be the source, straining his ears to catch what it was Italy was trying to tell him.

I wish that at the time when,

I can't fight well,

You'd be with me…

to stay by my side and cheer me up.

I want to see your happy face…

I've been practicing, too…

---Forgive me! ---

When I remember the faces of

people that I've missed,

I feel a little bit at ease, but…

The end is drawing near.

What I believed in,

was nothing more than a comforting fantasy,

and it repeats itself endlessly in the mirror

My farewell song at the highest speed!

The pretence for my existence,

can't be shaken away.

I feel my weak heart vanishing,

this decay that is progressing.

The strength and will to stop it

is something I don't have.

I realize this is the end,

I guess this must be the "trash bin".

And now, my memories are also,

closing off and disappearing…

But you know? It's only you I won't forget…

We had fun times…

The taste of pasta,

can you still remember it now?

I don't want to see you suffer anymore…

---Don't forget me!---

I try to remember the faces,

of people I've missed,

But those memories…

They, too, are fading away…

Can you hear me break?

My heart is vanishing…

I tried to protect,

the illusion of a bright future,

It was nothing,

but a disappearing vision

of a fading light.

I'd sacrifice everything

just to talk with you again…

This condensed farewell song…

But you know?

It's only you that I won't forget…

We had fun times…

The taste of pasta,

can you still remember it now?

I'm singing to the end,

just for you.

I want to sing more, but,

that's too much to wish for.

This is where we part

All of my feelings are,

disappearing into thin air

The fairy tale curtain is falling,

Leaving nothing behind

That's a little sad,

isn't it?

Everything except the

memories of a voice

is fading, leaving only a name,

but, I know that is not what you wished for.

I want to think, that,

Singing it all to the end,

was not in vain

Thank you…

For everything…

Then there was static, and finally, silence. That was when Ludwig realized he had been crying. "Feliciano…I..."


Italy watched as Germany's figure faded away. He was in that room again, but now he had no regrets. The room around him started to fade as well, and he tried to ready himself for what was coming. There would be pain, he knew, and that was one of the things he was most afraid of, but-

Without warning, he felt strong arms embrace him from behind, and he let out a surprised gasp, "W-What?" although he wasn't able to say much else before he felt Ludwig's soft mouth press against his own in a chaste kiss.

"Italia…I won't forget you. And I'll never leave you."

Italy couldn't help but smile, and he murmured, just before the room around them collapsed,

"Grazi, Germany…Ti amo…"


On that day, in every nation throughout the world, two voices rang out loud and clear.

"An irreversible error has occurred."

"An irreversible err--


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