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Chapter 14


Alice and I spent Saturday chatting online, with her giving me tips for talking to Jasper. I was pretty nervous to tell him about the letters since we had actually become friends and I didn't want him to think badly of me. Alice kept assuring me that Jasper would be fine with it and would forgive me, but I wasn't convinced.

I called him up on Saturday and asked if he wanted to come over and work on our project for school. I figured that was an easy way to see him so that I could explain everything. So Sunday afternoon had me pacing around my house worrying. My parents were in Anchorage on a date which, I figured, would be perfect in case Jasper started yelling. I didn't really want my parents to witness their only son get his ass handed to him-verbally or physically.

Jasper finally showed up 15 minutes late which according to Alice was 15 minutes early for Jasper.

"Hey Edward, you ready to start the formatting of this thing?" he asked as he set his backpack down next to the couch in the library.

"Yeah, I found some pretty cool paper for it too. It looks old, but is pretty thick. I figured we can glue printouts to it." I pulled the paper from behind the couch to show him. I was too scared to start talking to him right away so I got to work on the project. Jasper proved to be a great partner for the project, hard working but also great at lifting the tense atmosphere. Hours had gone by unnoticed before my stomach growled for food.

"Hey Jasper, I'm starving. How about we take a break and eat. I think we have some leftover lasagna from last night we could have." I turned to him as I stretched my back. Jasper wearily nodded and followed me from the library to the kitchen. I pulled the pan of lasagna out of the fridge and cut and plated us two large portions. I put the first slice in the microwave and opened the refrigerator looking for something to drink. I poured us both tall glasses of milk and then gave Jasper his food and replaced it with mine in the microwave. Within minutes we were silently eating at the kitchen bar. As I ate I tried to figure out exactly how to tell Jasper about the letters and my involvement. Knowing that with Jasper, being straight up was the way to go. It was now or never, and never was not an option for me anymore.

"Jasper, you know those letters Bella was getting?" I refused to look at him as I asked; sure my face would give me away.

"Yeah, why?" He slowly asked.

"Well, I wrote those letters to Bella. All of them. And she found out on Friday." I said nervously. I closed my eyes afraid to see Jasper's reaction. I waited, seconds ticked by. I became more anxious with each one. I finally cracked my eyelids opened and turned my head to face Jasper. He didn't look angry like I assumed he would be, he looked thoughtful.

"Why?" He eventually asked.

"It's stupid, but I wanted to get to know her better. I was warned early on that she doesn't let many people close. My dad used to write my mom letters all the time and that's where I got the idea." I watched him mull that over silently. His inaction was starting to worry me.

"So you didn't do any of this to hurt her right?"

"No!" I practically shouted at him. "I really care about Bella and would never want to hurt her. That's why I finally told her it was me that wrote the letters." Jasper slowly nodded his head.

"Alright, then. It seems to me that maybe you need some help getting the girl back. I may be able to help you with that. As I'm sure Alice is as well." I was shocked, I couldn't believe he wanted to help me.

"Not that I don't desperately need it and am happy you're offering, but why are you willing to help me? I hurt one of your best friends."

"Because I can tell you care, you're pretty obvious about it, at least to me." I frowned, unsure if others could see it. "I'm sure Alice and I are the only two who've noticed. None of the others are that observant." He assured me.

We talked for a few more minutes about how Jasper figured me out so quickly before I cleaned up our dishes and we got back to work on our project. Later as we put the final touches on our project he agreed to help me talk to Rosalie and Emmett-together. He was sure this was the best way to handle those two.

As I was not going to school the next day Jasper agreed to call me once he was out of class and have me meet up with Rose and Emmett to talk.

After Jasper left I went straight to my room, exhausted from the long day I'd had. I fell asleep quickly anxious for another day to start.

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