Chapter One


Today was going to be my first day at a new school. Not that this was anything different from usual. My parents travel a lot and just about every year they find a new place that they just have to move us to. This would be my fifth new school in 6 years. Not that I minded too much. None of the other places held anything of interest for me. This was our biggest move yet. We relocated all the way from Belcher, Maine to Eagle River, Alaska. We'd never moved this far before. But apparently it has always been my mothers dream to come here. She is an interior designer. She's amazing at her job and enjoys moving to new markets to see how she can do. My father gives her anything she wants so here we are. Not that he minds much; he's a doctor and is pretty much guaranteed work wherever we go. I am their only child so I never have any say in where we move. But like I said, it never really matters to me anyways, I'm so used to being the new kid that it's more comfortable than being just anyone. Its one of two ways I stand out. The other is much more annoying. For some reason girls fall over me, though I can't really figure out why. I keep in shape just like any other guy, I've got this weird bronzy colored hair that is a constant mess, I'm only a little over average height and I have the rarest of eye colors, bright green. Nothing super special but females sure do think so. I have never been interested in girls though. My music and school work is far more important to me. I want to get into college without my parents paying for if I can so I get top grades, always. That takes up most of my time so my parents don't make me work and even bought me my most beloved possession, after my piano of course, my silver Volvo. I love it. Nobody drives the Volvo, not even my parents, they don't mind though; they both have two cars of their own. Yeah, so we're rich, no big deal. I'm not spoiled or anything. I've never used money to my advantage at school, but this year I do want to try and come out of my shell more, as we will be living here till I graduate in two years. Thus begins our Alaskan adventure.

I woke this morning surprised that it was so sunny at 6:15 in the morning. Oh yeah, this state is sunny all time during summertime. And this was considered late summer. I quickly showered and got ready for school. Since I was trying to make a good impression I actually wore one of these cashmere sweaters my mother bought me. Of course it's green to bring out my eyes. Everyone says it looks good on me so that's what I'm going with. I grab my backpack and head down to the kitchen where my mom has prepared me a plate of French toast, my favorite.

She looked up from her plate and smiled "Morning Edward. Are you excited for your first day of school?"

I shrugged and mumbled an answer. I looked at the clock and realized I needed to head out soon. I quickly ate my breakfast, kissed my mom goodbye and headed out the door. I drove to the school, surprised that it was a bit out of the actual town and groaned at all the traffic, stupid first day of school traffic. I was lucky to find a good spot and mentally thanked my parents for buying me a parking pass for the year. I took a deep breath and reminded myself that this was going to a year to remember, but I had to make it thus. I then grabbed my backpack and headed into the cafeteria where there was lines to pick up your schedule. I quickly charmed the lady at the front of the line to get my faster. I internally thanked my Mom for taking me around ladies to work on my skills, not that I'd ever used them on a girl my own age. She also gave me my locker assignment and I headed up the stairs looking for the band room knowing my locker was near there. I remembered vaguely where it was due to the tour I was given last week and headed in that direction. On my way I passed a huge guy with blonde curly hair loudly joking with his friends. Bet he's a football player. I kept walking and was eventually able to find my locker. I quickly spun the dial and opened it. As I was putting my bag in my locker I was knocked into by someone. I quickly turned to see who it was and came face to face with the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen. She had long wavy brown hair that was pinned off her face with side swept bangs. When she looked up to apologize to me I saw her eyes and fell into to them for what felt like forever. They were deep chocolate brown and expressive. They alone told me she was sorry. She immediately blushed and said "I'm so sorry. I'm so clumsy. I keep hoping it will get better with age, but no luck. I hope you're okay. You look new? I'm Bella. What's your name?"

I stood in shock for a minute trying to get over her beauty enough to speak. I cleared my throat and replied "Yeah, first day here. I'm Edward. It's nice to meet someone." I gave her a small smile. To my joy she smiled back at me.

"It's nice to meet you. Oh, looks like we are going to be locker neighbors." She told me as she walked around to the locker to my right and started opening it to put her bag away. Just as I opened my mouth to say something in return someone yelled "Bella, you're finally here!" A blur of black, pink, and blue flew past me at Bella. I glanced at her worried that she was hurt but she was laughing and hugging a small dark haired girl.

"Hey to you too Alice." She smiled and then looked up to see the big guy Id seen earlier who was also yelling at her.

"Bells, I missed you." As he scooped up both girls into a bear hug. I noticed that Bella had an amazing figure; I hoped she wasn't dating this boy. "Em, I just saw all you guys yesterday." You guys turned out to be the two present plus an obvious pair of twins. The girl was tall and statuesque, a real beauty but not my type. The guy was also tall and they shared bright blonde hair and bright blue eyes. The girl's was long and perfectly straight and the guy's was of medium length and slightly styled with gel. The tall girl immediately went up to who I now knew was Em, wonder what that was short for, and pulled him into a quick kiss. The boy seemed shyer and stood off to the side, slyly staring at the short, pixie girl.

Bella then turned and started talking to the short girl and I was forgotten in the background, but I noticed that they managed to do it without being rude. I shrugged, grabbed my binder and headed off to my Spanish class. I was thankful it was the first day of school that I started so I wouldn't have to introduce myself and be stared at by all the other students. I quickly found a seat in the back corner by the door and sat down and observed my fellow students. After a few minutes the bell rang and the teacher came in to the classroom. She was a slightly plump, dark haired woman with vibrant clothes. The faced the class and addressed us in Spanish, of course. Right after her introduction the pledge of allegiance was recited over the intercom and we all stood and followed suit. After we sat down our teacher, who was Senora Cruz, asked each of us to introduce ourselves. I noticed that when I stood and told the class my name every girl's eyes were riveted on me, I groaned softly to myself. I hated when girls did this. I wish I could were a sign letting them know I'm not interested. Class passed quickly and the bell rang. I steered clear of the girls that tried to talk to me and walked back to my locker. The rest of my morning was fairly quiet. I ate lunch with a couple guys from my gym class. I finally decided to ask the question that had been on my mind all day.

"Hey what's the deal with that girl, I think her name is Bella?" I asked the guy next to me, I think his name was Eric. He turned towards the table she was sitting at with her friends. He turned back to me and said "Dude, don't even think about it. She is basically untouchable."

"What do you mean? Is she not allowed to date or something?"

"Naw, that's not the problem. She has gone out with a couple of guys but no one can get her past the first date. Not really sure why, maybe none of the guys is good enough."

Another guy at the table, Tyler, joined the conversation. "Well considering who she is. None of us are good enough."

"What do you mean? What's so special about her?"

"Easy. The girl is smart, funny, a cheerleader, and friends with just about everybody in the school. There's just one mystery about her." Tyler explained.

Now this intrigued me. "What's the mystery?"

Eric said, "The girl hardly ever mentions her family. No one outside of the four sitting with her knows where she lives. We don't even know if she has siblings. Or any parents for that matter. No one comes and watches her games or anything. That's probably why nobody makes it past the first date. She always meets you there. No one is allowed to pick her up. And if someone tries to get any information about her Emmett, the big guy, will tell in you in no unclear form that you are not allowed near her or to talk to her. He's like her bodyguard even though he's dating Rosalie, the tall blonde."

"Who are the other people at the table?"

A girl named Jessica, who'd been eyeing me through all of lunch piped in, "Well the short, black haired girl is Alice. Rosalie's twin is Jasper. Everyone knows he likes Alice, but he's yet to let her know. And she won't do anything until then."

At that point the bell rang and I said goodbye to the guys went to my locker and grabbed my binder for my next class, AP Physics. The room was set up with desks on the right side of the classrooms and workstations on the left side. I took a desk near the door for easy escapes at the end of class. Right before the bell rang Bella rushed in and took the only available desk, next to me. I instantly perked up. I hoped this would be my chance to get to know the enigma that was Bella.

The teacher took attendance and announced that whoever we sat next to would be our lab partner for the semester. I turned to Bella and gave her a small smile. She smiled back at me and then faced the front of the classroom for the rest of the lesson. At the end of the class she said goodbye quietly and left the room. I sat there a bit confused, but got up and slowly made my way to my locker. I had a free period next and decided to go to the library to check out their selection. While browsing I noticed that Bella also seemed to have a free period. She was engrossed in a large volume. I moved closer, but unseen, to see what the book was. It was a collection of Jane Austen novels. She looked adorable with her legs curled underneath her and one hand twirling a shiny lock of hair. I watched her for a few minutes and then went to the other side of the library, away from her to clear my head. Once the bell rang I headed to my last class of the day, English. Once school was out I packed up all my homework and headed out to my Volvo. On my way out I passed Bella, Rosalie, and Alice all sitting around and talking. I wondered what they did after school as I exited the parking lot and drove home. I saw my mom was already home, she had parked in front of her side of the garage. I headed inside and could smell her cooking.

"Hey Mom, what smells so good?" I asked her as I entered the kitchen. She turned from the stove with a smile and told me she was making my dads favorite, duck stew. As I sat down at the bar to start my homework she asked me about my day. I briefly told her about my classes and a few of the people I met. Then I did something most teenage boys would never do. I asked my mom for advice.

"Hey Mom, how do I go about talking to a girl without actually talking to her? Does that make sense?"

She had the hugest smile when she turned around to face me. "Yes, Edward that does make sense. You're father wooed me with flowers and notes before we started dating because he was too shy to ask me straight out."

"Hmm, that's an idea. Where did he leave the notes for you?"

"Oh, he brought them in to where I worked in little envelopes."

"Did you know it was him?"

"Of course honey, he signed his initials, and CC isn't hard to remember or figure out. Does that help?"

"It does Mom, thanks."

"Do I get to find out who this lucky girl is?"

I groaned at her, "Not yet mom. I will let you know if I make enough progress to actually talk to her face to face, okay."

"That's fine honey. And remember I'm always here to help you if you need it." With that she turned around to finish up dinner. Later when my dad got home and we were sitting down for dinner he also asked about school. Then he asked me "So, is there anyone at school that caught your eye son?"

I looked down as I answered him. "Maybe, but I'm not ready to talk about her yet. I told Mom earlier, Ill tell you guys when things progress a bit."

My dad just nodded and smiled. After dinner I went upstairs to my room to think. One thing I knew for sure was that I was not going to sign my name or initials on the notes I leave her. It would be way too easy for her to figure out who it is. And I wanted to get to know her without her judging me by my looks or money. I wanted someone to get to know the real Edward Cullen. I considered leaving them in her locker, but that would be too hard to do without getting caught by her or someone else. Then I figured out where I could leave them. If she went to the library everyday during our free period then maybe I could leave them there. I knew what she was reading. Okay, now that I had a plan I just needed to figure out how to execute it without it seeming creepy or stalkerish. By the time I went to bed later that night I still hadn't come up with anything I liked.

The next three days passed without me hardly noticing. I was too focused on figuring out how to leave the notes for Bella. My weekend was filled with homework and it wasn't till Sunday night that I figured out what I wanted to say. It was right there all along. Why not ask her how she liked what she was reading, I had actually read that volume a couple of years ago and remembered it fairly well. So that night I sat down at my desk. Now, to type the letter or to handwrite the letter? I felt that typing the letter would be too impersonal, but I was worried if I handwrote the letter she would be able to realize it was mine. Then I realized that I normally printed my schoolwork, but I could write the note in calligraphy and she wouldn't be able to realize it was me. I got out my supplies from the class I had taken at my last school and found a thick piece of cream colored paper. I started the letter:

Dear Bella,

I'm too shy to talk to you to your face. So this is my way of talking to you. I wonder how you are enjoying this book. I have actually read it before. Pride & Prejudice is my favorite one. What about you? Please leave your response, if you want, in this book. I will get it later. Hope to hear from you.

Your Secret Admirer

God I hoped that wasn't too cheesy. I left the page on my desk to dry so I could slip it into her book in the morning. The next morning I woke feeling a bit anxious about this. What if she just dismissed the letter as some weirdo and didn't respond. God, I hope she didn't do that. But then I would just have to find a different way to get to know her. There was something about her that I felt drawn to. I showered and got dressed for school and headed downstairs. My mother had left early for a meeting with a client and my father was working the early shift at work so there was no food made for me. I quickly ate a bowl of cereal and headed out to school, leaving a bit earlier than normal. As soon as I parked I headed inside to the library. Luckily no one was there. I went to the shelf and grabbed the book that Bella had been reading. I found her bookmark and left the note folded in half with it. I then replaced the book on the shelf and headed to my locker. The rest of my morning seemed to drag on forever in my excitement. Lunch was a blur of ignoring the idiotic banter between the boys around me and avoiding Jessica, who was still lusting over me apparently. I quickly rush to AP Physics ready to spend some time with Bella, today was going to be our first lab of the semester. When the teacher finished passing out the lab sheets and dismissed us to our lab desks I turned to Bella and said "Hey partner, you ready to start this?"

She gave me a small smile and nodded. We stood and headed over to our lab station and started reading over the directions together. It was a lab about gravity. We were to be measuring the force that things fall at. We quickly started the lab and about halfway through she passed me a calculator to process some information when it happened. When her hand touched mine we were both shocked. It was different from a static electricity shock, more of a pleasant, heated feeling. We both glanced at each other and pulled our hands apart. She started blushing and turned away mumbling "sorry." She shouldn't have been though. That was the best feeling of my life, I suddenly wanted to feel it again as many times as I could. I peeked at her out of the corner of my eye and saw she was blushing even harder than before. I wondered what she was so embarrassed about, but it looked amazing on her. The pink complemented her skin so well, I wondered if she knew. We finished the rest of the lab without talking or touching each other and were the first team done. We headed back to our desks to finish filling out our lab sheets. Luckily we finished so fast that we were able to turn them in by the end of class. As the bell rang Bella gave me a quick goodbye and headed out of class. Once again she left me sitting confused. Once everyone else had left the classroom I gathered my books and headed to my locker to put them away. I grabbed a notebook and pen and headed to the library. I sat near enough that I could see Bella's reaction when she saw my note but not enough for her to really notice me. I opened my notebook ready to make it appear as if I was working on something.

Only a minute after I sat down Bella walked over to the shelf and pulled the book down and went to her normal seat. I carefully watched as she opened the book to her marked page and saw the note. She seemed confused as she set the book down in her lap and held up the note. She quickly looked around and then unfolded the page. She read the note and then set it down. She chewed her lip as her face slightly flushed. What I wouldn't give to hear what was going on in her mind. As the period went on she stopped several times to reread the note. Finally towards the end of the period she pulled a notebook out her bag and scribbled a note and set it back in the book with her bookmark. She refolded my note to her and set it in a pocket in her backpack and then left the library. I had decided I should wait a few minutes so as to not be obvious. As the bell was ringing I walked over and pulled the book out. I opened it and took the page. I put the page in my notebook and the book back on its shelf. I walked to my locker and carefully put the notebook in my backpack so as not to ruin it. I gathered up my English class supplies and went to class, just barely making it before the tardy bell rang. I barely listened to the teacher during class, my mind on the single sheet of paper in my backpack. I rushed out of class when the final bell rang and hurried to my locker. I threw it open, shoved my binder and book in my bag, slammed my locker and practically ran to my car. I threw it in reverse and was able to be out before the traffic buildup and sped home. I noticed neither of my parents were home and was thankful. I wanted to be alone when I read this, whether I was disappointed or happy. I walked into my room and sat down on my bed, dropping my next to me on my bed. I pulled it open and gently pulled the notebook out of it. My hands shook while I extracted the page. I took a deep breath before opening it up to see what she had written.

Dear Admirer,

I wish you weren't too shy to talk to me. I've never had a pen pal and English isn't exactly my best subject. But I can understand being shy so lets give this a shot. I am greatly enjoying this book. And yes, Pride & Prejudice is my favorite too. Though I have read it a few times. Nothing else has called to me yet. Any suggestions? They are very welcome. I love to read and am always looking for something new to enjoy.

Until then, Bella

I read the note through five times before I jumped off my read and whooped in joy. I knew I had the biggest, stupidest smile on my face but I didn't even care. I was just so elated that she wrote back and it didn't say to leave her alone. I swiftly ran to the library in the downstairs and perused my books. I just had to find a book for her to read. I wanted to let her know me, what I liked. I hoped she would like whatever I picked. Two hours later my parents found my sitting on the floor with piles of books around me.

"Edward, what are you doing?" my mother asked with a confused voice.

"She wrote back Mom!"

"What do you mean Edward?" my dad asked.

"Well last week I asked Mom how to talk to a girl without actually talking to her. She told me how you gave her notes at work because you were too shy to just talk to her. Well there's a girl at school, and no I won't give you guys names, that I wanted to talk to. But she's practically untouchable. So I left her a note in the book she is always reading in the library. And she wrote back! And she asked me for a suggestion for a new book to read. So I'm looking." I explained. I watched as my mom got a small smile on her face. She walked over and kissed my cheek and then left the room. My dad just looked happy that I was trying to interact with a girl, my first time ever.

"Well I hope you find her something good son. Your mother brought home some dinner for you. It's in the kitchen." With that he left the library to go change out of his work clothes. I ended up sitting there for another hour before I had narrowed it down to three choices. Each one was different from the others and my favorites. I chose The Golden Compass, A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius and River Town. Each was good in its own way and I just couldn't pick which was the book to suggest. So decided to just give her the titles to all three and see what she picked. We would work from there. I walked up to my room with the three books to write my letter back to Bella.

Dear Bella,

I'm sorry but this is the best I can do with my shyness. Well I do have a couple of suggestions for you. Well three to be exact. First off we have The Golden Compass, a classic story about growing up and figuring out your place in the world. Add alternate realities, animals, and the age old story of Adam and Eve and you have the book. It's actually the first of a trilogy. A very good one I might add. Then we have A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, this is a story about a guy in his twenties and the things that happen in his life. It seems to have no point at all, but is sweet and funny in its own way. And lastly we have River Town. This is the story of a guy in the Peace Corps that goes to backwoods, big city China to teach English literature. This is his story of the things he experiences and learns in his time there. Each book is good in its own way. Hopefully this helps.

Waiting, Your Secret Admirer

I then went to bed smiling and thinking of Bella's smile and blush as she read my note today in the library. I woke early again and got ready for school with a smile on my face. I was eager to see which book Bella would chose. I kissed my mom and grabbed a piece of toast on my way out. I once again headed to the library as soon as I got to school. I carefully looked around and then slipped my note in her book and went to class. While listening to presentations in Spanish I tried to figure out how to get Bella to talk to me beyond what was necessary in class. I knew that family topics were off limits from what the guys had told me on the first day of school. Damn, she made this hard on a guy. I could see why people were so interested in her, she was a total mystery. One big question mark that just begged for me to ask. But I knew that she needed to be handled carefully, just look at her. She was so delicate with her small frame and soft smile. She was so beautiful in a refreshing way. She wore hardly any makeup, but she didn't need to. She never really styled her hair; just let it hang in soft, touch me waves. And her clothes while obviously expensive were in simple and classis styles and colors. She was so quiet unless with the other four. It made me wonder what made her act like that. When she was with them she was much more open and expressive with her hands and body language. But her eyes were always expressive. Most of the time they seemed guard or thoughtful. Like she was worried or was never really there in class. She never seemed to pay attention to where she was going in the halls but people always paid attention to her and let her through without getting in her way, with the exception of a few guys. Namely Mike Newton, that guy just couldn't get a clue. He actually thought she was into him, but was playing hard to get. No matter how many times Tyler, his best friend, told him that the girl just wasn't interested. Just watching the way he embarrassed himself in front of her made my blood boil. I didn't understand why this guy could just get a clue. I wished I could teach him a lesson or two, but I had no reason. Bella wasn't mine to protect. Besides, that Emmett guy seemed to do a pretty good job of brushing Newton off for her. All of a sudden I came out of reverie to Eric punching my shoulder, "Hey man, lunch is over. Let's go."

I thanked him and headed to my locker. I went to class and sat down still wondering how to get Bella to open up to me. She sat down right before class started and pulled out her binder. Today was a slow day of our teacher answering any leftover questions about the lab we did yesterday. Since both Bella and I finished it we didn't pay much attention. Out of the corner of my eye I could see her doodling on a page in her binder. I spent my class drawing a picture of the side of her face when she was reading in the library. I was careful not to let her see it, I figured it would be too obvious who it was in the picture. I finished the drawing before class ended and just carefully put it in my notebook that I would be bringing with me to the library. As class ended I waited till Bella left the room to even bother getting out of my chair. I wanted to get to the library after her so she would notice me as much. I arrived shortly before the tardy bell rang and went immediately to my seat near hers so I could see her reading again. I noticed she was slightly blushing as she opened the book in her lap. I watched her face crack a small smile as she pulled my page out and read it. I watched as she cocked her head to the side in thought and laughed a bit at what she read. I wish I knew what she was laughing at. I tried to remember exactly what I had written but could only remember the books I suggested. About halfway through the class she pulled out her notebook and wrote a note. Guessing by the length of time it took her to write it the note would be much longer than any of our previous ones. I was dying inside to get home and read it already. Right before the bell rang she put the note in the Jane Austen volume and the then left the library. As soon as the bell rang I rushed to get the note, I place it in my notebook with my drawing of her and then left the library to get my books for English. Class was busy, the teacher had given us a worksheet on the book we were reading and I didn't have even a spare moment to think about the note from Bella. As soon as class was over I turned in my worksheet and grabbed my backpack from my locker and headed out of the school. I was almost at the doors when Jessica cornered me and started batting her eyes ridiculously at me while she spoke.

"Hey Edward, I was wondering if you could give me a ride home. Lauren normally drives me but she left school early today and I gotta get home. Please?" she said with a sickeningly sweet smile. Ugh this girl was gross.

"Um, why don't you ride the bus Jessica? They're still here." I told her as I gestured towards the buses right out the door.

"Silly Edward, I don't know which bus to ride. I've never ridden the bus." I groaned in my head as I made a mental list of all the things I knew she had ridden. Like half the guys in our class. I knew the easiest way out of this would be to lie but I was horrible at it and knew she'd see right through me.

"Fine, I'll give you a ride home. Only this time though."

"Great!" she exclaimed as she tried to grab my arm. I quickly shook her claw like fingers off of me and started walking to my car leaving her to follow me. I unlocked the doors with my key fob and opened my door. I knew I should be a gentleman and open her door for her, but I did not want her to get any ideas in her head that I liked her in any way shape or form. She got in and started pouting.

"Why didn't you open your door for me, Edward?" She said in that annoying voice of hers.

"Why would I Jessica? I'm giving you a ride home because I feel bad for you. No other reason." I brusquely told her as I started my car and reversed out of my parking spot. I tried to speed as much as I could but she made it so I was stuck in all the traffic in the parking lot. She spent the entire ride blabbering about nothing I actually cared about. I think she was talking about some party her and Lauren went to over the weekend. I didn't know why she thought any of what she had to say mattered to me. Then it happened.

"Edward, did you want to come to the party with me this weekend?" she turned and faced me to wait for my answer. Now this I knew I had to get rid of.

"Um I can't. I'm gonna be busy this weekend. I have to give piano lessons all weekend and work on a project for Spanish."

"Oh, well maybe next time." She pouted as she turned to face the front of the car. She kept talking as she gave me directions to her house.

"Well, thanks Edward." She said as I parked in her driveway. I nodded my head curtly at her. "How can I repay you for this? Maybe a kiss?" she started to lean in towards me.

"No that's fine Jessica. Bye." I quickly turned my head and looked out my window and waited for her to get out. I peeled out of her driveway when she did and sped home with the windows open, trying to air out the terribly strong perfume she bathed in. I got home to an empty house. There was a note on the fridge saying my parents wouldn't be home till later tonight and there was money for me to order food for dinner. I looked at the money they left me and laughed. They always left too much. With the amount they left I could go out to a steakhouse and order dinner for two. I shook my head as I headed up to my room to finally read Bella's letter. I sat on my couch black, leather couch and pulled it out of my notebook and opened it.

Dear Secret,

Oh, I loved the books you picked for me. Now don't be offended but I've actually read two of the three. I read The Golden Compass and the rest of the trilogy back in middle school. I actually had to reread it last year to understand the under story of Adam and Eve. Those are definitely a few of my favorite books too. I love the way its set in so many different places without a specific time that it makes the book practically timeless. The third book in the series actually made me cry, I'm such a sucker for that in books or movies. Rosalie thinks it hilarious, but then I think the only thing I've seen that girl cry over was when Emmett accidentally caught a pair of her shoes on fire one night. Talk about hilarious.

Speaking of funny things I laughed at your second choice, A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius. I have tried to read that book at least 20 times. Every time I try I only get about halfway through and then I forget about it or get distracted enough that by the time I get back to it, I have to start all over again. It's been driving me crazy. I keep telling myself that one day I will actually read the whole damn thing. But alas, that has yet to happen. And I've had this book for about 3 years. It was a gift from Jasper; he said he really enjoyed it. Well now I can be sure he has great taste in books, I now have someone to back him up. Though I couldn't ever tell him. Because I don't even know how you are, hint hint. Ha-ha, don't worry. I understand you aren't ready to tell me. I sure hope you are soon.

Anyways, on to your third and final suggestion, River Town. I have never heard of that one. Though it does sound interesting from your short description.

I love to read about things that are unfamiliar to me. Its fun to sort of escape to somewhere different for a few hours. I think I will go get that book after school. No, I don't think, I know I will. How bout I give you a suggestion to read? Don't laugh but one of my favorite books ever is East. Let me know what you think. The library has it, I'll look for your next note there. Ha, I may a secondary participant in this "relationship" we have started but let me have the control just a minute. Maybe we can go through every good book in the library. Its like a game. Oh wow, I didn't even realize I'd written so much and didn't get to read at all. Oh well, this was much more fun. I've got to go though, class is almost over.

Hoping to read your words somewhere new, Bella

I surprised at how much she had written. I was considering my reply when my stomach made its empty presence known. I decided that since I didn't really know what there was to eat in this town that I would go out and find something. I went downstairs and grabbed the money off the counter and went out to my Volvo. I drove out of our neighborhood into the main part of town. Nothing was exactly what I wanted till I saw a little sushi place in a strip mall. It wasn't too busy so I pulled into the parking lot. I entered the restaurant and went straight to the bar. To my surprise I saw Bella sitting at a table all alone. I gathered my courage for a minute and walked over to her table.

"Hey Bella, its Edward from..," She looked up and interrupted me.

"Oh Edward. Yeah I know where I know you from." She laughed softly at herself.

"Are you eating alone?" She nodded a little glumly. "Well so am I. My parents left me to fend for myself. Mind if I join you?" She smiled at me and gestured towards the empty seat across from her. I grinned back and sat down and opened my menu. I looked over it at her and asked, "So have you ordered yet?"

"No, I couldn't decide what I wanted. Both the teriyaki chicken and rainbow roll sound good. But no way could I eat both of those."

"Well, the mango chicken and the rainbow roll both sound good to me. And no way could eat both of those," she smiled at my words. "So why don't we share the rainbow roll?" I suggested to her. She nodded at me and set down her menu. As soon as she did out waitress came over and took our orders. After she left there was a moment of silence before I asked her, "So why are you here alone? Aren't you usually with your group?"

She frowned slightly at my words but responded, "Well we were all supposed to meet up here for dinner and once I got here I got a text from Emmett saying him and Rosalie were having some issues they needed to work out, which is their way of saying they are too busy doing the deed to come out. Jasper has some big history project that he needs to finish before tomorrow and Alice is shopping with her mom. But they all waited till the last second to tell me and since I was already here I decided to just eat and then head home." She looked down and whispered the next part, "Home is a long drive and it's a little lonely there tonight." I watched as her cheeks filled with red. I sat watching her cheeks as I pondered what to say next.

"Well normally I would ask why home is lonely and offer my condolences, but I've been fully warned not to. So I won't. But I'm here if you want to tell me. I'd listen. Everyone deserves someone to listen." There, I showed her I was interested but didn't make her feel like she needed to defend herself, or leave. I was so afraid she would. She seemed more dream than real. She looked up and studied my face for a moment, almost as if she was searching for something. Then she spoke to me.

"Thanks for saying that. I'm not sure anyone would want to listen to my problems if they knew the whole story. It would seem like I'm bitching when I have no place to. But it would be nice to talk to someone outside the group. Sometimes it feels like they've heard my story so much they don't really care. Like their own lives are more important." She continued to look directly into my eyes. "Let's just say I have a small family. Just me and my dad. And it's a bit sad the way we ended up just being the two of us. That's why I don't talk about it much and why Emmett will kick anyone's ass who tries to pry when I don't want them to. But every month on this day my dad leaves the house for the night. Usually the gang meets up with me for dinner so I don't feel so lonely. But the last couple of times they've bailed on me for various reasons." She looked down as she said this.

"Well, I hope I'm not overstepping, but how about we meet up on this day every month. I don't really have any friends here yet and haven't got much else to do." I was hopeful as I said knowing shed most likely decline since we hardly knew each other.

"That would be nice." She shyly said with a small smile. "There's something about you, I feel so comfortable."

I shrugged, 'Maybe it's because I don't know anything and cant and wouldn't judge you." She nodded and murmured her agreement. Our food arrived right after and we enjoyed the rest of our meal talking about sushi and the different things we've tried. When the waitress took our plates and brought out the bill I grabbed it right away.

"Hey!" she exclaimed. "I can pay for my own food. You don't need to."

"No, I insist. My parents gave me enough food to pay for everyone eating here's food so my treat." I quickly slipped the money in the folder and handed it back to the waitress. Bella frowned slightly but then smiled.

"Fine, but I'm taking you out for ice cream." She looked so happy that I just nodded at her. If it made her that happy I would let her. Wait, did she just extend our time together. Maybe she was enjoying herself as much as I was. As we got up I asked her where we were going.

"Okay, best ice cream in town is at Garcia's. I know that sounds weird but their fried ice cream is to die for. Do you know where it is?" I shook my head letting her know I didn't. "That's fine just follow me. I drive that Nissan Rogue. She point at the car right next to mine. I laughed and said "Well this is my car." She looked at it and laughed too. We both got in our cars and I waited till she pulled out to reverse out of my parking spot and followed her the short distance to the only Mexican place in town. We once again parked next to each other and headed in. She smiled at the hostess, a girl in our school a year younger than us and asked her for a table for two. She took us to a booth, handed us menus and let us know our waitress would be over soon. We didn't bother looking since we both knew what we were going to order. I cringed when Jessica walked over in a uniform with a notepad in her hand, she was our waitress. She smiled and looked directly at me and said, "Fancy seeing you here Edward. And with Bella." She glared at Bella as she said her name. Bella frowned back. She then turned back to me, "What can I get for you tonight?" I didn't miss the double entrende of her words. I tried to hide the shudder of disgust that rolled through my body.

"I'll just have a fried ice cream with chocolate sauce." I then looked at Bella. She ordered the same as me. Jessica winked at me before she walked away trying to shake her nonexistent ass. Bella was looking at me with a raised eyebrow.

"Please tell me you don't like her or anything."

"Are you kidding? That girl grosses me out. For some reason she thinks she's attractive. I wonder who gave her that impression. I had to give her a ride home after school today and the whole time all I wanted to do was open her door and shove her out." Bella giggled at my words.

"Yeah she is gross. She's hooked up with so many guys its disgusting. She tried to go after Emmett about six months after him and Rose started dating. Rosalie told her in exact words why she would never touch Emmett and then went on to describe a few of Jessica's 'sex-capades'. She started crying and left school early. It was funny in a sad kind of way." I laughed with her at those words. "I'm sorry you had to give her a ride home. I don't think I'd be able to stand her for that long. She drives me crazy."

"She drives me crazy too. Good think there wasn't any cops around cause I don't think I've ever driven faster than that." Bella giggled as Jessica walked up and served us our ice cream.

She started fluttering her eyelashes at me and asked "Are you sure there isn't anything else I can get you Edward?"

"No, we're fine." I said ennucaiting the "we" so she understood. Then just because I had to, "Um, do you have something in you're eye? It's seems to be blinking really fast." She stammered obviously embarrassed and then quickly walked away. I looked at Bella and we both burst into laughter.

"That..was…classic!" She laughed out. It took us a few minutes to calm down enough to eat our ice cream.

"Oh man Bella, you weren't kidding. This is the best fried ice cream I've ever had." She just nodded at me. We ate our ice cream in relative silence. Every once in a while we would point at someone in the restaurant and snicker to each other. When we were done Jessica brought over a bill and set right in front of Bella. She picked it up and looked at Jessica with a confused face.

"Um, I know you're not the brightest kid out there, but we obviously ordered two ice creams." She told her acidly.

Jessica just smiled and said "Well Edwards was free. I mean he did drive me home, but he wouldn't let me kiss so I had to repay him somehow." She said with an innocent look on her face. I reached over grabbed the bill and put exactly enough money for the ice cream and shoved it in Jessica's hands.

"Thanks that's all we need." I told her shortly. She frowned but turned away and left. I turned to Bella and said "I'm so sorry she acted like that. If I'd known I would have never driven her home. Apparently that was a bad idea."

Bella reached over and grabbed my hand and squeezed it quickly. She pulled it away at a moment, leaving my hand burning with the heat that I felt whenever we touched. "Don't worry. You were just being a nice person. You can never predict how she will take something. But next time we eat its on me. No arguments." She smiled and stood. I followed suit in total shock that she had willingly touched me. Even held my hand for a moment. I'm sure I had the stupidest smile on my face, but I just couldn't help it. I followed her out of the restaurant. She turned to me and smiled, "Thanks for joining me tonight. I had a really good time. I cant wait till next time. I'll see you at school tomorrow. Bye."

"Yeah I had a good time to. Have a good night." We parted ways and got into our cars. This time I pulled out before her and headed home on autopilot. My mind kept replaying the moment she touched my hand. I could still feel the burn of it, I never wanted that feeling to go away. It made me wonder what things would be like tomorrow.

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