Return To Me.

Sequeal to Strawberry Love.

Couples: MasaIchi, PaiRetasu, TouHar and ShikuFro.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything apart from Touki, Mimi, Flame and Fudge.

The day was coming to an end, dusk closing in. All in all , it was very quiet for once on the yard at the Princess's home.

A sudden yell and pounding made the birds fly away.

"Touki!" Pai cried, sprinting after her. Retasu struggled to run after them, with her baby bump.

The girl who Pai yelled for, didn't look back. Her long black hair blew out behind her, her skinny legs were wrapped around Mimi's stomach tightly, as the young mare galloped on, Fudge following close behind. Touki wrapped her hands around Mimi's golden mane, leaning low on her strong chestnut neck.

The runaway cursed, as Masaya appeared in front of her on Midnight.

"Stop Touki." He commanded, reaching out towards her.

She clamped her legs tighter around the young horse. Mimi threw her head back and squealed, as she spun around on her hocks and wheeled towards the metal fence, Fudge quickly caught up beside her.

Pai snarled, he knew he would never make it in time. Quickly grabbing hold of Flame's head collar, he vaulted on and kicked the fiery Arab stallion on. Flame shot forward like a bullet, his long stride covering the grounds.

He narrowed his eyes staring past Touki and Mimi. A young girl, about 16, was waiting in the shadows. Even from where he was, he could tell the horse was grey, she must have been waiting for Touki.

With a graceful leap, the two horses cleared the fence, as they galloped off into the night, with the girl from the shadows following. Pai quickly sat back and pulled Flame to a halt, a hiss came from between his teeth.


The young guard quickly looked back to see his wife, Retasu rushing up to him, her eyes brimming with tears.

"Retasu..." He quickly jumped down, as Retasu buried herself into him.

"Where has Touki gone?"

No one knew, except Touki and that strange girl.

His arms tightened around her, "I'm not sure."

Mimi finally slowed down, her sides heaving. Fudge stopped beside her, as Touki slowly ran her hand down his creamy neck. A golden lab sat down beside the grey horse, waiting for the next move.

The girl on the grey horse pulled up beside her, "They'll forgive you."

"I know." Was Touki's only response.

"C'mon then, we have a few miles to cover before we get there." The girl turned around, as her horse slowly made it's way down the hill. Touki clicked her tongue and Mimi fell into step behind her, with Fudge walking steadily beside them.


"Father?" Ichigo mumbled, shock written across her face.

"We need to get hold of the Police before The Shirogane Clan finds out."

"Shirogane Clan?"

"Yes," His face clouded over, "They have been after one of our people for years now. If they find out Touki ran away..." He trailed off.

"They'll kill her?" The strawberry girl gasped, "We must find her!"

The King nodded, "Masaya, Pai and Kisshu. Go look for her and bring that other girl if she's with her."

The three nodded, "Yes sir."

They quickly left the room, leaving only Ichigo, Retasu and Shintaro left.

"Girls, go to your room until I say."

The two nodded and left the room, Shintaro sighed and rested his face in his hands.


"So one has run away?" A voice glided out towards the tall man sitting on the throne, his long black hair tied back.

"Yes, the one that Midorikawa Retasu adopted and the young girl from the South, Yamada Shiku is with her. They plan to meet up with two boys at the West, Hareta and Frodo then they are heading to the North."

"What do you want me to do?"

"Kill them Ryou."

"Yes Deep Blue-sama."