The rain hit the land beating it into submission, the clouds above were a dark purple hue, promises to a violent path, a mere reflection of a stormy future. What would be left after the rain?… and yet still they came. Shinobi summoned from all across the world poured into the village once known as the Hidden Rain. Their chariots rolled past the large iron gates after being thoroughly inspected by the Rain's chunin. The thunder screamed above tearing through the clouds with magnificent force. The light illuminated the village, and one boy took in its savagery, if only for a second. He looked to it, his own golden eyes lost in the endless fields of grey. He hadn't missed this place. A second blade of light tore across the murky sky

"Your I.D. number," the gate attendant asked. The boy didn't answer. All he saw was his mother sky.

"Boy are you listening?" Another blade of light descended from heaven.

"My I.D. number is two-one-one-seven-three-seven-alpha-alpha," the boy said barely his voice gracefully rising above the cries of the gale. The chunin eyed him for a second. He was a young boy, fifteen to be exact. He had long dreaded dark hair with blonde tips, his skin a soft caramel complexion, but it was his eyes that gripped him. He had black irises as deep as the sea and golden pupils as radiant as the sun. He lifted them and met the chunin's gaze.

"My name is Eiji Satoshi. May I pass?"

This was the beginning of the Fourth Ninja War.

Madara Uchiha, founder to the infamous Uchiha Clan, has exposed himself to the other Kages as the leader of a powerful group of shinobi known as the Akatsuki. After explaining his intentions to unite the Bijuu into the ultimate monster know as the Ten-Tailed Juubi, he asks for both the Kyuubi and Hachibi. The other Kages refuse. Madara smiles and then declares the beginning of the Fourth Ninja War!!



"What do you mean there aren't any more rooms left?"

"Look lady I don't know how to say it any other way. There aren't any more rooms left!" The hefty inn owner said getting angry with the persistent young lady. He was a fat round old man with a dark grey beard and small dark eyes. His wife stood behind him. She tried to attend to the other guest but her eyes never wondered too far from her husband.

"This is unacceptable! Where is Pain?" The young woman shouted in anger. The entire room froze and looked at the girl as if she had mentioned some forbidden taboo.

"You know Lord Pain?" The burly man asked somewhat shaken by her words. In these parts Pain and his subjects were to be treated as royalty. No, even better. They were to be treated as Gods.

Eiji then stepped into the room. All of the eyes shifted to him, and he immediately felt them. The hard stares of the people were cold, almost broken. This was a land that was drowning in a high surge of pain. He could see the very embodiment of their sinful nature in their eyes. The room smelled of strong liquor and old tobacco. He hadn't been here in over three years but not much had changed. The people were still hard and unwelcoming.

He tried not to notice their gaze. He instead let his own find something captivating in the familiar hotel. There wasn't much. The old stout owner still looked as he had always and his wife had gotten a little fatter with the coming winter days. The inn had dark oak floorboards that creaked quite noisily underneath his feet. Old pictures of older men lined the walls, all of whom had a striking resemblance to the owner. Eiji walked up to the desk and caught the man's eyes. He looked at the boy with a face of mixed emotions. Curiosity was evident but there was also something else there, something darker. It was such a familiar feature engraved on the people faces an outsider might not even catch it, but he knew the look all too well. It was rage. A quiet reserved deeply rooted hatred.

"Hello Atsushi. Have you prepared my room?" Eiji asked, his own demeanor very reserved. He could not afford to let these people excite him. He had to bear with the tightening hand that had found his heart. The anger from a forgotten past boiled inside of him like a coffee pot on a hot fire.

"Well damn kid. I didn't really think you would show up here after all this time. When my wife told me about the room reservation I personally thought it was a prank or something."

"Does that mean I don't have a room?" The boy asked calmly.

"Well I don't see why not!" Atsushi said his voice a thundering storm in the quieted inn. His bulky body moved quiet hastily around the inn. He grabbed a long bronze key off the wall with a tag reading "Room 9-11".

"Same room as always, Room nine-eleven. Hasn't been used since you left," The man erupted in laughter his big ches trembling in convulsions. "Everyone seems to think that room is cursed because of you, kid."

The young red-head girl immediately snatched the key out of the massive hand of the inn owner. She turned to Eiji and said, "There is no way this kid is going to get a room before me! I was here first you old geezer."

Once again Eiji felt the stares of a thousand eyes upon him. This girl was obviously an outsider. He didn't know too many people that would do such a bold thing to him now-a-days. Something like this could have happened three years ago, but not now.

"Little girl do you have any idea who that boy is," The owner's wife said her face frozen in horror. She had heard of the tales that had had become legend throughout the country. The stories of a boy who had murdered the Wakisha Family, the wealthiest criminal family in the western region of the fire country. He had even done so against the wishes of Lord Pain.

"I don't care who he—"she turned to face him. "I don't care who you are kid, I am Amaya Chinatsu and this is the last room in the entire village. There is no way I'm going to hand it over to some third rate ninja like you."

Eiji reacted before he knew what was going on. His hand found his way to the girl's throat and he could feel her pulse quicken as he squeezed and his grip tightened. The young woman was so surprised she didn't react right away. Her hands clawed at his arm, but to no avail. She felt her feet leave the ground and looked in shock as the boy held her over his head with one arm. He did it like she weighed nothing, nothing at all.

Two men burst through the inn doors. One was a young man probably in his twenties with fiery red hair much like the young woman and light brown eyes. The other was a bald older man with a slim tall frame and broad shoulders. They descended on Eiji with force knocking the young boy to the floor and scooping up the girl in one flowing motion. The Inn owner was shouting for peace while ducking behind the front desk. His threw his hands high over his head. He had seen some pretty nasty fights in his time, and he was sure that anything involving the boy people referred to as the "Devil's Masterpiece" was a nuisance.

"Get off of me!" The young woman yelled pulling away from the bald shinobi. Her green eyes were red and watery but her valor had been restored. She climbed to her feet a knife already in her hand, a look of murder in her eyes.

"I'll kill you!" she said charging. The younger man stepped in front of her blocking her path.

"Amaya I cannot allow you to fight this boy," he said.

"He attacked me. I will kill him," she yelled trying to find her way around the man's body.

"Look this boy-" He began but a second later his body burst into white flames, and the inn erupted in pandemonium. People stampeded the doors. The owner's wife screamed as the red haired man hit the floor. The lights in the room went out and an ominous blanket of pitch black engulfed the area. Amaya couldn't even see her hand in front of her face. She had never experienced a jutsu like this. She looked down at her comrade her body frozen in terror. His face had fallen and sunken in; his eyes had rolled back into his head and he lay on the floor shaking cradling his body.

Eiji rose to his feet his right arm extended forward. His face fixated with a crazed smile. He could taste the power; he drank the strength that once belonged to the man. His chakra welled inside the boy, and Eiji treasured the sensation. His eyes illuminated through the darkness. He wanted more, he craved more of the man's chakra; more of the man's life.

And then he heard her voice…

It was faint but he still could make out her soft voice even through the chaos that had ensued around him. It was a silken contrast to a wool reality. She begged him to calm down. She begged him not to kill the man whom had done nothing but try to protect her comrade. His heart eased and the dim light returned to the room. The young shinobi laid motionless on the floor his face pale and his breathing slow.

Everyone had left the inn except for Eiji, Amaya, her two companions, the owner Atsushi and his wife. Atsushi had his wife wrapped in his arms a petrified expression etched into his visage. Amaya was still in shock as her bald companion ran over to the younger man gathering him up.

"Y-You.." Amaya choked out unable to finish her sentence.

Eiji turned away the key to room 9-11 in his grip. The insanity had left his character replaced by the same calm innocent look he had greeted them with. Ayama couldn't even move to pursue him. She had heard the tales of a white fire. It was a flame that had lasted seven days and turned the entire Wakashi clan into motionless corpses. Was that truly the work of a child? She didn't know but every part of her body shook with fear, and that alone was enough confirmation.