"Angleterre, I'm letting myself in!" Francis pushed open the heavy oak door and was immediately greeted by his petite souris at the door.

"Papa!" Canada cried, raising his arms to be lifted up. Francis smiled, petting Matthew's hair as he kissed him on the forehead. "Can I go home with you?"

"Only if you don't tell that grumpy –!"

"Who exactly is grumpy, you stupid frog?" Francis looked up and grinned innocently at Arthur, whose arms were crossed over his chest, one thick eyebrow raised in sarcastic question. He handed Matthew a delicious smelling box and patted him to run off with it. "What was that?!"

"A Chicken sandwich and Blueberry pie. I figured he wasn't eating anything at your place. I don't want his tastebuds to die." Francis felt his smile widen as Arthur's expression turned dark and thunderous.

"Shut up!" he huffed as Francis wrapped his arms around him. "Get off me before the boys find us. You'll corrupt their minds."

Francis smirked, kissing Arthur's neck. "I lived with Matthew. He doesn't look corrupt at all." Arthur sighed in pleasure as Francis kissed lower, unbuttoning his shirt as he went, placing open mouthed butterfly kisses over his heart. "See, Mon Cher? This is the only part of you that doesn't ruin my tastebuds. It's sweet~"

Arthur thumped him upside the head. "I said get off me." he paused, looking thoughtful before blushing furiously. "Come back when the boys are in bed. And next time, don't bring food so late. You're not supposed to eat after 8pm."


because Francis cares about Matthew's wellbeing, but not his mind.