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"Do you see the stars brother?" A young girl asked her older brother her head tilted back; her eyes taking in a star filled dark ocean. Her eyes were the yellow of a savage fire. They danced gracefully in the midnight hours. Her face was young and beautiful, innocent and naïve. She looked to her brother and pointed up. Above a star falls from the sky.

Eiji woke up cold, yet sweat ran down his body still. For a while he just laid still in the bed looking at the gray ceiling tiles. He hadn't had the dream for about three years now and just as it had always been, the memory of his younger sister was still very clear to him. It was still very painful to see her face.

He pulled back the covers and got of bed. He showered. He ate a large slab of deer and white rice. He put on a red t-shirt with the Japanese symbol for "prayer" drawn on the front, a pair of black cargo shorts, black shinobi sandals, and a sack with a single strap was slung across his back over his right shoulder. He neatly tied his shoulder length dreads together behind his head in a ponytail, and even though people feared his eyes; even though they helped make him an outcast, he freed them from his long dark bangs, and let them bathe in the sunlight. He took a deep breath and left the confines of his room.

The Hidden Rain had always been the same. It always had this rough visage and portentous aura. Even now when the dark clouds had quieted and the sun had shown itself. It looked as gray and murky as the storms that frequently buffeted the small village. Much here was familiar, and very few was new. Eiji walked an old backstreet he used to use to get to a restaurant he liked going with his younger sister and was surprised to still see it standing. It used to be a pretty well-known dinner but due to the frequent civil wars and fighting the village had isolated itself from the rest of the world. It was what his old teacher had called "necessary".

He ducked into the restaurant and was immediately greeted with the wondrous smell of exotic spices and cooking beef. The store owner was a rare-mind who refused to serve pork for he saw it religiously as a sacred animal.

A young woman rounded the corner in a long blue dress and black sandals. Her hair was neatly done with a flower ornament protruding from a bun. Upon seeing the boy she threw her hand over her mouth and gaped at him wide eyed.

"Unbelievable," she said astonished.

Eiji smiled, "Hello Kazuko," he said greeting the young woman.

She ran from behind the counter and threw her arms around the boy yelling in his ear. "Damn it's good to see you Eiji! I knew you would come back one of these days."

He laughed the teased her saying, "You sound as if you've been waiting for me. Hahaha, don't tell me one of the prettiest girls in our village has feeling for little old me."

She laughed and pushed him back to better look at him. He was about five foot five-inches tall with long dark hair and those same deadly eyes. She had become hypnotized by their beauty on several occasions, and while other people feared their unique look she was drawn in by them. The three years only had increased their majesty.

"Lady Michiko, come quick," she called to the old store owner that had hired her only a few months ago.

There was a loud grunt followed by a loud bang and heavy swearing. Lady Michiko angrily yelled, "This better be important you dumb girl. I den' hit ma bad hip on the stove!"

Kazuko frowned and whispered, "Well maybe if your ass wasn't so big," right as the plump woman rounded the corner in greasy chief garments. She looked up and caught Eiji's calm smile, and almost dropped the hot pot of ramen in her arms. The young boy closed the distant between himself and the woman he had known only as auntie for several years in one quick fluid movement. He grabbed the handle of the hot pot and carefully placed it on the counter-top.

"Well when the hell did I die?" she asked.

"You're not dead Auntie Michiko," Eiji said stepping back.

"Then how the hell are you here? I know your dead kid. I heard you died years ago somewhere out in the Cloud Country," she said in a stern unforgiving voice.

Eiji just smiled and shrugged. "I guess I have come from my grave then," he said.

The old woman's first was so fast. She caught the young boy right on the chin and knocked him on the floor. He saw tiny white dots dance n front of his face and rubbed his chin quite vigorously.

"What do you mean by coming back here you stupid boy?! This isn't your home anymore. The village would be better off without men like you!" she bellowed raising her fist.

"Lady Michiko stop!," Kazuko yelled at her boss grabbing the strong old woman by the waist. Lady Michiko struggled against the young girl her arms raised angrily above her head.

"You no-good….Lazy Bum…let-me-go!"

"…I'm sorry," Eiji said his head bowed in shame. He understood her anger. Lady Michiko had watched over him and his sister since they were young. She had given them a home that Eiji had walked away from on a path to revenge those three years ago. The elderly woman calmed her wrath. She could see the pain as clear as day now. Even through the boy's smile it leaked through in a fountain of emotions. His beautiful eyes that were a golden sun set against a black sky were not merely beautiful, they were also sad. A sadness she truly did not understand the depths of.

"Damn kid, I'm sorry," she said moving to the boy. She extended her strong old arms and helped him to his feet. He smiled a smile that was forced and painful; it was a smile that had become a mask to him now. Yet even still, Lady Michiko words had hit home. In all of the years being with her, he had never once heard the woman apologize to anyone. He felt his feet fighting forward in a tide of emotions. Could he possibly hope for salvation after all he had done, after all of his sins.

"I have to go," he said standing on his feet.

"What Eiji you just got here. Please do not leave," Kazuko said grabbing his arm. He smiled at the young woman. He had forgotten about the people whose nature was so unfamiliar to the war-loving Rain Village. They restored something in him at that moment. It was a feeling he thought was truly lost to himself. He hugged Kazuko and whispered something his sister used to tell him in her ear. He smiled and waved at the woman whom he had called Auntie for so long and departed.

His gallantry had been restored, even if it was the courage of a person who had been broken a long time ago. Many shinobi had already begun to find their way to the arena where Pain awaited them. They would compete for a spectacular prize, a trophy he himself would have to claim. He wanted the power of the Bijuu, and with it he would confront his worst enemy.