Curiosity Got The Children…

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Chapter 6

Authors Note: Hehe, whoops! Guess who hasn't updated in months? :D I'm so sorry for everyone who has been interested to seeing this updated and guess what, I finally got some inspiration and time to write some more! That's good for all of us, right?

But yeah, some adult themes in here guys! You know, we all went through that awkward pre-teen stage as…things… start changing, and yeah! Puberty and stuff, whoo! (Keep in mind this plot was developed by a young pre-teen herself back in the day)

Oh, and I apologize for the shortness!

Well, here's Chapter 6! I hope you enjoy!

"Popo… Do you know how much trouble we could have got in?"

The quiet little Ice Climber's eyes were filled with sorrow when reevaluating the events that occurred in the dining room. For minutes, the two were frozen in silence and confusion. Things were changing way too quickly for their comfort. They looked up to Link, Zelda, and Samus, and now they were in a state of utter confusion.

"Yeah, I know! It was…stupid! I wish there was something we could do! I know Link hit Samus, I just know it!" Popo sternly glared towards the wall, as if envisioning Link's assault and anger flared in his soft eyes. In frustration he smashed his hand down on the floor in their bedroom, trying to comprehend what happened.

"What would make him want to do such a thing, Popo?" Nana crawled over closer to her blue clad twin on the floor and tentatively shifted next to him. A single tear began drifting down the young girl's cheek as she silently became as upset as her brother.

"D-Do you think it was because of what Zelda and Samus were… Doing? That was v-very…" Popo looked down at a slight bulge in his pants that made sitting quite uncomfortable, and subtly pulled over a pillow from his bed to hide his embarrassment. His arousal from witnessing the women's passion was unfamiliar and, frankly, unwanted.

Nana, obviously not noticing replied to the unfinished comment,

"I-I've never seen anything like that before! I mean, I've seen people kiss online or in movies, but never so…powerful…it was very overwhelming…I felt tingles in my tummy, Popo! I hope there's nothing wrong with me,"

"I hope there's nothing wrong with me either!" Popo called out, pressing the pillow over his lower torso to try and make the stiffness leave. "Maybe we should go ask when we do the pornography film!"

The comment seemed to cheer Nana up a little as she leaped up from the floor and looked at the clock, though her smile fell a bit. "What if they get as mad as Link when we tell them about Samus and Zelda?"

Popo's head tilted as he thought about the question in deeper context. "Then we will just leave out that part of the story! Still, we need to figure out what is wrong with us!"

"We have only 10 minutes until the meeting starts," Nana exclaimed, eyes brightening up again, "Everyone will start meeting in our room soon so we best get set up," The two climbers retrieved their camera from the cluttered closet and placed it on the stand, turned on their complementary Wii U and waited eagerly for someone to come in. It's been a long time since everyone in the residency got together and played with each other! The fighting was fun, but it was overly competitive and there was never time to truly relax.

Countless moments to the children seemed like hours and they paced impatiently around their room with much anticipation until the first knock was heard.

Nana squealed in delight as Popo rushed to open the door, only to become confused when they saw Pokémon Trainer in a Speedo like piece of clothing that was almost a bit too small and his Pokéballs on his waist. That was it. How indecent! He was gently touching his… bulge… similar to Popo's, and gave a coy grin, lowering his voice, while smoothly whispering, "We're ready…"

The Climbers gave him an awkward smile and let him in, with obvious apprehension furred in their eyebrows.

Within seconds the rest of the invited "Porn" stars, minus Samus, Link and Zelda, were present in their earlier attire.

The confusion of the twins shifted to embarrassment and a deep shade of red glazed their cheeks as everyone began slowly striping to only one layer of clothing. Imagine that! Jigglypuff with her Jigglypuffs nearly exposed, Peach wearing lacy lingerie, Mario in only his overalls (albeit his hairy chest proudly puffed out). The jaws of the Ice Climbers quickly descended to the floor when Peach began to speak.

"Hello Everyone. I've decided to take the liberty to speak, due to prior experience in this field. I'd like to invite you all to Nana and Popo's room to partake in their great idea! The two do seem a bit young to have actually done "it" before but there's a first time for everything! Since they are inexperienced, please come to Mario and I for questions about how this should work!"

The basically half naked Smashers quickly surrounded the two and they all began shouting out incoherent questions at once, leaving Popo and Nana confused, pushed back a few feet from the crowd.

"Popo… there's a weird tingly sensation between my legs... Everyone is so, uh, nearly naked!" Nana shifted uncomfortably and simultaneously with her brother. The commotion was picking up and a lot of the Smashers were getting within breathing distance of each other. The air was thick with a vibe that the young Ice Climbers couldn't quite place their fingers on and it was almost unbearable.

"Me too. I don't think this is how pornography is supposed to be…" Popo whispered loudly so his words could be heard through the yelling, bringing his head down to avoid witnessing the sight further.

Nana gulped and flinched as sounds of…playful?...slapping began, and slight moans from Peach vibrated, which placed the youths in further discomfort.

Nana opened her mouth in awe and spoke out, "No…Popo, I think we've gotten the whooole idea about pornography wrong…" And a little voice in the back of her head replied back… 'You have no idea'.

Author's Note:

I'd like to thank everyone who has read this far into this series. I believe that there have been some ups and downs in this story and I just can't wait to write even more because I'm sure there's more left to come! (Please, Please, ignore the pun if you understand it!) -Oh my God… I can't believe I ever said that! "I'm sure there's more left to…" well, WE all know who was a creepy little girl a few years back! Well, that concludes chapter 6! Not too much has been changed, other than changing a few awkward sentences and adding more words, but I think it'll help me get back into the swing of updating! Thanks for reading everyone!