A sasusaku fanfic.

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Chapter one- Spring time.

The air was mild and still, a little humid. Just how I remembered it.

The spring cherry blossoms that I could see from my top window were in bloom. Pink and white petals were scattered all over the front lawn. They were beautiful, I felt honored to have such a beautiful thing as my name sake.

Boxes still inhabited most of my room, ugly brown, cardboard boxes. What kind of an interior was that?

I sighed and took a seat on one of the fuller boxes; it was a little soft, comfortable. I opened it, to see what had made me feel as if I were sitting on a comfy sofa not a box.

I tugged at the top and finally pulled the top flaps of the box off; it revealed a mountain of soft toys. Pink bunnies with purple ribbons tied around their necks, brown worn out teddy bears, little, squishy, yellow duckies, and countless cartoon merchandise that was in plushie form.

I smiled to myself; man did that take me back. Back to a darker time, I shivered and pushed that thought from my head.

I had changed now; I was not the same Sakura Haruno who had left Konoha three years ago. Back then I was still an ugly, shy, insecure caterpillar. Now I had returned as a butterfly, well at least that was my perspective.

I looked at my clock, one of the few items I had actually taken out of a box. Seven o'clock, any minute now my mom would come striding up the stairs to wake me in time for school, little did she know I was already awake, sure enough.

"Sakura! Get out of bed and get ready for school."

"Yeah!" I called back.

The morning sunlight leaked through my curtains, and illuminated my dusty floorboards. I stretched; it was good to be back in the old house, my old room. Everything was so familiar, but yet everything was so different. Or maybe it was just the person inhabiting the house.

It was true; I had been a bit of a loser back when I had lived here before. That was hard to believe now, then again, my forehead wasn't so massive anymore seeing as I had grown into it, I no longer spent all my time reading, I wasn't shy anymore and I didn't have a huge, massive, enormous obsession with Sasuke Uchiha anymore. I mean I hadn't seen him in what, three years?

Besides, he had always bullied me. But I had always been crazy over him, boy was I pathetic.

So all those things had changed, oh yeah and according most guys, the biggest thing that had changed was the fact I had got hot. I didn't know to take that as a compliment or an insult. So I usually just nodded.

With a deep, inward sigh, I stood up and backed away from the box full of soft toys and retreated to my very much empty wardrobe.

I had no idea where all my clothes had escaped too, but I was hoping I'd find them sometime soon. Thanks the Lord for uniforms.

I pulled on my, black and grey tartan, school skirt. I wasn't sure if this was my actually school skirt, or part of one of those kinky school girl outfits you buy from adult shops, because the skirt only just covered, what my undies covered, pretty much. I pulled the skirt down a little more to cover more thigh area; I guess today I'd be low riding.

I pulled on my white blouse, which wasn't much better considering it was literally skin tight, which for a girl with DDs isn't really a good thing. Not that it looked bad, its just I didn't enjoy some of the stares I got when I wore tight shirts.

"God, it looks like my clothes got shrunk in the wash," I complained as I examined myself in the mirror.

I shrugged into my black, V neck jumper. Which surprisingly wasn't too bad, it was loose so it didn't hug my curves too much.

I yanked on my socks, tied up my neck ribbon, and slipped into my ballet flats.

I gazed at myself in the mirror; I looked like a kinky school girl. I couldn't help but laugh, luckily I used to live here, and I knew for a fact all the girls looked like that in the uniform.

I combed through my hair a few times and fixed up any loose ends that didn't look right. I applied a small amount of make up and packed my bag. It was almost time to leave; I gave my dog Bruno, who was asleep on my bed a rub on the head before heading out my bedroom door and down the stairs.

With a piece of burnt toast in hand, I clambered out the front door.

"Bye mom," I called. There was a murmured reply.

Today was the day; today I would be re united with everyone who had once known me as 'forehead.'

I smiled to myself knowing most of them, especially the boys, would eat their words now. I plugged my earphones into my ears, and continued down my road happily, humming to myself.

Konoha high was only a small walk away from my conveniently positioned house, five minutes away, and five minutes and thirty seven seconds to be exact.

I soon arrived at the charcoal black gates, 'Konoha High' was carved into a gold plaque that had been drilled into the top of the gate. I pulled my earphones out.

I used to walk past this school everyday on my way home from Leaf Junior High, it still looked the same.

I walked in.

I breathed in deeply.

A few people were scattered outside, no one I recognized. But they seemed to notice me.

I smiled to myself, and to one of the cuter boys that stood under the tree.

Stares, it was something I had grown used to, after sixteen years of having pink hair. But these stares weren't aimed at my hair, more at well… me.

I headed into the corridors, it was packed! I could barely move.

Footballs were being thrown around, there were cell phones buzzing everywhere. Paper planes flew over my head, everyone was pretty much screaming.

This school was a heck of a lot bigger than my last one.

I pushed my way through the crowd. Now where the hell was the office?

"Are you lost?" a voice from behind me asked sweetly.

I turned, "uh yeah actually could-" I began until I saw the persons face.

"Ino!" I yelled.

The blonde smiled, "pink hair, I knew it was you, Sakura." She exclaimed before embracing me in a breathless, world famous, Ino, bear hug.

She finally let me go after a few moments of weird, girly, high pitched squeals and a lot of jumping.

"Why didn't you tell me you were coming back forehead?"

She asked, I pretended not to notice the last bit, but I admit my eye twitched when I heard it.

"I lost your number, I left my old phone somewhere, and it had all your contact details on it, besides I wanted to leave it a surprise, pig." I exclaimed. Ino smirked.

"Well I have to admit Sakura, calling you forehead has kind of lost its meaning now, seeing as its not nearly as big now."

"You're still a pig." I said with a giant smile.

We both laughed.

"Could you show me to the reception?" I asked.

Ino nodded and lead me around a few twisting corners, until we came across a bright red door.

"Right through here." Ino said, opening the door for me. I walked in and she followed behind me.

I waited at the counter for the small woman at the computer to finish typing and notice me. She didn't stop typing but she must have noticed me after some time standing there.

"Can I help you?" She asked without diverting her eyes away from the computer monitor.

"Um it's my first day her and I don't really know-"

"Name?" The lady interrupted.

"Uh, Haruno Sakura."

There was a few taps from the key board. And suddenly the lady pushed a bunch of papers in Sakura direction.

"This is everything you need, your map, your locker number and combination, your time table, your school guide book. Yada, yada all the normal stuff. Next!"

And with that Sakura briskly rounded her belongings together, and with the help of Ino dragged it to her locker.


"Oh, you're in Kakashi sensei's math class he's-" Ino began, examining Sakura's timetable as Sakura neatly stacked everything into her small, green locker.

"Sakura, is that you?" A loud, hyper voice asked from behind. Sakura knew who is was without even looking, the voice was very distinctive and she could never forget the voice of Naruto.

Oh God, he had been so annoying when she had last seen him. Before looking at him Sakura braced herself, she plastered on a fake smile and turned to face the, bubbly blonde.

The fake smile soon twisted into more of a jaw drop.

Shit. Naruto actually looked… hot.

Inner Sakura was going insane, what the hell happened to him over the last few years! He had grown that's what; I guess that's what had happened to me. Sakura thought to herself.

"Naruto," I exclaimed, sounding genuinely happy to see him.

Naruto enveloped me in a giant, breathless bear hug, which was even tighter than Ino's.

"I- c-cant breathe!" I stammered.

"Oh sorry," Naruto yelled, letting her go.

Although his exterior had changed, I was almost certain Naruto's interior was still the same. Loud, hyper, annoying and determined.

I laughed to myself.

"Wow Sakura you look even prettier than last time, and hey your forehead looks smaller." Naruto said.

My eyebrow twitched, but I decided to let him go, seeing as she had only just caught up with him again.

"Naruto you're an idiot," Ino muttered, stalking off.

"Um, I better follow Ino she's my guide to this school after all." I said, waving a curt goodbye to Naruto as I trailed after Ino.

"Hey where's your cousin Sakura? He'll want to see you." Ino asked.

I shrugged, I honestly didn't know, I also doubted he'd want to see me. Daisuke was my only first cousin, he shared the same green eyes with me, but his hair was a chestnut color.

"I don't really want to see him Ino, he'll just tease me."

"But you haven't seen him in two years."

"And I'd like to keep it like that for as long as I can."

Ino sighed, "Sasuke hangs out with him."


"Wow you really are over your obsession with him."

I twiddled with a loose strand of my hair; I nodded, "yep."

"Well I'm not so we're going to find your cousin. It gives me an excuse to hang out with Sasuke."

"Isn't Naruto best friends with Sasuke," I asked,

"Yeah, but Naruto wasn't hanging out with him when we saw him was he? Naruto was probably up to no good. Now no arguing we're going to find Daisuke."

I sighed and gave up arguing. Ino was extremely stubborn, and I wasn't in the arguing mood, besides I kind of wanted to get a little glimpse of Sasuke.

I decided to start conversation as Ino and I were searching through the corridors. Make things less tense.

"Where's the rest of your group."

Ino shrugged, "Tenten's always late. Hinata has newspaper in the morning so she'll be late. Temari is probably hanging with Shikamaru those two are really tight for some reason. And Helena, well you won't know her she moved here a few years back from America. I have no idea where she is?" Ino said as if just realizing she was missing almost al of her group.

I noticed as we were walking around the busy school, everyone seemed to know who Ino was, some said hi to her, the shyer, nerdier looking ones, stuck to just whispering as she walked by.

There was two things on everyone's lips though, "is that Sakura Haruno?" or "who's that new girl hanging with Ino?"

"Ino you seem to be quite popular," I blurted out.

Ino shrugged, "that's what being head cheerleader gets you," she said with a wink.

I was about to reply when we found Daisuke and his group hanging outside of a group of lockers.

They all stared at me, it was kind of intimidating.

"Hey Sakura, mom said you were moving back." Daisuke said with a grin.

"Forehead is that you?"

I directed my gaze to the person who had said that, and gave them a menacing glare. To my surprise it was Sasuke who had said that, and I found myself glaring at well the glare king, I was no match so I fluttered my eyes somewhere else.

"My name is not forehead, so to answer your question no that is not me." I said with an unusually high amount of bitterness in her voice.

Wow, even I hadn't expected for that to sound so bitchy. I inwardly smiled; outwardly I kept my face neutral.

Sasuke looked taken a back, and so h should. Seeing as last time he had seen me I had been weirdly obsessed with him and now I sounded as if I couldn't hate anyone more. Okay that might be exaggerating a bit, but still it felt good.

Sasuke looked me up and down and smirked. "Well I guess your forehead has decreased an inch in size, Sakura but to me you'll always be forehead. Welcome back." Sasuke said.

I rolled my eyes.

"Guess you couldn't get enough of me so you had to come back," Sasuke teased.

"Oh yeah that's the one right there." I said with obvious sarcasm. I really couldn't be bothered dealing with him.

"I knew it," Sasuke said with a wink.

I rolled my eyes, his friends laughed.

So that was that, I caught up with the rest of the guys. The rest of the guys being, Daisuke, Kiba, Shikamaru, Neji, Gaara and Naruto when he ran over with Hinata.

I caught up with the girls also; Temari was with Shikamaru so I got talking to her, I had a little chat with Hinata when she arrived with Naruto. Tenten arrived shortly after. Ino trailed Sasuke around and flirted with him, he gave her the cold shoulder, and every now and then I caught him glimpsing at me.

It was like I had never left, that was until Helena arrived. Let's put it this way she definitely didn't take a liking to me.

She was beautiful, pale skin, long, shining raven hair that fell down to her waist. Bright, blue eyes covered with thick, dark lashes. She was the female version of perfection, Sasuke being the male version.

As soon as Helena arrived, Ino automatically stopped flirting with Sasuke, and I soon found out why.

Tenten whispered to me when she arrived that Helena had dibs on Sasuke, and when the most beautiful, popular girl had dibs on something or someone nobody disobeyed. Apparently Sasuke's family and her family were good friends, and involved in business together.

The way Helena glared at me when she walked into the room, told me we weren't going to be the best of friends from the get go.

I was reassured of this when Ino introduced us.

"Hey," I said politely, I even gave her a warm smile, but she was as cold as ice.

"Ino why the hell would I care about who this is?" she asked, ignoring me completely.

What a bitch!

Ino began stumbling over her words, Ino was the most confident girl I knew and even she was scared of her. I rolled my eyes.

"Look, I don't give a shit what your social status may be, you are in no way above me, and if you don't want to know me that's absolutely fine, it'll probably save me from pretending to be nice to you to your face when really I think you're a stuck up bitch. And I will be hanging out with Ino, Tenten, Hinata and Temari because we were friend's way before you moved here. Okay?" I said, I didn't bother waiting for a reply instead I just floated away to my first period class, because as if right on cue, as soon as I had finished my little rant the bell rang, Temari and Tenten ran up to me.

"Nice one Sakura!" Temari said giving me a high five.

"Yeah, I wouldn't have the guts to do that to Helena, truth is me and Temari hate her, but Ino worships her and well Hinata doesn't hate anybody even though Helena treats her like crap.

"Wait so even though you guys hate her, she still hangs out with you?" I asked.

They both nodded.

"I think Ino only likes her because she's popular and even richer than she is."

I shook me head.

"You know the only other person that has the guts to stand up to Helena is Sasuke," Tenten added.

I desperately wanted to keep talking about this but Temari changed the subject as Ino and Hinata caught up. Helena chose to stay behind and walk with the boys probably because of my presence.

Gutless, I thought.

"What do you have first, Sakura?" Temari asked.

"Um, P.E," I said.

"Sweet me and Ino have that too," Tenten exclaimed. The three of us headed towards the gym and waved goodbye to everyone else.

I desperately hoped I didn't have any subjects with Helena not because I was scared of her but simply because she would drive me insane.




Gai sensei was our P.E teacher. God forbid.

He was more like a drill sergeant than a teacher, first he made us run 50 laps of the gym.

This made me feel very self conscious, because I could feel pretty much every guy's eyes, in the class on me.


Because, being… bigger in the chest area, when I run, well they bounce. If you get what I'm saying.

Not only had I not packed a sports bra, but I had also discovered the P.E uniform to be very skimpy, white singlet with Konoha high's logo stitched on the front and black shorts, that were about as short as the school skirt.

"Oi, forhead!" Sasuke called as he ran beside me at my pace.

"What?" I asked breathlessly.

"We might have to start calling you boobs from now on, seeing as they're a lot bigger than your forehead."

I went to hit him, but he ducked and sped up his pace.

"You really have grown," he called back coolly. He turned around and continued at his rather fast pace.

I rolled me eye.

What a perv, I thought.

The boys P.E uniform looked like a basketball uniform, only in replacement of a singlet there was a long t-shirt, the boys uniform was the same color scheme as the girls, white shirt black shorts.

I was the third girl in the class to finish the 50 laps, in saying that there were only six girls in the class. Three of them being me, Tenten and Ino.

Ino was last in the class to finish, Tenten told me she had only done gym because Sasuke was in it and she needed to do it to boost her chances of getting head cheerleader.

All of the boys I had seen this morning were in P.E.

"Okay class!" Gai sensei called.

"We have a new student I believe, Miss Haruno please step forward and share your youthfulness with us all!"

Did that even make sense? God this guy was loony.

I took a step forward, there were a few whistles, I rolled my eyes, but I felt my cheeks burning up a bit.

"Ah miss Haruno, welcome to my youthful P.E class. Now because we have a new student, everyone get down and give me fifty press ups!" Gai said.

Everyone groaned, but proceeded.

"And you miss Haruno, seeing as your new and all can give me 100!"

This guy was insane!

My body ached after P.E, I was glad I had English next. English was hands down my favorite subject. And Ino told me Kurenai was normal. Well then again anyone was normal compared to Gai sensei.

I walked to English with Shikamaru, Kiba and unfortunately Sasuke,

What the hell had I ever seen in him?

He walked beside of me, and I was sick of his little fan girls giving him dreamy smiles, or marriage proposals as he walked by. And From the looks of things he was also ticked off.

"SASUKE-KUN I WANT YOU! I WANT YOUR BODY NOW!" a girl who looked a hell of a lot older than Sasuke called, as she licked her lips and pulled a condom from her pocket.

I laughed, at Sasuke's face as we kept walking.


I nudged Sasuke in the rib, and gave him a sly look.

He rolled his eyes in annoyance. I laughed; finally I found something that annoyed him.

"Jeez, I was never that bad was I?" I asked.

Sasuke smiled, "you were worse," he said.

I shook my head, "hey as I recall I never said I wanted your body."

Sasuke cocked his eyebrow, "you have a terrible memory then."

I nudged him in the shoulder, "I know what I said and I never said that!"

"Mhmm," Sasuke said, with a babyish smirk.

"I didn't!" I said confidently. "Did I?" I began to doubt myself.

Sasuke smirked and walked into class. I hadn't even realized we were here yet.

Oh God.

Helena was standing outside of the English room door, and she gave me a murderous glare before stalking off inside.

She needed to stop being so protective of Mr. Sasuke, I mean she could have ANY other guy in the school, but I guess she was like the old me, she only wanted him.

I sighed and shuffled into class. I didn't no where to sit the desks were sorted into twos, Helena had taken a seat next to Hinata, which was conveniently in front of Sasuke and Naruto.

Kurenai was sitting at her desk in front of the class.

"You Sakura?" She asked. I nodded.

"Naruto out of your seat now, you fight too much with Sasuke, take a seat next to Chouji."

Kurenai turned her attention back to me, as Naruto moved with a moan.

"Sakura you take a seat next to Sasuke."

I nodded and made my way to my new seat.

I could pretty much feel the hatred Helena felt towards me radiating off her as I walked past her.

"Not you again," Sasuke teased.

"Yeah not you again," Helena added, her eyes narrowing as she looked at me.

"Well how unfortunate for you both," I said taking my seat. I pulled my books out of my bag.

"I bet this is your dream come true sitting next to me, eh?" Sasuke said mused.

"More like yours," I whispered back as Kurenai began speaking.

Sasuke chuckled.

"Today class we will begin a new topic, Shakespeare." Kurenai said with a wide grin.

There were a few groans but I was quite happy to be studying Shakespeare, I loved Shakespeare from a very young age.

"Everyone here would have probably heard, seen or read one of his very famous plays. We will be studying three of these; they are arguably some of the most famous of his work. Macbeth, A midsummer nights dream and of course Romeo and Juliet. At the end of this topic we will be combining a bit of drama with our English. This class will be performing an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet near the end of this unit as a unit assignment to see how well you can comprehend and understand the story, but lets not worry about that now. First of all I want everyone to tell me what they already know about Shakespeare."

Naruto's hand shot up.

"Yes Naruto."

"He writes boring plays, that's all I know."

"Well Naruto that is your opinion, does anyone have anything they'd like to add to that?"

Helena's hand sprung up.

Kurenai gave her a broad smile that showed Helena was probably one of the favorites in the class, she must like English too.

"Yes Helena."

"Shakespeare is anything but boring; it is simply the literature that is used that tends to put people with smaller brains that can't comprehend the old English language Shakespeare uses off reading it." Helena stated proudly.

Naruto sank in his seat.

"Good," Kurenai said.

I raised my hand slightly.

"Ah yes, Sakura." Kurenai said.

"Well uh, yes I believe Helena does have a valid point there but I would have to disagree with most of it, even people with immense intellect find it hard to understand the underlying message of what Shakespeare is saying. Not only because of the old English he uses. But because he mixes that language with poetry, that can make it very difficult to understand. However I do agree that in no way is Shakespeare boring. I just think society looks upon it as boring; it is not something seen to be cool in today's society. Maybe because it is so old, or maybe because most people can't understand it, and in no way do I believe most people are as Helena put it 'smaller brained,' I believe everyone could understand it if they took the time to, but it would be much easier just to flick down to the video store to get a movie full with action and drama, or go to the library to get a book that already makes sense. But I believe that if Shakespeare was modernized people would find it a heck more interesting." I stated.

Kurenai smiled warmly at me.

"Good work Sakura, and that is why for our performance you will be translating Romeo and Juliet into well modern English. That is part of your assignment."

Helena sunk in her seat and stayed quiet for most of the lesson.

I enjoyed English.

I was glad I had moved back to Konoha, I really was.

AUTHORS NOTE: God, I hoped any of that English lesson made sense, I personally don't know much about Shakespeare so I was juts kinda improvising. Hope it sounded alright. Hah, next chapter there will be a very… important event. That will help shape the book. I really like the idea of having a complete bitch (Helena) in the story. And yes she is named after the character from a midsummer nights dream. Hhaa. Anyway please, please, please, review. :DD