Demigod or…..God

It was a quiet summer afternoon, the yellow orange sun was fading over the water's wavy frontier that was slowing with the current, the sky was now illuminating in a light shade of orange. A basket floated in on the current, there were white sheets with yellow lightning strike designs that seemed to be all to real, flashing, even blinding. Wrapped inside was a small infant, crying and wobbling around. He had black hair with a white streak going through the middle. He had a toga on and nothing else

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At Camp Half Blood

"Oh Peter!!!! Where are you PETER JOHNSON?!?!?! If you don't show up by the time I count to 3 you're in for the butt whippin''' of a lifetime!!!!! 1.…..2.…..3" An agitated Dionysus exclaimed. He snapped his fingers and a green vine with sharp thorns appeared and wrapped Percy's legs and dragged him underground. "I SAID MY NAME WAS PERCY JACKSON NOT PETER JOHNSON YOU OLD FOOL DIONYSUS!!!! NOW WHAT DO U WANT ANYWAY!!!!" "Chiron PASS ME THE WINE!!!!" "Dionysus you know your not allowed to drink wine, get yourself a damn diet coke" "I hope anaklusmos kills u" Dionysus murmured "I'm immortal. REMEMBER Dionysus" "Damn you to the Underworld where Hades will kill you" Dionysus thought "UM EXCU-OO-OOSE ME BUT WHAT DO U WANT FROM ME DIONYSUS!!!!!" Percy screamed. "Oh yeaaaah Peter Johnson"

"It seams that 'You Know Who' has returned, and is building an army of undead warriors and Titans, take umm… Grunder Overwood and BananaBreath with you and also…. Take Poseidon he's to eager to not go so oh well.

Back at the Beach

A beautiful girl named Jamie Longshore looks at the baby and says "FINALLY, I found you! Phew, That was a strong wind wasn't it? It blew you all the way to the other side of the beach. My problem is…… The forcast didn't call for rain NOR wind and lightning, it said it would be a beautiful day….. Come to think of it, everywhere I take you, it storms, even when its called for a beautiful day. Ya know what would be funny if YOU were causing those freak storms." Kronos walked by, "Shut the hell up, you naïve, naïve girl. I will name him…. Zeuseides, for he is the fusion of all three of my other sons, he can control water like Poseidon, he can open the underworld and make undead soldiers, like Hades, and He controls the sky like my ACCURSED son Zeus. He will come with me, help me lead my army, don't you realize I have given you a great gift, you have given birth to a child of me, Kronos, the titan of time, many of you mortals manifest me as father time. Most mortals usually die pregnant when giving birth to my children." "Why do you keep using that word mortals what are you immortal" "See why you are naïve, I, Kronos, can never die you fool."