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Author's Note: I know that the poll I put up said 20 years, but I decided that was too much of a gap. So instead it will be 12 years after chapter 35 ends. Weird number I know, but it works for what I want to write about.

Just below is an update of the ages of the pack kids you already know about. At the bottom of the chapter is a complete list of which kids belong to which couple and what their ages are. I wouldn't suggest looking until you get into the chapter. You wouldn't want to ruin any surprises.

The short list of who's who of My Perfect Match:

Jared and Bella – J.B. (16 years old), Parker and Camille (14 years old) and Leila Marie (12 years old)

Sam and Emily – Levi (16 years old), Harper (14 years old)

Jacob and Kim – Sarah (13 years old)

Claire (21 years old)

It was the night I had feared and loathed to see since first holding my little Cam-Cam in my arms those first minutes after her birth. My little tomboy had grown up and would leave on her first date in a matter of only minutes. Personally, I felt fourteen was too young to date, never mind that I did at that age myself. It felt different with the girl being my own. Bella assured me that everything would be fine, but I had my doubts. Where would he take her, what would they do, how would he treat her? All questions that ran through my head, though, I knew the answer to the last one.

I heard the car door slam outside. Eight years after giving up my inner wolf and my hearing had stayed as sharp as the first day I phased. I looked through the peep hole to see Levi Uley walking up my drive. I knew he would treat my daughter with nothing but respect. But still, he was a boy – a sixteen year old, hormonal, horny boy. It didn't matter that I was there the day he'd been born, he was the enemy now and would remain so as long as he had interest in my Cam-Cam.

A steady, strong knock sounded on the front door. I could hear my daughter squeal in delight in her room. I took a deep breath and put on my most menacing expression, then opened the door.

"Hey, Uncle Jared." My eyes narrowed. All the pack kids called all the wolves and their imprints their aunts and uncles even though most of us shared no blood relation.

"I think you ought to start calling me Mr. Mahan if you're planning on dating my daughter, Levi." His eyes widened slightly.

"Oh, yeah, sorry. I guess that would sound weird to someone."

"Yeah, it would," I said shortly.

"All right then. Good evening, Mr. Mahan."

"Levi, take a seat." He quickly sat on the couch with tense shoulders.

"Jared, leave that boy alone," my Bella called from the kitchen.

"I'm not bothering you, am I, Levi?"

"No, sir."

"I didn't think so. See, Bella, I'm not messing with him."

Bella came into the living room carrying a tray of drinks.

"Lemonade, Levi?"

"Oh, thanks, Au – Mrs. Mahan." Levi gave me a side glance, and I gave him a smile of approval at his correction.

"You can still call me 'Aunt Bella', Levi. Don't be silly. We're all still family." Bella handed me a glass, making eye contract with me. "Jared's being a stupid ass. Ignore him, Levi."

"Oh...um…" the teenager muttered nervously.

I heard footsteps approaching the house. Now what? The front door opened and in walked my eldest. J.B. stopped when he saw his best friend sitting on our couch.

"Hey, man. Were we supposed to hang out? I don't remember making any specific plans for tonight."

"Uh, no, I'm…taking Cami out." My son's eyes narrowed and his jaw clenched.

"Oh. So you did ask her," J.B. said, annoyed.

"Yeah, man." Levi shifted a little under J.B.'s stare. "You said you were cool with it last week," Levi said carefully, eyeing his best friend for his response.

"I didn't think my dad would actually allow it to happen," my son said, looking at me.

"Your sister asked your mother first. She told her 'yes' without consulting me."

"Mom, don't you think Levi's a little old for Camille?"

Bella rolled her eyes. "No." The two of us had already had this conversation several times over the past few days.

"Isn't Camille a little young to be dating period?"

"Your sister is old enough to go to dinner and a movie with a boy she's known her whole life that I strongly approve of. It's not like they're running off to Vegas. They're going to do something they've done plenty of times, just this time without the group. So, the two of you can just get over yourselves."

"Fine," J.B. huffed, and then he stalked his way to his room he shared with Parker.

Levi sighed deeply. "I'm sorry. I didn't realize that tonight was so frowned upon."

"No, Levi, it's fine. They're just protective of Camille. I'm sure you'll feel the same way when Harper goes on her first date."

"You're right, Aunt Bella. And I probably wouldn't be thrilled if J.B. was the one to take her on it. But that's why I asked him first. I didn't want this to mess up our friendship."

"He'll get over it, I promise. The two of you will go and have a good time. Let me go check on how she's coming along."

I let out a long, slow breath. "Levi."

"Yes, sir?"

"I just want to say, I do trust you with my daughter. In fact, I'm glad it's you who's taking her on her first date. I know you'll treat her well and bring her home unharmed in any way. You're a good kid, Levi. I'm just having trouble admitting my little Cam-Cam isn't so little anymore."

"Thanks, Mr. Mahan. That means a lot."

"Forget the 'Mr. Mahan' crap. That's my dad. But I do ask you drop the 'uncle' part too. That just sounds disturbing when you're picking my daughter up for a date."

"So, just call you Jared?"

"Yeah, Levi, that's fine."

"All right, thanks, Jared," he said with a small grin.

"And here she is – Miss Camille Mahan," Bella announced.

My once dirty tomboy walked into the living room in a floral sundress, wearing heels, with her hair done all pretty and make-up adorning her face. The part that hit home was the expression that flittered across her face when she made eye contact with Levi. If the boy played his cards right, her heart would be his forever.

A couple of months had passed, and Levi and Camille had officially become a couple over that time. At first J.B. didn't approve of his best friend dating his little sister. He even avoided Levi for a week after that first date. But after a long talk between the two boys, J.B. agreed that as long as Levi treated Camille right, he wouldn't let it get in the way of their friendship.

Summer had arrived, so it was time for the summer kick-off cookout. We had all gathered at Sam and Emily's for the get-together.

I stood on the porch staring at the kids, particularly the boys.

"The three of them have grown quite a lot in the last few months," Sam noted from beside me. It had become obvious that Levi, J.B. and Parker had all hit growth spurts that reeked of oncoming phases.

"I was hoping it was just plain, old growth spurts."

"You know better than that, Jared."

"Yeah, I do. I just don't want that life for our kids, for my boys. We had to do it, so shouldn't that earn them a skip?"

"I guess not. I think this will be the first back to back generations since the beginning."

"I don't understand, though. Why hasn't Seth picked anything up then if there is some great threat looming?"

"Your guess is as good as mine."

I sighed heavily. "Sam, Levi needs to break up with her now."

"That's not likely to happen, Jared. He's happy with her. I'd venture to say he's in love with her."

"Do you want him to repeat your history, Sam?"

Sam winced. "Of course not. But how do you propose we break them up? Neither of them will do so easily."

"I don't know, but I refuse to stand by and watch not only my sons lose their futures but also see my daughter's heart shattered. I can't do much about them, but I can protect Cam-Cam."

"Maybe we'll get lucky and he'll imprint on her."

"Ha! Yeah, because the spirits love to make our lives easy like that."

"I just saying, without a just reason – one we can't tell him until he phases – I don't think there's anything that we can say or do to break the up. I'm afraid it's a wait and see thing. If he phases and doesn't imprint, then we'll tell him exactly why he must break things off with Camille. If he loves her, then he'll know it's the best thing for her to do so."

Sam made sense, but that left me

"What are you two ladies talking about?" a voiced asked. I turned to see Paul.

"The boys look close."

"Yeah, only a month or two more, I'd say," he said.

"Your boys don't affected yet," Sam commented. I seriously think that the spirits have a funky sense of humor. Paul and Leah were convinced they only wanted one child. So what did our tribe's spirits do? They granted Paul and Leah triplets – P.J., Harry and Leanne. She had a freaking littler of cubs, and the jokes still haven't ended eleven years later.

"No, but they're still far too young. The youngest we ever had was Seth when he was fourteen."

"True. But if whatever it is making the older ones change, sticks around, P.J., Harry, Will and Ethan might be facing the same fate," I said.

"God, I hope not," Embry said, walking up to us with Jacob by his side. Apparently, Jacob was right when he said that Bella's pregnancy sparked others. A year after Leila was born, Paul and Leah had the triplets and Jacob and Kim had Will. Then a year after that, Embry and Talise started their family with the birth of Ethan.

"I have to agree with Em. Though, I think Will would think phasing is the coolest thing in the world, he's obsessed with Dad telling him the legends. I don't want that life for him."

"Well, I guess we'll all just have to wait and see. There's not much we can do about it," Sam said.

"Dad!" All of us turned out of habit. I saw J.B. jogging up to me.


"Um…you might want to come with me."

"Why?" I asked suspiciously.

"The twins are trying to knock down a bee hive."


The guys all laughed and shot them glares before following my oldest. I ran into the woods to see my youngest two. Yes, that's right, I got my way. Five years after Leila was born, Bella came out of the bathroom holding the little stick with a positive sign. The pregnancy took us both my shock – for different reasons. She thought we were done after Leila, and I had given up my hope of reaching my goal of five. So imagine our surprise when the doctor told us to expect twins. Charlie and Alex were our trouble makers. At seven years old, they found trouble anywhere and everywhere.

The only thing that made Bella feel a little better was when a week after we found out about the twins, Jake and Kim found out they too were expecting their own pair. I tried blaming that set of pregnancies on Embry, as a year before Talise gave birth to a girl, Talley. But Jacob stood firm in his belief that all his children were results of mine. He swore he'd hurt me if Bella ever got pregnant again – four kids was way more than enough for him. Though, I know he enjoys having Katrina and Lynn to himself, and not sharing his daughters like he had to do Sarah with Seth.

After tearing the stick away from Alex and Charlie, I joined my imprint. She stood talking with Emily, Sam, Claire and Quil. Quil beamed with the pride of an expected father. He and Claire had only just earlier that day announced she was three months along in their first pregnancy. The two got married the previous summer, and we all knew how much Quil wanted to finally be a dad. He'd had to watch all of start our families years ago, while he waited for his imprint to mature.

"Hey, babe," I said, wrapping my arms around Bella.

"Jared, do you think we could go out to Port Angeles with them to a movie tomorrow night?"

"Um, sure. We'll need someone to watch the boys."

"J.B. could do it."

"No he can't. He's taking that girl out."

"What girl?"

"I don't know – a girl from school."

"You're a real fountain of knowledge, Jared."

Quil and Sam tried to hold in their laughter. "I don't get in the boy's business."

"You should, you're his father."

"I trust him."

"Emily, is Sam like this?" Like what?

"Oh yeah. Harper went on her first date last weekend. Sam sat in the living room cleaning a gun while the poor boy waited for Harp. I didn't even know we owned a gun."

"How did we go from J.B. to Harper?" Sam asked.

"The two of you give all the freedom in the world to those boys, but as soon as your girls want to go on a single date, you literally pull out the big guns," Emily chastised him.

"I think I'll keep my mouth shut."

"That would be wise, Jared," Bella said.

"So, the movies tomorrow? Maybe Charlie can watch them," I said, trying to steer the conversation.

"I'll call when we get home tonight and ask."


A few weeks later, Bella and I sat at our kitchen table – alone for once. All the kids were off doing God knows what for the day. The house seemed to creak with the abnormal silence.

"This is nice," Bella said softly.

"The quiet?"

"Mm, yeah, that too. I meant it just being the two of us. But being able to think and actually hear myself is nice too."

"A few more years and you'll be sad to have it so quiet. You'll want them all to come back."

"Yeah, who would want to be trapped with only you for company for the rest of my life?"

"Hey now, no need to get feisty with your words."

"You know I love you."

"And I love you too, baby."

"We've done it, haven't we?" she asked with a small smile.

"Done what?"

"Made things amazing with the kids, with life. I'm happier than I ever could have dreamed I could be."

"I'm glad to hear that. Hopefully I played a small part in that happiness."

"Oh, you played more than a small part, Jared. You're my everything."

"As are you, my Bella."

"Care to show me?" she asked with a smirk.

"Oh, you have no idea how much I want to show you. Nap time here we come." My imprint made a run for the bedroom, with me fast on her heels.

The spirits had that sense of humor with the way they chose life to go, but they couldn't have picked someone better to build my life with. The future was still uncertain, but as long as Bella stood by my side, we could handle anything thrown our way.


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The Complete Who's Who of My Perfect Match:

Jared and Bella – J.B. (16 years old), Parker and Camille (14 years old), Leila Marie (12 years old) and Charlie and Alex (7 years old)

Sam and Emily – Levi (16 years old), Harper (14 years old)

Jacob and Kim – Sarah (13 years old), Will (11 years old) and Katrina and Lynn (7 years old)

Paul and Leah – P.J., Harry and Leanne (11 years old)

Embry and Talise – Ethan (10 years old) and Talley (8 years old)

Quil and Claire (21 years old) – Claire is 3 months along.