So here's the first chapter. I have finished this story.
It has 30 chapters and an epilogue!

Each chapter will be this average amount of length!


'A boy and a girl can be friends for a while but one way of another it will develop into love, no matter how hard they try to stop it.'

I turned the volume up on my iPod speaker as high as I could and danced around the room, hearing the chorus of Love Drunk fill the room.

I used to be love drunk, but now I'm hangover, I'll love you forever, but now it's over.

The words made me wince but I concentrated on the infectious beat which filled my room.

I pushed my bed into the corner of my room and started to do so bigger movements, happy with the euphoric smile that was plastered on my face and the warmth spreading through me.

The next on my play list was Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney.

I had reached the bridge and ended up singing along – not that I had the 'greatest' voice – but I was so carefree today that I didn't care.

The song drew to a close and I checked on my iPod for the next song.

Yes, just as I thought, it was Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus.

Suddenly, a cool wind blew through my room and I froze.

Didn't I shut my windows?

I turned around and sure enough, the windows were closed.

Confusing right?

I tried to ignore it – brushing the feeling off as nerves.

It couldn't be anything right?

My eyes flickered to the slowly setting sun as I noticed the black cloud creeping closer by the minute.

Stupid, unpredictable weather.

Well, that's what I get for living in New Zealand right?

Sure, the summers are warm, but not enough for my liking.

Somewhere like Hawaii would suffice.

I mean its spring for crying out loud!

We're already a month into spring and there have been two days – two days! – which were warm enough.

I sunbathed out on the lawn for 3 hours and didn't get a hint of a tan!

I lay on my bed, already dreaming of Hawaii, but I was uncomfortable.

I shifted and realized I was lying on a sheet of paper.

That's funny… that wasn't there before!

With a deep breath I carefully folded open the sheet of blank paper.

It was written in a script so tidy, I nearly wrote it off as a print out.

My heart thudding, I began to comprehend what it said.

You have a beautiful dancing style.

I love your enthusiasm.


I stormed down the stairs, fuming, to where my sister was watching MTV.

"Very funny!"

"What?" she asked.

"This note, it's hilarious! Enthusiastic? Is that a new insult?"

"I don't know what you're talking about."

I sighed; I couldn't doubt the sincerity of her voice.

My scowl deepened, after stomping up the stairs and surveying my empty room.

Damn me and my hallucinations.

"I'm a hallucination to you? That really hurts you know."

I slowly turned to face my wardrobe and sure enough, there stood the exact replica of Edward Cullen.

But he was alive?

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