The meeting had lasted longer then expected and the ride home was currently near unbearable. Tony's fidgeting had even drawn attention from his driver. He'd waved the man off and told him he was just anxious to get back home after a long day.

Unwinding couldn't quite explain in full what he wanted to do.

The elevator was slow. Slow enough that Tony was thinking of calling maintenance. Not that it would really benefit him at this point. He was halfway there. Halfway to what he'd been waiting for all day.

To his dismay, when Tony walked into his room, it was empty. Not of things, there were plenty of gadgets and gizmos, and more importantly his bed. It was missing a particular person who's scent still lingered in the air. This made his situation more difficult.

With a heavy sigh, Tony set his suitcase down on a nearby chair, opening it to put a few papers from his pocket in with the rest of his blueprints. Fingers flicked open buttons, tossing his dress shirt into the hamper, his tie, pants and socks followed.

Still no sign of that particular person.

This was becoming a little maddening. Tony paced his room for a moment, eyes glancing over to his clock. 7:18. He should have been here almost twenty minutes ago. "Damnit, Steve…"

"What? Am I late or something?"

He'd been in the room the whole time.

"Was cleaning something up in the bathroom. You left in a hurry this morning." A slick smile spread over the taller man's lips. He knew damn well why that bathroom was dirty.

"Sorry, some of us have to work to make a living." Tony grinned as he walked over, keeping his distance. Still clothed in his undershirt and boxers he knew he was a pleasing sight for the other.

"Yeah yeah. At least you've got your own personal maid…person." Steve laughed and Tony smiled. The sound resonated the walls. It was beautiful.

Steve had closed the space between them, dressed in the same thing Tony had left him in in the morning. Boxers and socks. He wore them well.

"I hope I didn't worry you, babe." Steve's hand reached up, cupping the corner of Tony's jaw. A thumb flatly ran over the corner of his goatee near the edge of his mouth. "Thought you might want to come home to a clean bathroom is all."

Tony could feel the heat rising in his cheeks. "It's alright, I really do appreciate it. Hearing I've got a clean bathroom is fantastic, but seeing you in that is twice as great." His fingers trailed up from Steve's hip, tickling over his stomach, his palm resting flat against his chest. "Though, overall, I'm pleased to see you're still here."

"Didn't think it was right to leave without saying goodbye."

This was the second night Steve had stayed over. The whole thing had started a month earlier.


Tony had just stepped out of a meeting in Manhattan about a possible merger for Stark Industries. Tony wasn't buying it. His name, his company. End of discussion. Change was good for him, but unneeded change wasn't something he wanted.

Moving to the curb, he flagged down a cab as it began to pull up to the curb.

The fare already inside looked…well he was… At the time, Tony didn't want to think about what he was thinking about. The damn blonde was staring right at him and he was red from nose to ears. Swallowing heavily, Tony reached up to loosen his tie. "Um, sorry, I'll catch the next one I guess.""Nonsense. There's plenty of room. Unless you've got claustrophobia, then yes, I'd wait for another one," Bright white teeth smiled at him..

Jesus, this wasn't fair.

"Well, thanks then." Tony jumped inside, giving the location of his hotel.

"You've gotta be kidding me."


"Same hotel I'm in. At least for tonight. I fly back out tomorrow."

Curse this fortuitous luck. "Well isn't that a surprise. It's not a bad place. Quieter then most of the hotels I've stayed here in New York."

"It's not bad. At least there's a bathroom in the room. I've made the mistake of booking my own trips. I've hired a travel agent since."

They both laughed and the polite banter continued to the hotel, Tony even covered the fare with a bit extra.

Tony looked around, "So, would you wanna hit the bar tonight? Or are you too tired after your long day of, what was it? Triathlon training?"

Steve laughed, nodding, "Yeah, triathlon. Keeps me going. But the offer of drinks doesn't sound too bad."

Ten minutes later they were six drinks into watching a Rugby game on the television down in the hotel bar, laughing and carrying on.

Twenty minutes later they were finishing the conversation they were trying to finish up in the bar, walking around the quiet lobby.

Thirty minutes later, Steve had Tony gently pressed up against the wall outside of his room. His fingers had untucked Tony's dress shirt and had since crawled up his body, a thumb brushing against the already hardened nipple.

Tony gasped softly, his face buried in Steve's neck. His goatee hair making the taller man laugh lightly every few moments.

Once Steve had figured out how to open the door, he'd pulled Tony inside. Clothes went flying on their journey from the door to the edge of the bed.

Steve had left in the morning after exchanging numbers and a few choice kisses to different parts of Tony's anatomy.

Tony was anxious for the first call.


Tony sighed out as he felt Steve's hands take hold of his waist, dragging him up against his body.

"I'm glad you're home though. Was really boring without you here." Fingers slipped under the back of Tony's undershirt, thumbs brushing over the skin just above his waistband on his boxers.

"Glad to be home. Had a damn good reason to get back here." A smile appeared under the goatee. Tony leaned in, kissing Steve's bare collarbone. "Been wanting to talk to you about something though."

"You've found someone else. I understand." Steve chuckled.

"No! God no. I'm talking about this…you coming for a few days a week and then leaving almost every night. You can stay, Steve. I really like it when you're around." He snorted, "I'm trying not to make this sound like a business deal, but I think it's feasible to still get my work done and have you here at the same time. If you're interested in making this a little more then just, hey what are you doing this weekend, now and again."

Steve visibly reflected on Tony's words, nodding shortly after, "It makes sense. I mean, we can hammer out details later, but I'm open to the idea."

Tony's teeth raked across the warm skin there above his collarbone, obviously keen on the idea as well.

Kissing down his chest, Tony's tongue came in contact with a nipple, sucking it lightly.

"Ah, so I take it you want me to put you to bed early tonight, Tony?" Steve didn't wait for his answer, he was already backing Tony up toward the bed, laying him 's fingers caused Tony to squirm while they circled his navel, "I could finish what I started before you had to leave this morning."

Tony swore he still had blueballs from this morning's tease via Steve.

Steve's hand flattened, moving over the soft tent that had started in Tony's boxers.

"Ooooh yeah. I'd like that." Tony's tongue ran over his dry lips, drawing in the corner of his lower lip while he rolled his hips up into that hand.

Chuckling, Steve, pulled up Tony's undershirt and shimmied off both of their boxers. Tony's light tan contrasted well with his own.

Leaning over Tony, Steve rubbed at his hip, eyes panning up and down his body. "Fucking gorgeous." He dropped his head, whispering into Tony's ear as his finger coiled around the base of his shaft.

"Tell me you want me, Tony. Tell me you want me to fuck that tight little hole of yours."

Tony groaned with need, nodding while fingers reached down, splaying over his own stomach. He cursed himself for telling Steve that dirty talk made him damn weak. "Yes, fuck yes."

Steve didn't waste any time, he'd already pulled the lube out and was slowly preparing Tony for him. "Such a tight little hole." He grinned against Tony's ear, watching the man's chest rise and fall while he wiggled his index finger up to the second knuckle.

He loved how Tony changed from the office to the bedroom. Tony was a man of power and knew exactly how to carry himself. He was a king. But in the bedroom, at least with him, Tony was a kitten. Cute as a damn button when he wanted to be, then a little vixen the next second while on his hands and knees.

A perfect balance in his own opinion.

And Tony made it even more perfect when he urged Steve to use a second, and then a third finger on him. The man's hips trying to work over his fingers.

"Steve, I want you. Please don't make me wait for you." Tony pulled Steve nearly halfway on top of him before the taller man adjusted himself.

Hips rolled together slowly, Steve's breath audibly rattling in his chest as he looked down between them, "Won't make you wait, babe."

Running a hand briefly over the strong body under him, Steve's hand reached down, rubbing himself against Tony's entrance, testing the waters for a moment.

Tony incoherent begging started at that point. His legs spread and he arched his hips slightly to give Steve an easier angle to penetrate him.

When Steve finally managed to get past that wonderful torturous ring of muscle, he swiftly pressed the rest of the way in. Lifting up Tony's legs by the knees, he rolled his hips slowly, watching how his cock slowly slipped in and out of him, how Tony's body would writhe with each slight movement he made inside of him.

"That's it, talk to me baby. Tell me how much you want my cock inside you like this."

Tony cried out at no only the words that were said to him, but at the way his body reacted to the head of Steve's cock brushing up against his prostate. Over and over. Slowly driving him deeper into madness.

"Oh hell, Steve.. Fuck me. Want you so bad.." Tony mumbled his words as his hand reached down to squeeze his balls lightly, his body jolting from the sensations.

When Tony squeezed again, Steve swore he saw Tony's cock twitch. It made him smile, not as much physically at the moment because his mouth hung open, watching his cock pounding faster into Tony's glorious hole. "Fuck, gonna come, Tony." It was all he could say, his body was on fire and it was hard enough to concentrate now.

Tony whimpered, pulling Steve down against him, licking around the shell of his ear, "Come inside of me, want you to.."That was good enough for Steve, but he was a gentleman, though he wouldn't mention the ladies first line to Tony. At least not right now. Instead of just losing himself completely, he replaced Tony's hand with his own, stroking the man's cock at the same quick pace his cock was thrusting up inside of him. "Want you to come for me first, Tony. Come on, baby, come for me.."Tony was lost to the world in that moment. His eyes rolled back and his hips rolled forward as he exploded in Steve's grasp, his come coating his chest and the larger man's fingers. And Steve followed right behind.

Thrusting up into the tight suck of Tony's ass, Steve buried himself deeply inside of him as he released. His body thrusting up into him a few more times lightly throughout. "Oh fuck, so good, baby.." Steve silenced himself with Tony's lips, kissing him deeply as he felt himself slowly beginning to go flaccid inside of him.

When Steve started to pull out, Tony, pulled his body closer. The feeling of being so empty now made him want to keep the other man closer.

Steve's arms wrapped tightly around Tony, his nose burring itself into the sweet shampooed smell of Tony's hair. It was a nice feeling/


It took Tony a while to speak, his breath was still trying to catch up with him, "Mhm, Steve?" Deep brown eyes looked up into cool blue ones.

"If you don't' mind. I'd like to stay over a lot more."

Tony smiled, kissing his lips for a good full minute and a half before coming back with a response, "I'd like that. A lot."