Chapter 1: At night when everyone´s asleep

Yosufu Bagman had heard many rumors in the 58 years he´d been alive. Especially because of his job - a teacher - this couldn´t be avoided when those brats traded the newest `top secrets´ like they called it - Oh, how he hated this new kind of language - on the campus and then released them on their MyPlaces and LiveJourmals-- Not that he´d ever been to a site like that; that was just below his standards!

Oh, how the youth had become more and more rotten as time went on! It was just because of that reason that he never intended to have children - not that he´d ever be able to have one since he didn´t have lover. Oh, which virtuous child of god would need this wretched, devilish female sex which was trying to seduce one all the time! Wasn´t the fact that Eva, this whore, had made Adam eat the forbidden apple proof enough how tainted this female riff-raff was!?

No! Something like that would never have the right to enter his house!

... Well, back to the topic at hand: As already mentioned, he had heard many rumors in life, one more pathetic than the other: "Elvis is alive!" "America and Bin Laden are working together!" "There´s a hidden hour, the 25th Dark Hour, per day!" "Our world is full of magic!" "Satan is our world´s saviour!" "If you turn on your TV and midnight on a rainy night, you will see your soul mate inside it!" "The year 2000 is the day the world will meet its end!"

Tch! Who where they trying to kid!? Humanity was so stupid, so barbaric, that he´d just like to throw up here and now!

The more astonished Mr. Bagman was when he was awoken one night by a loud roll of thunder and had nearly fallen out of his sleeping berth.

Still half asleep and with slightly watery eyes the old teacher looked around, the surroundings unfamiliar, until he realized that he´d fallen asleep on his rheumathism chair.

The thriller he´d been reading had fallen to the ground in his sleep. Yawning, he looked at the alarm clock which stood on the table next to him. It was midnight. Slightly dizzy he took the book and layed it on the table. Another roll of thunder made him look outside the window. Rain was falling against it without end.

Slowly, mindful of his rheumathism, Mr. Bagman stood up and sluggishly went through the room, his beedroom his destination, when suddenly a bright light made him close his eyes. Mr Bagman nearly had lost his balance, if he hadn´t been able to grab onto the table, and was now looking, his eyes still a little bit slitted, at the source of the light: The TV inside the room.

Startled, the old man looked around. Had he accidently dropped the book onto the remote control which had turned on the TV? He grumbled slightly and was just about to walk back to the table when an older, slightly harsh voice - which was very familiar to him - talked to him.

"Hello, Yosufu.", the voice said. Mr Bagman whirled around and looked to the balcony, afraid a burglar was trying to enter.

"Who´s there?", Mr. Bagman asked with his harsh voice.

"Oh, not there, me dear. Here.", the voice continued to speak. Again, Mr. Bagman whirled around and looked at the TV. His eyes went huge when he saw himself inside the TV, a graveyard in the background.

But, no, this couldn´t be! No, that wasn´t him! This person... This thing had bright yellow eyes, and a dark aura was shimmering around his body.

"Good evening, Yosufu, my dear.", the man inside the TV calmly spoke with Mr. Bagman´s voice, as if he was talking to an old friend he´d just visited the front door and not through a TV.

"Wh-who are you?!", Mr. Bagman asked. "Is this supposed to be joke of my students?! I-if so, then it r-really didn´t work!"

"Oh, no such thing.", Mr. Bagman´s dark counterpart chortled in mirth. "This is by no means a joke, my dear."

Mr. Bagman was staring at the figure inside the TV for a while longer, then suddenly his facial expressions became far more relaxed.

"Ah, I see.", he suddenly said. "This is just a dream. Of course! Things like magic and ghosts or whatever don´t exist in the real world!"

"Oooh, aren´t we feeling analytical today!", the dark counterpart grinned. "But I can assure you, my precious, that this is not a nightmare. No, this here is very real, you know."

"Wh-what´s all this supposed to be anyway! Even for a dream, this is far too ridiculous!", the old teacher protested.

"You were a very, veeery bad boy, Yosufu.", the dark figure continued, as if it hadn´t heard Mr. Bagman.

"Wh-what are you talking about?!", Mr. Bagman asked. "I ask you not to say such outraging things! I´m a peaceloving, honest citizen who´s following this nation´s law every da--"

"Oh, really?", the dark Mr. Bagman interrupted the teacher. "Yesss, how true! Yosufu Bagman, always concerned about following the bible and the laws. That´s how people know him to be. But do they know him, if he thinks nobody´s watching? Nooo, they don´t!" Mr. Bagman swallowed while the smile on his dark clone´s facer was getting more and more malicious. "I know what´s hidden in the depths of your computer! Tse! Tse! Tse! Pornography! Well, I never!" He shook his head in revolt.

"Silence!", Mr. Bagman snarled and hastily looked around the room, as if fearing that someone else was listening.

"And then there are such young beauties in those `movies´! I think the oldest of them is 12 years old."

"Shut up!", Mr. Bagman shouted hystericaly.

"Yes, you´re a baaad boy, Yosufu. A very bad boy indeed.", the dark Mr. Bagman continued.

"I... I..."

"You really have a beautiful garden, my dear.", his dark counterpart interrupted him. "So many beautiful flowers and hedges. I think they must be this pretty because of the nice manure!" Mr. Bagman gasped in horror. "Yesss, such a pretty manure! Sooo young, only 19 years old!"

"Si-silence...", Mr. Bagman panted.

"Oh, how nice it had been to force your will on her! To see her fearful face when you had attacked her!"

"Silence!", Mr. Bagman shouted.

"And those huge eyes when you had stabbed that knife into her heart, her blood adding a wonderful symphony to the masterpiece you had created that night!"

"SILENCE!!!", Mr. Bagman screeched and punched the TV with his fist. The screen crashed, Mr. Bagman´s hand was wounded, blood dripping down to the ground, the figure inside the TV had disappeared. Panting, Mr. Bagman stared at the TV.

Finally - after what had seemed an eternity - the old teacher sighed in relief and wanted to the leave the room to fetch the first-aid kit to treat his wounded hand.

"Oh, really! Does it always have to be violence!", a harsh voice spoke which made Mr. Bagman freeze in his step. Eyes huge, he stared behind himself and saw his dark counterpart which had appeared behind the destroyed screen again.

"No...", the old man whimpered.

"Yesss...", the dark counterpart sighed in bliss and extended his hand towards the screen.

"A-ah...", Mr. Bagman gasped, nearly having a heart attack, when the hand broke through the screen, followed by the rest of the dark clone´s body that had now left the TV.

"That really hurt, you know.", the dark Mr. Bagman said and looked at his right hand which was bleeding, just like Mr. Bagman´s hand. "But you love the pain. That´s what´s making you so horny about those `movies´ on your computer: Seeing the pain of those defenseless little boys and girls. Oh, and not to forget the pain of that 19 year old girld you raped; her pain had been quite exquisite!" Slowly, the dark counterpart walked towards Mr. Bagman who was walking backwards, his whole body shaking, until his back met the house´s walls, no escape in side. "And since I´m you, my dear Yosufu, I like to see someone in pain as well. And I think it would be most pleasurable to hear my own cries of pain tonight!!!"

Mr. Bagman didn´t stand a chance at all. One moment he had wetted his pants in fear, the next moment he lay on the floor, no trace of life left in his body.