A sasusaku fanfic.

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"Woo! Go Sakura!" It was Naruto yelling, him and a few other of the basketball team were watching.

Sasuke was there.

The brown envelope.

Oh God, why had I opened that damn envelope.

I gulped and I knew that thinking about it would only make my tryout worse, but I couldn't get it out of my mind.

What had Daisuke been thinking!

Chapter three: Plans and Plots.

"Congratulations Haruno Sakura you have been chosen to join our squad, the Konoha High Foxes." Ino announced happily.

Helena glared at her feet.

My tryout had been shit! But I guess Ino was an even better persuader than Helena when it came to some things.

I smiled half heartedly, my mind elsewhere.

One of the girls frowned, "are you not even happy?" she asked bitterly.

I waved my hands in front of me. "No, no I really am its just… I have to go." I said picking up my duffel bag.

"Wait Sakura aren't you going to stay to watch the boys basketball training? I thought we were meant to get ice cream afterwards and your uniform!" Ino yelled.

"Sorry!" I yelled back, as I ran out into the golden, sun lit street.

Where the fuck was Daisuke! Boy was I going to kill him!

I ran home, not stopping. I was breathless when I reached the familiar white Picard fence. I hobbled up the stairs and slammed open the front door.

Mom was home, she was sitting at the kitchen table playing scrabble with none other than Daisuke.

Daisuke. The big, bad boy Daisuke with mountains of fan girls, was playing scrabble with my mother, I could have laughed if I wasn't in such a foul mood.

"Hello dear, how'd tryouts go."

"Fine. I'm in the team, Daisuke can I talk to you in private for a moment." I demanded.

Mom looked at her watch, "Ohh, I better get going anyway I have a meeting with some clients." She exclaimed, picking up her hand bag, and kissing me on the head before she ascended outside.

"What the hell is this?" I demanded once I was sure my mother had left. I threw the envelope and its contents on the table.

Daisuke's face paled and his eyes bulged.

"Why did you open it?" he asked blankly.

"That's beside the point Daisuke. Drugs? Seriously! What the hell were you thinking?"

"There not for me!" he wailed.

"What?" I asked.

He rolled his eyes, "." he repeated.

"Well then who is it for, huh?"

Daisuke sighed. "Look I got mixed up in the wrong crowd a while back okay? It's a long story anyway I just need to get this to a guy that I'm meeting at the party, otherwise well I'm pretty much dead."

"Why'd Sasuke have the cocaine?"

"Ughh, because I owed this guy some drugs, but of course I didn't have any money to get it, so Sasuke bought it for me."

"You idiot! Do you know how much trouble I could of got in if I got caught with this, why weren't you at basketball?" I asked.

"Because… because he's looking for me Sakura. Why do you think I'm at your house? But now that I have it I can stop hiding." He exclaimed.

"So all this shit, for what 30 grams of coke?" I asked.

Daisuke shook his head, "I owe him more but this will do for now," Daisuke said.

I shook my head, "You're a worry," I muttered.

"You won't tell anyone will you, specially not my parents?"

"Are you kidding me that's the last thing your parents need, a heart attack. No I'll stay quiet but keep me out of this shit okay?"

Daisuke nodded gratefully and embraced me in a big bar hug. "Thanks," he muttered.

I rolled my eyes, "you owe me."

He let go and looked at me.

"Just so you know I'm planning on making Helena's life hell at my party after what she said to you."

I shook my head, "that's not necessary you don't have to go all protective on me."

He laughed, "No, Helena may be extremely hot, but she's a fucking bitch. And a really bad fuck by the way."

"What?" I screeched.

Daisuke laughed, "She was drunk off her face and sad coz she didn't think Sasuke loved her. I was there to-"

I slapped him hard across the face. "Perv!"

"Ouch, Sakura!" he moaned as he rubbed his face.

Ew, ew, ew. Not only was my worst enemy a complete bitch she was also a dirty slut and my cousin, who I considered more as an annoying older brother had lost it… to her! I hoped.

"She was your first right?"

Daisuke looked shady, but nodded. I didn't completely believe him, but I didn't really want to know any more.




"Daisuke and Helena!" Ino shrieked, outraged by the piece of gossip I had just confided in her.

The two of us were alone in Daisuke's family kitchen preparing nibbles. We had just cleared out the basement and helped the boys set up the strobe lights, we had organized a DJ. Daisuke's huge basement was now empty, with only one long table to place drinks and food on, huge spotlights, strobe lights and colored lights, a few speakers and one or two chairs pushed to the back of the room. We were ready for the party tomorrow.

The party list had started with a mere eighty people, that list had now increased to two hundred or so. Luckily the basement had once been a ballet studio when the former owners lived here. When Daisuke and his family moved in they converted it into one massive basement. So it was as big as any hall you could hire.

"Okay I think these chicken nuggets are done now and the chips." I announced pulling a tray filled with chicken bits and over cooked French fries.

Ino nodded, "yep the cupcakes are done too."

We placed the massive amount of food onto a tray and headed into the lounge where all the boys were scattered around, lounging around like they owned the place.

"Foods here!" Ino chirped happily.

The boys eyed up the food.

"That's it?" Naruto asked looking at the tray at the same moment his stomach rumbled grumpily.

"Um yeah, do you need more or something?" I asked.

All the boys started laughing.

"Um yes, that wouldn't even feed Naruto." Kiba exclaimed.

"Well uh, that's it." I said.

"How about we just go out to get some food, huh?" Neji suggested.

I sighed, "well these fries are kind of burnt so… why not," I said with a smile.

Ino nodded, "Okay."

I followed the boys who were motivated by hunger to get up off their lazy butts to drive to find a takeaway store.

I walked out of Daisuke's house to see six cars. Not just average cars but cars that probably cost more than my house.

I had arrived at Daisuke's before the boys had come so I hadn't seen their cars. I then realized one of the cars was Ino's.

She had a hot pink, custom made, BMW convertible.

There was another black sedan, with matching black tinted windows. That was Gaara's.

Next to that was a silver Mercedes. That was Neiji's.

Beside that was a car I knew well, it was Daisuke's he had a red Lexus sports car.

Then there was a massive gold Hummer that Kiba owned.

And last but certainly not least was a red Lamborghini that belonged to none other than Sasuke Uchiha. Of course his car had to out do everyone else's.

Naruto and Shikamaru and of course me were the only people that didn't have cars. Naruto didn't have one because he had tried multiple times for his license but still hadn't obtained it. Shikamaru felt that the whole license process was too troublesome, me on the other hand well… I had mine; I just hadn't got a car yet. I had, had one back when I live in America but well it wasn't anything compared to these cars. It was then I realized every single one of my friend were filthy rich. Even Daisuke was, both his parents were doctors.

"Okay Sakura you can ride with me." Ino said coolly. I nodded and took a seat in her hot pink car. The interior was exactly how I had expected it, pink and purple, EVERYWHERE. She had Hello Kitty covered everything. I almost laughed at how typical it was.

Ino's parents owned a large chain of florist shops. She soon jumped in beside me into the driver's seat.

"Where exactly are we going," I asked.

"This little diner place downtown, it's real cute and they have the best burgers!" Ino replied excitedly.

"I thought you were on a diet."

Ino shrugged, "I'll make an exception for today," she said as she pulled out of the driveway.

Ino turned on her radio, playing loudly out of her speakers was some old Craig David song.

Ino blushed, "sorry, you can take that C.D out," Ino said tentatively.

"No, no it's fine. So you dig Craig David?" I said raising my eyebrows.

"Shut up, I just couldn't find another C.D."

"Right. Haha. Don't worry Ino; to be honest Craig David is great. In fact walking away is one of my all time favorite songs."

Ino grinned, "That's why you're my best friend. It's number nine." She said with a wink.

"I'm walking away. Ohh, from the troubles in my life!" Ino and I sang in unison, in loud, terrible voices.

We both laughed and continued singing until we reached the small, obviously, over looked diner.

We were last to arrive, probably because Ino, unlike the boys, wasn't participating in their mini race to get here. Boys are so typical.




"What can I get ya?" a waitress who looked about forty something asked, after all of us had finally managed to squeeze into a both. I was squished between Naruto and Sasuke.

Everyone yelled their orders at her, surprisingly she managed to get everything down, she turned and looked at me, "and what would you like, lovie?" she asked me.

"Uh I'll just get a deluxe cheeseburger with a large plate of garlic chips, a triple chocolate milkshake and um a piece of brownie please." I said with an innocent smile.

The waitress laughed, "honey I'm just lettin' you know the portion sizes are huge, and you're a tiny girl are you sure you can stomach all that?"

I nodded and gave her a babyish grin.

"Okay then," she said and she turned around and left us to socialize.

"Hey so I have a really funny joke!" Naruto proclaimed.

Everyone groaned.

"Mrs. Jones goes to the doctor for a full medical.
After an hour or so, the doctor looks at Mrs. Jones and says the following: "Mrs. Jones, overall you are very healthy for a 45 year old. There is however, only one problem. You are 40 pounds overweight and bordering on obese. I would strongly suggest that you diet now to save any complications in later years."
She looks sternly at him and says, "I demand a second opinion".
"OK" he says, "you're fucking"

Naruto began shaking in fits of laughter.


"Dobe," Sasuke said reaching over me and smacking Naruto on the head.

"HEY SHUT UP TEME!" Naruto began shouting.

"Naruto I have to say you sounded the smartest I've ever heard you sound in that joke when you were pretending to be the doctor, that's quite said isn't it?" Neji pondered.


"Naruto shut up!" Ino yelled.

Naruto sulked.

Ino rolled her eyes, I giggled. "You guys haven't changed much," I said.

Everyone stared at me, mouths gaping.

"What?" I asked confused by their weird looks.

"Sakura we have so changed I mean please I have boobs now." Ino said.

Everyone looked at her weirdly now, "what?" she asked.

I laughed, "That's not what I mean. I mean you've all grown and stuff but deep down you're still all the same."

"Does that mean you still have a massive obsession with Sasuke then?" Naruto asked.

"She sure does!" Sasuke said with a smirk, he pulled my head between his arms.

"Let my head go please." I said pulling myself away from him, "and no I don't actually." I said crossing my arms.

"That's what they all say," Sasuke said with a sly look.

"Um who exactly says that as far as I know all your fan girls love proclaiming how much they adore you."

"Well you don't know much then," Sasuke said flicking me in the forehead.

"When did you become so annoying?"

"I only save that side of me for you. When did you become so moody?"

"Same reason."

I glared at him and he glared back, the thing that really got me going was the fact that I think he actually thought I was still that little obsessed girl, I would have to toy with him a bit, but I'll save that for the party.

I smiled back sweetly at him, he looked confused.

"What?" he asked.

"Oh nothing Sasuke-kun." I said with a giggle.

He frowned.

Time to put operation: Sakura fan girl into action. That'd get his blood boiling.

Tomorrow night was going to be good, and I was going to get my revenge back for every time he had made fun of me years ago.

I really couldn't stand his arrogant, self absorbed attitude.




"What do you think?" Tenten asked as she emerged from the ensuite in Ino's massive room.

Tenten was wearing a purple baby doll dress that showed off her amazing legs with matching purple stilettos and a long gold necklace with a large heart pendant hanging limply to the chain. She had a few other gold accessories. The whole outfit belonged to Ino; Tenten's clothes were more boyish. Tenten had let her hair down for the night and it looked amazing, her makeup looked amazing, she looked amazing. I had always thought Tenten was pretty but at the moment she looked beautiful. In fact everyone sitting in the room did, I was the last to get ready.

"Wow, Tenten you look great!" Ino exclaimed as she admired her handiwork.

"Yeah Tenten, I never knew you could look feminine," Temari teased which earned her a pillow to the head from Tenten.

Temari had her hair in the usual way, and her face was still quite natural, just a bit of lip-gloss and mascara, she wore tight jeans and a sparkly, black sequined halter that hung low at the neckline and was long and baggy.

Hinata looked absolutely adorable, Ino had given Hinata an absolute makeover, her perfect porcelain skin was complemented by the baby pink blush that flushed over her cheeks, she had lavender eye shadow, and darker purple liquid eyeliner, it bought out her eyes. Her long hair had been curled perfectly and she wore the prettiest little dress, with ballet flats, that had a tiny heel.

Ino herself had pulled all her hair back tightly and given herself a quiff, there were silver sparkles through her hair and she wore silver eye shadow charcoal black eyeliner, mountains of mascara as well as thick false eyelashes, she wore a fluro pink singlet with a black print on it, she tucked that into a black tube, high waisted miniskirt that just across the top of her thigh. She had on three inch heels, in the same fluro pink. She by far looked the prettiest. Well apart from Helena, who wore her hair down, it was naturally beautiful and flowed to her waist. She wore a pair of light denim mini shorts accompanied by a baggy white t-shirt that she tightened at the back, the shirt was cut to reveal her left shoulder and there was a gaping whole in the back, revealing her bright green, lacey bra strap. Across the front of her top read in bold, black writing; PLAYBOY. Her make-up was done to perfection, foundation, blue eyeliner, mascara and glitter across her eyes.

Now it was my turn. Ino grinned at me; she pulled me into a short, tight, black and white dress. It plunged at the neck, but I pulled it up a little, to be honest it made my boobs look great, that I had to admit. The top half of the dress was white, the white stopped just below the chest area and was replaced with a black material, that flowed outwards, the black felt like satin. There was a large black bow at the back of the dress and the hem of the dress brushed about and inch away from my knees. The dress looked super expensive. I pushed my feet into some black heels with red soles, I knew these shoes to be made by a designer named Christian Louboutin, they would have cost a fortune but Ino didn't give me anytime to argue because before I knew it she was pulling at my hair, she straightened it, and then curled the ends, sprayed mountains of hairspray, added some glitter, then pulled almost all of it, except for two strands at the front of my hair, that were curled and just hung there looking pretty. With the rest of my hair she tied back and braided the sides, my hair resembled Jessica Alba's at some award ceremony that I had caught on E one night.

Ino applied some cherry lip gloss, mascara, eyeliner and glitter and my makeover was complete.

I took a look in the mirror and I was speechless, everyone was speechless, even Helena who had been picking out the bad details about everyone's outfits all night.

"Wow," Tenten said staring at me.

"That has to be the best makeover I've ever done," Ino stated with a smile.

"I look… amazing." I breathed.

"You sure do!" Temari yelled.

Helena didn't say anything, she just stared and I felt smug, and I knew that just for tonight she wouldn't be the best looking girl there that made me happy in a weird way.

Helena had managed to get her daddy to buy us all alcohol, even me to my surprise. What I hadn't expected was the quantity of alcohol we were going to get, we had so much. Helena had given me the least amount and I still had a twelve pack of vodka cruisers, a bottle of some fruity wine, some Smirnoff, KGB'S and a four pack of ready made gin and tonic. If my mom knew what I was really doing she would kill me. All my mother knew was that I was going over to Daisuke's house for a small get together, then we were going back to Ino's. Ino's parents weren't home very often so it was cool to come home drunk at her house and Helena's daddy was wrapped around her little finger, he'd do anything she wanted.

"I don't think I'll be able to drink all mine," I said staring at the bottles in front of me.

"Of course you won't be able to, there's a shit load there, but do you honestly think everyone at the party will be able to get alcohol? I don't think so; people will steal your drinks so it's better to have too much than too little." Helena said matter of factly.

Helena was starting to warm to me, even though she was still a complete bitch, she wasn't nearly as bad as she was when I had first started.

All six of us girls huddled into the limo that was taking us there, we were chatting excitedly, I hadn't been to many parties in my life because my friends parents had never been cool enough to cover for me and buy me alcohol, and there was no way my mom would have let me go parties if she knew what really happened.

We arrived shortly at Daisuke's house, I could hear the loud thumping music from here, the sky was completely black, but I could see some people 'getting lucky' on the front lawn.

"Ew," Ino muttered.

We headed inside where a few people stood around the house doing stupid things; we all headed down the winding staircase that led into the basement. It was absolutely packed, girls grinding with boys, people making out on the dance floor, the music was almost deafening and there was almost no light, the only light was coming from the strobe light and the colorful spotlights that wandered around the room.

Helena had dropped most of our alcohol off in Daisuke's room so no one would take it, but we had few boxes of drinks with us now, we placed them on the table the was filled with empty, full and half empty bottles. The DJ was playing some fast paced techno song that people were dancing crazily to. Apparently the dancing they were doing was called tectonik and shuffle. People were jerking and dancing like, well… sluts as well.

It was an amazing atmosphere, I smiled to myself and opened my bottle of Smirnoff and took a swig, it wasn't too strong. I had lost all of the girls already, they must have all ran off, I tried desperately to search for someone I knew.

"Hey there," some guy said seductively to me, a drink I his hand.

I ignored him. "I have to go." I said to him as I pushed my way on to the dance floor. People began dancing a little to close for me.

"Excuse me, excuse me." I said as I pushed my way through the crowd. No one could hear me through the blaring music. I was shorter than most of the people in the crowd and I was finding it a little hard to breath.


I turned to see Kiba who was dancing with a pretty blonde girl. I didn't know who she was so I guessed she must attend another school.

"Kiba," I breathed sounding kind of relieved that I found someone I knew.

Kiba turned to face me, blocking the annoyed looking blonde girl out.

"Wanna dance?" he asked with a sheepish smile.

I shrugged, "sure why not," I said taking another swig from my bottle. I was a terrible dancer so I just sort of swayed from side to side.

Kiba seemed to be a pretty good dancer, he kept doing this weird thing with his feet that apparently was called shuffling and was all the rage.

I giggled, I thought it looked kind of funny, but Kiba seemed into it, so I copied him. Amazingly Kiba looked impressed.

"You can shuffle?" he asked.

I shook my head, "no I'm just copying you." I said with a tentative smile.

"You're pretty good," he said. "Not nearly as good as me though." He teased.

I pushed him a little, and the lights soon switched on normally, the DJ was going for a quick cigarette break. He left a few songs playing but Daisuke, who was on stage had turned the lights on. I was thankful I could see normally.

Kiba looked me up and down, he whistled lowly, and I felt suddenly insecure.

"Wow," was all he said.

I blushed a little and he smiled taking a swig at his beer. I took a look around and it was then I realized just how many people were crammed into this place. It must have been over two hundred, maybe even nearly three hundred.

A guy from behind me tapped me on the shoulder.

"Hey do you want to go outside?" he asked with a smile, he was good looking, reddish hair, brown eyes.

"No she doesn't," Kiba said from behind me.

I gave him a look that said I could make my own decisions.

"Let's let the pretty lady decided, eh?"

I smiled at the boy, "no thanks. I may be new to the party scene but even I know that 'going outside' means sex in your car or on the front lawn."

The boy shrugged, "guess I'll just have to ask one of the ugly ones…" he muttered to his friend. "Why are the pretty one always so not slutty," his friend asked quietly as the two walked off.

"You know going outside doesn't always mean sex." Kiba said.

I rolled my eyes, "I'm not going outside with you," I said.

"Damn," Kiba said with another large grin.

"Hey can I ask you something?"

"You just did, but I'll ignore that. Sure ask away."

"Are you a virgin?"

Kiba laughed, "Sakura the only virgin in our group of guys is Naruto. Oh and Gaara, but don't tell him I told you that." Kiba said rubbing the back of his head.

I nodded.

"Anyway, I hate to say this Sakura but if you're not going to give me any I'm going to have to go find some from someone else." Kiba said with a grin as he dodged my slap.

"Just kidding, but seriously I need to get some action before the party dies." Kiba said as he backed away from my mad looking face. I rolled my eyes, guys were so typical.

I turned to look for someone else I knew and I found one, Neji, but he looked busy chatting up two girls, who both were giggling at whatever he was telling them.

I scanned the room some more, I saw Helena making out with some guy in the corner, obviously she had forgotten about Sasuke for the time being. Speaking of Sasuke, he was standing glaring at nothing as four girls surrounded him, touching him and giggling at nothing. From what Daisuke had told me about Sasuke, girls threw themselves at him that I already knew, Sasuke tended to ignore their existence but when he wanted something he'd simply ask them to go to bed with him and of course they'd oblige, but he never really loved, or even liked the girls he slept with. I smirked; time to put my plan into action. I skipped happily over to Sasuke and the girls that were touching him.

"Sasuke!" I said happily as I stood in front of him with a large smile placed on my face.

He took a look at me, and for a split second I think I saw his eyes bulge a little before returning to their same bored state.

So what exactly was my plan? It was to make Sasuke fall madly in love with me and then break his heart into a million little pieces, I admit I had seen this on a movie, it may have seen a bit extreme but he had broken my heart many times before. And although I even doubted that I could do it, I had to try.

"Sakura…" he said.

I smiled and walked closer to him pushing a fan girl out of the way; I pushed my hand onto his chest and wrapped my other arm around his neck.

"You look great Sasuke kun!" I chirped.

"Sakura are you drunk?" Sasuke asked.

"Maybe," I said flirtatiously as I curled his hair around my finger.

Sasuke rolled his eyes. This flirtyness definitely wasn't going to help me with my plan, that's why after Sasuke did this, I pulled my hands away, and flounced off.

"See ya later Sasuke" I said as I skipped away to a random guy I found, I introduced myself.

Now Sasuke knew I was here and he thought I was well keen for him I just needed to wait until he decided he wanted to sleep with someone. Daisuke had said no one had ever turned him down, and I prayed that my plan would work. This was just the beginning.

I kept glancing back at Sasuke, he looked as if he might actually be interested in the girl he was talking to, damn it!

He couldn't want to sleep with her that wasn't part of the plan! Just as I began getting mad with myself I spotted Daisuke heading outside with three shady looking guys, this must have been the guy he needed to give the drugs to, I tip toed outside behind them.

They headed down into a dark part of Daisuke's garden; I hid behind a tree and listened.

"Is this is?" the man bellowed. Although the guy looked about the same age as Daisuke, he sounded a lot older and looked very threatening. He had two big bodyguards with him too; they were dressed in black suits.

"Yeah but don't worry I'll get you more," Daisuke said nervously. I could tell he was nervous.

I had a feeling things were going to turn out messy.

A/N So a bit of a cliff hanger there, muahahaha. Over all I freaking hated this chapter! I hated it with a passion, it was messy but I was in a hurry to get it over with. I haven't even bothered to proof read, sorry. Anyway what I was trying get across in this chapter was that Sakura is going to try seduce Sasuke but in the next chapter she realizes although she has changed a lot it is still going to be really hard. And what she's planning to do in this chapter is to get Sasuke to want to sleep with her so she can refuse; she believes this will make him want her more. Will she be correct? Find out in the next chapter that will hopefully be a lot better than this crappy chapter, ahhhhh!