Disclaimer, I don't own Harry Potter or any of his friend's.

Wish I did, then I would write another book 6 and 7 with what I consider a far more realistic end than someone highly intelligent like Hermione falling for a brain damaged inbred cretin who would obviously father further brain dead cretins like Ron (duh) Weasley.

A/Note: Here we go, I'm off on yet another circular rant about the last two books, you can save getting bored by skipping down to the actual story without missing a darn thing, except me Merlinsaprentice once again getting in a tizzy over the way the series rapidly went downhill after GoF leading to it being nigh on impossible to believe it was the same story in the sixth and seventh books and the very strange pairings in the epilogue, placing Hermione the brightest witch of the age with Ron the dumbest red head of any age, and Harry with super Ginny who only ever said about five or six lines in the first five books was in my opinion a total cop out, proving that JKR either only ever intended on writing the one book and ran out of ideas half way through the fifth one, or the publisher used a cheap ghost writer who just happened to forget to read the originals.

A few nights ago I was once again checking out some of the huge plot holes and enormous flaws in continuity in the last two books (6 HBP, 7 DH) there are so many, I noticed one that surprised me when I realised that I had previously over looked a really obvious one, how? I don't know because they now seem such glaringly obvious mistakes.

Ron and Hermione promised at the end of HBP to stay at Privet Drive with Harry. Harry also said he was only going to stay at Privet Drive for a short visit this time. He mentioned nothing about staying until his birthday which would have been a long visit, roughly one and a half - two months. Being as the school closed before the normal end of term it was not a short time at all. Nor did he or the order mention they would be picking him up.

In DH it seems Ron and Hermione not only broke that promise and did not stay at Privet Drive with Harry, they only arrived along with the rest of the order shortly before his birthday. But Harry had also seemingly changed his mind about how long he would stay there and who he would leave with. What happened to beginning the hunt with just the three of them and not telling anyone they were leaving or when? All this happened without having a reason given for the huge change of plan or did JKR make another huge continuity error and forgot how HBP ended. (oh and going to Bills wedding being the reason Harry would stay longer than necessary at his prison at his aunts house doesn't work for me.)

Or did some other poor quality ghost writer of the last book forget to check? Which would be no big surprise to me as I personally am still not convinced that HBP/DH and the first four books are from the same writer because the settings, characters, and their attitudes are so vastly different from the first four books. I'm not too sure about OoTP. That and the extremely odd change of middle name for one of the two main characters. (Although I am almost certain that Jean as Hermione's new middle name was a typo error). I mean what kind of author would decide to change a main characters name because they wished to use the same name for a small part player like Umbitch.

Anyway as I read and wrote these thoughts out I was infected by another plot bunny, so with a new idea in my head I started this little story just to see where it leads me too, as of yet I have no complete plot just some vague ideas and just one firm aim, bring Harry and Hermione together without Ron tagging along as things should have been for the last three books. Why would Harry or anyone else for that matter forgive a supposed best friend who treated him the way Ron did in Goblet of Fire. I have asked several young teenage people and none said they would forgive being treated as a liar and cheat, some even admitted they would still be disinclined to forgive even if they were guilty. So I have some drabbles and ideas that I have not explored yet and I intend to meld them together if I can and see what we end up with.


Another A/Note, I highly doubt there will be any Horcrux like things in this tale because I don't see how a soul or part there of can be split from the body that it is housed in without causing death, as in the AK curse.


Not The Half Blood Prince

It was two and a half months into the sixth years winter term when Harry Potter had finally had enough of Hermione Grangers treatment; the girl he had been the best friend of for the previous five years was treating him with coldness, distance, and on several occasions with what could definitely be called unfriendliness. It seemed she no longer supported or helped him in anyway, she was no longer the loyal and trusting friend that she had been, and she had even practically accused him of being a cheat in the potions class.

He knew he was a bit of a prat sometimes, got things wrong especially with girls. He also knew he was quite adept at saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, though try as he might he could not remember doing or saying anything wrong other than the fight in the DoM, and she had insisted on going with him into that fight. It was when she practically called him paranoid and delusional with out a real reason that she finally convinced him she really no longer wished to have anything to do with him. She was no longer his friend. He made his mind up if he saw her crying again after Ron bloody Weasley had hurt her feelings by snogging Lavender, she would have to find some other suckers shoulder to cry on, he was hurt enough. He did not need anymore pain so he pushed down the feelings of love he had developed for her and tried to move on. There were others who would happily become his best friend in her place.

Hogwarts Library

Hermione was sitting in her usual spot in the library when she saw Harry walk in the doorway of the library; he was obviously looking around for someone. Convinced he was looking for her she once again began to steel herself, ready to push his next attempt at being friendly away; she had decided during the summer holidays that she would distance herself from him. She did not want to be in love with someone who was living with a death sentence hanging over him, it just wasn't logical. That and she was scared about what could happen after her narrow escape from death at the M.o.M. added to that was the prophecy and how things could end.

Memory Flashback

Ever since he had told her about the prophecy that said he was the only one able to beat Voldemort, and that one of them would have to die as they could not both live, she had been scared of loving him, and scared of having her heart broken. Scared of losing him to his almost certain death. So she thought it logical that if she kept him at a distance she would not feel the hurt these strong feelings caused. If she was logical about it all she would stop loving him and lose the fear, be a normal girl, do her school work and not follow him into anymore crazy escapades. So she used her logic, it was what she was good at.

The easiest way for her to distance her self from him like that was to choose someone else to love, pick another boy to fall for. So with her head she chose her other best friend Ronald Weasley, he was a bit thick with a nasty bullying streak, continually arguing with her and making her cry, but he was the one she new best after Harry. He was after all her other best friend. So she chose him, and she set out to catch him, telling herself she could love him and change him into a better person.

She had wondered more than once during the past few weeks just what she should do. How far could she go to distance herself from her former best friend, because it seemed that no matter what she said to him he was still there for her. Always willing to support her and comfort her when Ron made her cry. His constant support while she tried to stop loving him was making her distancing herself from him harder than it should have been. It was beginning to make her angry with him.

It was not long before everything she said to him was neither supportive nor as helpful as she had been since they first became friends, and then there was the potion book, when she finally accused him of being something she knew in her heart he could never be. She accused him of being a delusional and paranoid cheat in the potions class in front of all his friends, simply because he was doing better than she was in the class.

End Flashback

Back in the Library

She was working on her transfiguration homework when she glanced up and saw Harry's eyes flick toward the table she was sitting at, and as he began to make his way further into the library she dipped her eyes down and busied herself in the book she was reading. Not wanting to have him around, she hoped he would take the hint when she refused to notice him or talk to him.

It was after reading several paragraphs that she realised that Harry had not yet reached her table or asked if he could join her. Looking up she allowed her eyes to roam around the library. The rush of intense jealousy that flooded through her when she saw Harry sitting with a Ravenclaw named Mandy Brocklehurst shocked her; but the real hurt came when Harry handed Mandy his homework and asked her to check it out for him. That had been Hermione's job ever since their first year after he saved her life. For a short while she had forgotten that she had refused to help him anymore and her anger rose simply to sink again as a sudden deep sadness of realisation filled her heart. She suddenly realised what she had lost now she had succeeded in pushing him away, he no longer looked for her first as he had done for so many years.

For the next hour Hermione kept glancing over at him as he talked, laughed, and joked with Mandy, not once did he look over at her. Slowly she began to realise just how badly she had been treating him, she also began to understand how good a job she had done in distancing herself from him. She had done a really good job, and probably lost him even as a simple friend, completely and forever. He hadn't looked her way once since he sat down, and it suddenly hit her, there was an extremely high price she was going to pay for being logical. Hermione never realised she could feel so sad as she packed her books away and walked from the library holding back the tears that threatened to fall.

As Christmas approached Hermione hardly saw Harry anymore, when he wasn't trying to discover what Malfoy was up to, he spent almost all his spare time with Mandy Brocklehurst and Lisa Turpin. While her other best friend Ron Weasley, the boy she had chosen to be her boyfriend was always snogging with Lavender Brown. For the first time since before the troll incident in their first year Hermione was truly feeling completely and utterly alone. The boy she had set her sights on was with someone else, and the boy she really loved so much was no longer even her friend. She missed him so much it was breaking her heart. She felt stupid about it all because in trying to avoid being hurt she had ended up hurting herself even more.

At night behind the closed and silenced curtains of her four poster bed Hermione Jane Granger cried her self to sleep. Night after night she remembered all the awful things she had done and said to push Harry away, and every night she regretted her stupidity in trying to rule her heart with logic.

She decided that rather than going home to her parents this year she would stay at the castle for Christmas, just as Harry always did. That way she would perhaps be able to talk to Harry, ask him to forgive her, hopefully give her another chance like he had given Ron in fourth year.

On the first day of the Yule holiday, the carriages for the Hogwarts express quickly filled. Hermione was utterly disappointed when Harry climbed aboard one with his new friends. That was when she discovered from Luna that Harry had been invited to spend the Christmas holiday with Mandy and her family. She did not find out until the day that Harry left to catch the train along with the majority of the other students that he had made the plans some time back. Hermione was left in Gryffindor tower with only a third year girl for company over the holiday.

Harry had a great time that Christmas at the Brocklehurst house. Mandy had four brothers two older and two a little younger than Harry. None of them were magical and all of them were happy go lucky with a huge sense of humour and no one in the home treated Harry as someone special. He was treated just like an ordinary guy just as Hermione used to treat him; it was what he had first loved about her.

Returning to school after the holiday there was little doubt Harry had had a good time, anyone who knew him could see the difference in him. There was none of the sullenness that usually accompanied him when returning from his home after the holidays. Harry was chipper and cheerful and still spent as much time as he could with the two Ravenclaws; every one knew there was no romance between them, unlike when he had been with Granger. It was just the simple friendship of three people who enjoyed being together. There were no arguments or fights, none of the 'not talking' to each other. Just after Christmas they were joined by another Ravenclaw, one that Hermione had not treated in the best of ways. Luna Lovegood had been almost as close to Harry as Ginny Weasley was, and she had now joined his very small group of close friends.

A month after Christmas Harry started to spend quite some time with the headmaster, even leaving the school grounds to go on some quest. Hermione felt more and more alone as Harry seemed to drift further and further away from her. He rarely spoke to her any more, and if he did it was only if he was asked to pass on a message. Even then he would say nothing more than he had too, he treated her just as he treated the majority of the girls at the school. He even started to use her surname when he did speak to her. She desperately wanted to try to put things right between them because she missed him so much, but she had no idea how to repair the damage she had done to the long friendship that it appeared she had so successfully destroyed.

Two days before Dumbledore was murdered by Snape, Hermione was sitting in the library as usual when she was confronted by Harry's three Ravenclaw friends. All of them told her how much they hated her because of how much she had hurt Harry, and they wanted to know why. What had he done to deserve such treatment from her.

Led by Luna they were demanding an explanation because they could not understand why after all she had put him through in the way she had treated him as she chased after Ron all year long like a common tart, Harry was still actually in love with her although he was trying hard to get over her.

Hermione was shocked by their revelations and although she wanted too she found it impossible to believe them. Especially when everyone knew that Harry had a girlfriend in Ron's sister Ginny Weasley. So she dismissed them as being stupid. It wasn't until later that day as she was reading a potion book; specifically she was reading the chapter about love potions that she saw some of the truth revealed to her in the descriptions on the page.

'A love potion can not overcome true love for any significant amount of time, one or two weeks being the usual limit. The reason for this is in what true love actually is. To those readers who have not yet had the wonderful experience of true love, below is a short version of what to expect it to be like.

True Love is wanting someone to be happy even at the cost of your own happiness. Love is doing all you can to give the best you can to someone without asking for anything in return. Love is always thinking of them before thinking about yourself. Love is being willing to give your life to save the one you love. True love is excepting some one as they are, faults and all, and still wanting to be with them.

She realised as she read that all the things she had just read about true love, could well be someone's description of how Harry had treated her over the past few years. How he used to be kind good and generous with her no matter what she did to him. She also recognised that what she had once felt for him was the same thing, that is until she used her logic, before she changed things; and made her self disbelieve him. She was still in love with him and always would be. Still she could not think of a way to sort out the mess she had made, she was still trying to work it all out when the headmaster was killed.

At The Dursleys, 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging.

It was exactly a week since Harry Potter had returned from Hogwarts to his Aunts house, he had explained to his former best friends that he only intended on making a very short visit. One week at the most before he set out for his birth place and commenced the search for the hidden parts of Voldemort's soul. They had both promised to join him there but they had not arrived, the week had passed and he had not seen them.

Feeling once again let down by them not turning up he began packing away his few remaining belongings. Some of the things that had changed in his life since Dumbledore's funeral were the fact his so called best friends had once again let him down, and his relatives had been about as undursleyish as they could possibly be.

In fact it had taken him two full days to come to some sort of terms with the complete change around in his relatives.

As he packed his few belongings he was taking with him he remembered all that had happened during and after his old headmasters' burial service up to when he left his friends on the platform at Kings Cross station London.

Dumbledore's funeral

As the service got underway he looked at the red haired girl sitting with him and suddenly wondered why he had thought he fancied her. She was pretty in a petite Weasley kind of way, but she had a nasty sense of humour and always liked getting the last word in with some kind of put down, worse than that he knew her overbearing mother only too well.

She was short and stiff, well to be honest she was actually fat, and not very nice to know if she could not have her own way, and it was really spooky the way she kept saying he was like one of her own children. Or she loved him as her seventh son, yet he hardly knew her, having only spent just a few weeks on holidays with the Weasleys over the past six years and nearly all that time had been spent away from Molly Weasley out in the garden or in the woods or flying, he had always been with Ron or the twins.

He suddenly realised why all her sons had left home as soon as they became adults. She was a controlling, manipulative, devious woman with a warped sense of how the world should always be as she pictured it.

Ginny would look and be like her mother in ten or twenty years, the thought made him shiver in horror. She was okay as a friend but not as a girlfriend. Ginny was nothing like the girl he really wanted to be with, the girl who it seemed wanted to be with Ron, and have nothing to do with him.

Looking up and trying to see who was actually conducting the service he noticed his hated ex headmistress Delores Umbridge in the crowd. Seeing her made him think again of the death eaters and Voldemort. They would eagerly be waiting to get their hands on him now. Dumbledore's death had been something they had plotted for an entire year, and now that Albus was gone and out of the way they would be once again plotting some thing suitably evil for his own death.

Every one in the wizarding world knew his birthday and the traitor Snape knew that the protection at his aunts' home would disappear the first minute after midnight on his 17th birthday. They would be waiting to strike as soon as the wards fell. If he stayed with his relatives until his birthday he and they would be as good as dead. In fact the sooner they got away from privet drive the safer they would all be.

By the time the service was ended he had made up his mind about what he was going to do. He would finish with Ginny, give her some cock-n-bull story about her safety to ease the break up, then leave. Catch the train home then in a weeks time he would leave Little Whinging for the place he was born in. He would warn his relatives about what would happen if they stayed there at number four, and he would be gone long before the death eaters or anyone else expected. Voldemort could waste the next few weeks waiting for a meeting between them that was not going to happen until he was ready, if he ever was.

Everything was going as he planned, when he ended things with his girl friend of two weeks Ginny Weasley, she had simply wished him luck and the rest of what she said simply proved to him she was just a fan girl. She did not know him at all. Then there were a few wasted words with the Minister of Magic who had held him back a little as everyone left the grounds to enter the castle. Once he had gotten rid of Scrimgeour he was confronted by the two people who had once been his best friends until the beginning of the year.

Ron Weasley who had been too busy snogging with Lavender Brown to spend anytime with him or helping him, and Hermione Granger who it seemed from the beginning of the year had finally turned against him. She had changed from his most loyal friend and someone he trusted implicitly into some one he didn't know. She was now someone who treated him with coldness and disbelief and even practically called him a cheat for using an old potions book because it had helpful hints and improvements written in it.

She had refused point blank to help him, listen to him or believe him about his suspicions of what Malfoy was doing; she had said she wanted nothing to do with his paranoia. She treated him coldly as though she no longer wanted to know him and had never been his friend. So since a couple of weeks before Christmas he had formed new friendships with some of the Ravenclaw students, specifically Luna, Mandy, and Lisa.

Harry gained a tiny glimmer of hope that some of the five year friendship between the so called golden trio could be salvaged when they had spoken to him. He had told them his rough plans about what he was going to do and they had both promised they would be at Number four Privet Drive with him during his short visit. He had parted with them at the platform 9 ¾ in higher spirits than he was when the day had started. While they had gone home to break the news that they were going with him to their parents, both promising to be with him in a day or so, he made his way to the roadside behind the station to catch the knight bus to Little Whinging.

As the memory faded into the background, slowly dragging his back pack behind him Harry made his way down the stairs to the kitchen where his aunt and uncle waited for him. Aunt Petunia poured him a cup of tea while his cousin Dudley silently took his pack outside and placed it in the car for him. Once again his aunt was crying and his uncle was trying to apologise for how they had treated him. For reasons they were unable to understand they had hated Harry from the day he arrived on their door step as a baby, until just a day or two before he had come home for this last visit. Petunia had spent almost the entire week in tears, crying about how her only nephew had been treated by them. Vernon had sworn to do all he could to make it up to the young man in anyway he could. He had even offered him some money to buy a small car, and bought him a small two man tent to take with him on his travels, just in case he needed it.

Harry had been able to work out that their hate for him had ended just moments after Dumbledore fell from the tower. He had also noticed that since that night he had been able to think clearer. He could remember things easier and in a strange way he felt a lot more intelligent. He felt less inclined to just charge into things without thinking about it first. And he could feel his magical ability had improved vastly in its power and his ability to control it. It had quickly become quite obvious to him that Albus Dumbledore had been suppressing manipulating and using him for his own agenda. It seemed that the old man had purposely placed spells on both him and his relatives. Spells and charms that had ended only with the death of the caster, the now dead Albus Dumbledore had been a truly sick individual.

The old man had also held back on Harry's education, making sure he would never be prepared enough to actually beat Voldemort. The only conclusion Harry could come too was that he was to be sacrificed while the old man claimed the victory for him self. It had not taken Harry long to work it all out and he promised himself that one day soon he would return to Hogwarts and blow the old coot's monument to pieces before he went after McGonagall and the others. The Order of the Phoenix were going to find him worse than Voldemort because he wanted justice against those who had stolen fifteen years of his life and freedom, he vowed to make them pay.

The things that Dumbledore had done in the name of the greater good, Harry found even more nauseating and evil than the way Voldemort repeatedly tried to kill him, and Dumbledore had had help from people Harry had trusted. He was no longer willing to give his trust so easily. People like the Weasleys were now in his book of people not to trust. When he received the invite to Bill and Fleur's wedding he threw it into the rubbish bin. He was convinced that Molly Weasleys 'you're like one of my own' was just another way of keeping thick little Harry Potter under Dumbledore's thumb.

Aunt Petunia was crying once again as Vernon started the car and gave her a quick wave as he along with Harry and Dudley set off for Godrics Hollow.

Petunia's heart was breaking as she watched them go; knowing she may never see Harry again, may never get a chance to try to right the wrongs they had done to him. As the car turned out of their road she prayed her sister would not hate her for what had happened over the past fifteen years.

Vernon drove with a very heavy heart, unable to understand why he had been changed by Dumbledore from the lovable cheery life of the party person he had been in his youth, into a cruel and vindictive hate filled man. As Vernon drove and Dudley tried to read the map. Harry sat looking out into the darkening cloudy sky and watched as they left the suburbs and headed northwest for Wales and the town of Corwen. Plans for his quest were forming in his mind as the miles rolled by. Dudley offered to go with Harry and help him but Harry rightly pointed out that much of what he had to face, Dudley would be unable to see.

"And besides I might just leave them to it, your dad wasn't far wrong in his forced opinion of wizards, an opinion I am coming to share. What ever I do I'm going to make sure I have a good really long holiday away from it all first," Harry said quietly as he turned back to looking out of the window.