Things had a habit of happening on Naruto's birthday. Up until his sixteenth, he never had any control over any of them.

On his first birthday, the day he was actually birthed, a giant nine tailed fox got sealed inside him.

Birthdays two through twelve, there were usually injuries and maybe a mob and Naruto would spend the night in a tree.

Birthdays seven through twelve, there were also gifts: Scrolls from Sandaime-jii-chan, training equipment from Iruka-sensei, and foodstuffs from an unknown source that smelled like honeysuckle.

Birthday thirteen, Naruto was swallowed by a large snake. Yes, he exploded the snake, but he was still swallowed.

Birthdays fourteen and fifteen were spent training. Jiraiya was gifted with a set of scars on the former and Naruto was gifted with a few permanent attributes from the fox on the latter. Thankfully, one of those attributes was illusions that hide the more visible attributes.

On Naruto's sixteenth birthday, however, he watched an epic battle between brothers and dragged a mangled, but still breathing, Sasuke back home. It was the best, birthday gift ever, in Naruto's opinion.

AN: Ugh. Ok, this is a half-hearted brain vomit drabble that I came up with for Naruto's birthday. Yes, it plays merry hell with the canon timeline, but that's why I labeled it an AU. On another note, I've realized that I've missed three updates for Wandering Fox. I'd love to have an excuse for them, but I don't really. School is being difficult. Not helped that I've just missed an entire week, due to a cold from hell. I'm not sure if Wandering is headed for another hiatus or not, but right now I have to focus on original writing since I can't use fanfiction in my Literary Arts class. My apologies, but real life is eating me and my creative energies at the moment.