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Not The Half Blood Prince

Chapter 9

As Lucius Malfoy turned to laugh with his fellow servants of the dark lord Harry raised his hand a little, as his hand rose his new staff appeared, it was crackling and sparking with what appeared to be electric as he took it in his hand. Then he brought the base down with a loud crack on the ground between his feet. A blue streak of light raced across the ground from the staff to the feet of each and every death eater, one second later there was a light display like nothing the villagers had ever seen before as each death eater was enveloped in a lightening like charge that seemed to come from the very ground they stood on. Within a few quick moments all the death eaters were unconscious having been electrocuted.

Harry wielder of Merlin's staff was as amazed as the rest of the gathering, he had had no idea what would happen when he felt compelled to strike the ground with his staff. As his staff struck the ground and the lightening enveloped the death eaters just one of them was left standing alone.

Lucius Malfoy found him self paralyzed, unable to move so much as an eye brow. Harry had seen flashes of Malfoy's life and knew the man was guilty of a large number of rapes and murders of Muggles and Muggle born's. Righteous anger flowed through Harry's veins and a light shot from his staff, it hit Malfoy dead centre of his forehead and as good as destroyed his brain by completely locking Malfoy's mind into his worst possible nightmare for the rest of his life, most of which would be spent in a locked and padded cell somewhere in the depths of Azkaban prison.

An hour later Tonks and a few of the others had delivered twenty death eaters to the ministry. Every one of their prisoners was suffering from an electrically induced form of incurable amnesia; apart from the basics of life they had no idea how to do anything. Tonks informed the officer of the day that she had no idea if it was a permanent or temporary condition, in truth she didn't actually care. They were out of the coming war and could cause no more harm to anyone in the condition they were in.

Before returning to the farm Harry set up some warning runes around the village, he would be warned about any further visits from death eaters as soon as they arrived. The villagers would no longer need to rely on a runner crossing the fields and streams to the farm.

As soon as he had finished setting the runes and headed for home the staff vanished once again, Harry knew it would reappear if he needed it and did not worry about the odd behaviour of the piece of wood known as Merlin's staff.

Life on the farm returned to what they all now accepted as normal, and it remained that way for almost three weeks. It was late on the Saturday afternoon when the quiet of the valley was interrupted by the sound of numerous cracks and pops, Voldemort and his minions had arrived in Godrics hollow once again after so many years.

Harry did a quick and rough count of the death eaters, there were, as far as he could tell, just over fifty of them, all of them gathered behind Voldemort. Looking around him Harry found his handful of friends all standing ready to take on the might of the dark lord.

Helen and Richard Granger stood with the wizards and witches, each of them holding a small submachine gun. Harry had no idea where they had got them from and he was not about to ask. As he looked at Voldemort he noticed the pylons that crossed the valley to bring power to the out lying farms, Voldemort and his followers were standing directly below the power lines. With no thought on his part Harry found the staff of Merlin in his hand once again.

A quick look up at the power lines seemed to be all that the staff needed to know what Harry was thinking and what he wanted to do. A shaft of electric blue light shot from the staff to the wires above Voldemort, the evil wizard laughed at Harry "You should have practised your aim Potter, I've witnessed babes with better aim."

Harry looked Voldemort in the eye and shrugged, he was quite happy to listen to the fool spout his inane babblings all day if necessary.

"So Potter are you and your friends ready to die, are you ready to watch your mudblood bitch die?" Voldemort said with a sneer.

"Thomas Marvolo Riddle, son of a witch so ugly she had to ensnare a muggle with love potions. What's it like Tom knowing your muggle father deserted you when the potion wore off, what's it like knowing your mother was so ugly your father would rather die than live with her?" Harry asked loud enough for all to hear. "seeing the mutterings of your minions it would seem you forgot to tell them that you like me, are a filthy half blood."

As Voldemort aimed his wand at Harry and began to say the crusio curse he was hit from above by a huge bolt of electrical power. Unable to do anything to help himself Voldemort stood trapped in the force that was draining his magic. It was then that Harry discovered what had actually kept Voldemort anchored to the world when a thin purple beam left the dying wizard and split into many parts, each part of the beam rushed toward a death eater and locked onto the dark mark each of them had on their arms, Voldemort's life force was feeding off his minions. A large number of the purple beams of magic even left the valley headed for who knew where. As his death eaters slowly died around him, drained of their life force by Voldemort in his fight to survive, he him self began to shrivel and die.

Five minutes later Harry Potter and his family and friends stood looking at the smouldering mess that had been Voldemort. Harry sent Tonks to the ministry in London to enlist the help of the Auror force to remove the dead death eaters from his land.

Tonks no longer worried about their home being discovered apparated away. She returned fifteen minutes later with a whole bunch of portkeys that Harry needed to place his permission to use them with his magic. He had to touch each object separately. Once that was done Tonks once again apparated away. She returned ten minutes later with a force of one hundred Auror's plus the minister of magic.

The minister found it almost beyond belief that Voldemort and his entire force had been wiped out without the use of a single spell. "I used electricity, a power the evil git did not understand." Harry informed the minister when he handed over a copy of his memory of the event.

The minister informed Harry and those with him that thirty two members of the Wizengamot had died when they had all been hit with a strange purple beam, they had also lost several Auror's and a host of other ministry workers including one of their ex professor's Jane Umbridge. The British Wizarding government would have to be rebuilt almost from scratch, as would the rest of their society because most of the purebloods had died along with their leader. "It's now time for the Muggle born witches and wizards." The minister said before Harry told what had happened.

Harry explained to the minister "Voldemort had anchored him self to this world by using a link between his life force and that of his servants through their dark marks. As long as one of them survived Tom Riddle would not die. It had been one of his biggest errors. If Tom had used only one or two of his lackeys he might well be alive now and I would be the one dead. As it was he was linked to all of his followers and they could not help him because of the pain caused when Tom tried to feed from them to stay alive. Had they been able to help him… well need I say more?"

Harry and the minister parted ways, the minister back to London to start on rebuilding their world. Harry back to being a farmer with his wife and those he now considered his family.

The parties and celebrations would last for over a week, but those living at the farm were simple relieved to be able to live their lives how they wanted too.

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