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So, this is long overdue. Double: DUH. But I'm sorry. I feel bad.

And so we conquered. We successfully finished up to number eight, killing five hours in the process. The last too weren't going to take too long, but they were hilarious. Before we were able to start, the food came around and we – well I – was busy eating delicious marinated steak with potatoes and French vanilla ice cream.

"I should fly first class more often, eh Loverboy?"

"Yeah. Even though I can't enjoy the food I can still relax and sleep right?"

I couldn't help but burst out laughing.

"Loverboy, that's the funniest thing you've said all day."

"Well I'm glad to hear it. So, what are our last two pranks?"

"Number Nine is to ask the attendants in economy class to hand out the lollies."

"Fun! Have you done it before?"

"Yeap. You get to keep all the leftovers!"

"Well, you get all of them."

"Yeah, well I don't mind!" I smirked.

"Hell yeah!"

We went through the curtains, passing through business class without a glance. As we reached the attendant I put on a smile, "Hey, do you think we could give out the lollies please? I'll be really good!" Promise," I said in my best whiney voice.

He laughed, but agreed. I nearly snatched the basket in my haste and grabbing Loverboy's hand I turned and began to walk up the isle.

I handed the lollies out and got to know quite a few of the kids, re-introducing myself and talking to the kids never got boring. Loverboy laughed constantly at me, put I simply poked my tongue at him and kept walking.

We went back to our seats and I read out the last on my list: "Play strip poker, all the way or until they stop you."

Loverboy cheered and winked at me, my smirk increasing,

We were now around eight hours into the flight and after this I was due to sleep. I grabbed the playing cards I packed from my messenger bag.

"Now Loverboy, we're going to mix this up a bit. We're not going to involve money, because I know you've got loads. Each time you lose, you have to remove one item of clothing and received a dare. It doesn't matter when it's done. I'm going to write them down okay?"

"Absolutely. No backing out now."

I dealt the cards and I groaned at my bad luck. A pair of twos? We flipped our cards over and sure enough, Edward beat me.

It was quite even, and by the time I was down to my shorts, singlet and bra, Edward still had on his trousers and his socks. I couldn't deny he had a great body, but I couldn't just sit and oogle, we had a game to play.

My happy attitude was short-lived as I got a terrible hand and I had to take off my singlet. I was wearing a white bra with rainbow dinosaurs and Loverboy snickered when I took off my top, but his eyes avoided my chest area, obviously being the gentlemen he usually was.

So far, Loverboy's dares were:

-Kiss Rosalie.

-Get a complete makeover.

-Be submitted to a night of karaoke.

Mine weren't that bad, nothing that out of the ordinary except the last one!

-Dress as a slut in front of Jasper.

-Be forced into a day of shopping (Not that I thought it torture.)

-Have a beauty contest with the girls.

-Spend a week without showing.

The last one was a bit on the grose side, but I just shrugged it off. Just as I was about to deal another round, the manager came up with a stern look on his face.

"Look you two; I'm going to have to ask you to put your clothes back on."

I stifled a giggle and followed his orders, finding myself yawning by the time I was finished.

Loverboy started humming a tune conspicuously and grabbed his phone out. I could tell he was trying not to laugh. He flipped open the phone and he appeared to be having a conversation with himself. There was a lot of humming and 'yes'. Loverboy snapped the phone closed a minute later.

I looked at him quizzically and he grinned.

"Emmett called."

"And?" I asked.

"He said he wants his immaturity back," he couldn't hold it any longer, because he collapsed into fits of laughter.

"Oh ha ha. Very funny."

"It was, and you know it."

Then I decided to get some sleep so I plumped up my pillow and said a goodnight to Loverboy. Only eight more hours until we landed in Paris.

Who know eight hours could be that long?

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