'Why does this always happen,' Sena thought to himself.

Thanks to some sort of bet, the Oujo White Knights and the Deimon Devil Bats ended up going on a camping trip together. With Oujo paying of course.

They day had gone by pretty normal for the most part, and everyone had finished setting up their tents. Everyone gathered around a campfire to decide who would sleep in what tent with who. The groups were Juumonji, Kuroki, and Toganou , Kurita and Komusubi , Hiruma and Musashi, Mamori and Suzuna, and Monta, Yukimitsu, and Taki. Oujo also started gathering in small groups.

Sena didn't really notice until Monta pointed it out, "Oh crap, we forgot you Sena!"

Sena's eyes widened a little when he realized, "Just go with someone from Oujo fucking shrimp," Hiruma said in a slightly bored tone before entering his own tent, which looked much bigger than the others, "Come on fucking old man."

Sena was about to protest and ask Hiruma why he couldn't just sleep with him and Musashi because their tent was plenty large enough for another person, but he felt a hand on his shoulder.

Sena looked to see who it was, it was none other than the ace linebacker of the Oujo white knights, Shin Seijuro. "Shin-san?" Sena questioned, giving the tall boy a confused look. "Sena-kun," Shin stated with his usual serious tone of voice, "if you don't have anyone to partner with you can stay with me."

Sena was more surprised then he should've been, but he quickly turned back to normal and smiled at his rival. "Thanks Shin-san." Shin nodded. Sena walked behind shin as he was lead to the tent.

'Why does the night have to be so cold?' Sena thought to himself as he shivered under his thin blanket. He barely ever went camping when he was young, and when he did he usually slept on an air mattress. "How can Shin-san stand this?" he whispered, as he looked at the dark haired boy who appeared to be sleeping. The brunette quietly got up, fearing that he might wake up Shin, and went to his bag to look for a sweater. The said sweater gave him enough warmth for him to be able to fall asleep.

Most people didn't know this, but whenever Sena fell asleep he would automatically grab the closest pillow or stuffed animal and hug it until he woke up. Since the only pillow Sena had was under his head, he grabbed the next best thing, Shin.

Shin's eyes fluttered open when the small boy's arms wrapped around him. He was wondering what Sena was doing. "Sena-kun,' he said softly, slowly pulling the brunette's arms away from him. But Sena just ened up wrapping his arms around him again, but tighter. "Mmmm…," Sena said. Shin could barely just make out what the small boy had said next, "Shin.." then he smiled as he pulled Shin in even closer.

Shin could feel the blood rushing to his cheeks, he didn't know what to do. He could feel Sena's breath on his neck.

After a few more minutes of thinking about it, he just closed his eyes again. Besides, it was a very cold night to be camping and Sena's body warmth was much more comfortable than the blanket he had been using. And it wasn't everyday that Shin had Sena all to himself.

Shin smiled.