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She has to pay. He has to pay. They both have to pay for making this stupid mission so much harder than it was supposed to be. Where the fuck is HUNK? Isn't he supposed to be around to help me out here? It fucking hurts, the burns are insane, half of my face appears to be gone. And why on earth did she try to kill me?

As if Leon had not beaten me up enough already... It's unbelievable this is the end of Jack Krauser. I tried so hard, and yet I failed. I should've listened to Wesker, but no, I ignored him.

Maybe that means this is exactly what was supposed to happen. I ignored his orders, and look at me now. There are fucking holes in my body, and I had no idea it was possible for someone to bleed this much, for such a long time.

I hope he'll forgive me. And that he won't forget the nice moments we shared. I fucking loved the man, and I have the weirdest feeling he felt the same about me. Albert Wesker is capable of loving another human being, for as far as we were both still human, anyway. And what did I do?

I fucked up.

I always fuck things up.

Well, not anymore.

I deserve this, don't I? Sadly, I think I do.

---- An hour or so earlier. ----

Ada had interfered with their plans, that was a fact, and she was aware of it. What she was not aware of though, was that she had not only interfered with her boss' plans, but also with his relationship. And to Wesker, that was even worse, because he wasn't the type to just get into a relationship easily.

Wesker was staring at the screens in front of him, growing more impatient by the minute. It was taking his employees too long to get the job done, and Krauser had not been in contact with him for hours again. He was also getting more worried by the minute, because something seemed off. Or perhaps it did not seem off, but felt off. Technically, the latter one was even worse, because his feelings he could not control.

Sure, he could hide them, but controlling...

It was time to contact Ada again.

"Report, time is almost up." There was no 'hello' in Wesker's dictionary when talking to Ada anymore.

Ada appeared content. "Krauser's dead."

"Really?" Hiding his feelings, it was a talent that was proving to be quite useful at that moment. "Hnnn, Leon doesn't die easily." Fucking Kennedy! "That's fine, we can use him to clean up Saddler for us, we'll let them fight it out. Neither one of them will manage to come out unharmed."

"Easier said than done..." Came Ada's annoyed reply.

"Either way, it is your job to clean after them when the fight is over. Don't forget who is running the show. Whatever happens, we can't let either of them live to see tomorrow... Our goal is to retrieve the sample, take out anything that might interfere with our plans."

It only took pushing one button to cut Ada off. Slowly but surely Wesker grabbed a hold of his sunglasses, stared at his own reflection in the object in his hand, and crushed them. "Krauser's dead... Dead." He stood up and walked to the window. "FUCK!"

---- Back to Jack. ----

It's fucking cold here, when did that happen? I need my phone, but it's out of reach. Technically, everything is out of reach now. How stupid, why does dying take so much time? She wasn't paying a lot of attention when she left, was she? Kind of casual, and a big mistake in some cases. Never leave a corpse until you are sure that they are dead. In horror movies the villains always come back to life at least once. I came back even though Leon left me for dead.

Do villains ever come back to life for a second time? I can't seem to remember a movie where that happened. Then again, I can't seem to remember a lot of things right now...

It's too fucking cold.

---- HUNK ----

"Find Jack, and do it now."

HUNK was standing somewhere near what seemed like ruins. He had taken off the gas mask because it had been annoying him. "Jack? Where is he supposed to be then?"

"I don't know. Ada says he died, but I... I don't know." Wesker sighed and rolled his eyes. There would be a time for crying, but this wasn't the right moment yet. "Find him."

"What about the sample?"

"Jack is now to be considered your first priority. Find him, I want him back, dead or alive." Wesker cringed. "Alive would be better..."


"Do you still have that thing I gave you?"

HUNK held up a small case with a logo on it. "I do."

"Use it if you must. Even if you think it's too late already. And it's only for Jack, not for Ada, I don't care if we lose her."

"Will do, sir." HUNK started walking towards where the ganados were engaged in battle with Leon. The agent smirked, he couldn't believe how easily Leon had gotten to the island. It was a shame the man worked for the government...


"I will... Just a second, I swear..." HUNK jumped down a ledge and made his way towards a building. A bit annoyed he began to search for a way up. "This is just dandy..." He muttered to himself.


"I think... Sir, I'll get back to you in a minute, okay?" He hung up on Wesker. Again he grabbed a hold of the small case and started to climb a flight of stairs, completely ignoring the ganados that were firing at him with crossbows. "Damn ganados, get a hobby..." And another flight of stairs, accompanied by some more of the crazed people, this time wearing masks similar to his own. "Ah, great dress-sense, I can tell!" And one more. "Do these things ever end?"

A few bullets and steps later he reached the roof. "Ah...." Quietly the cold-hearted agent approached the body that was a few feet away from him. "Damn..."

---- Jack -----

Damn? Well, you got that right! I'm fucking bleeding to death, that is, indeed, worth a 'damn'. I'd say it myself, but even speaking is too damn tiring. Hell, thinking is tiring, but for some odd reason, I can't seem to stop doing so.

I'm not bleeding fast enough. Heh. If I could, I'd pull the trigger myself. Damn woman, you could've ended it with a head-shot, this I do not deserve.

I wish Al was here. I miss his sneering, scowling and yelling. Heck, I even miss his punches in the face. At least... What the fuck was that?

"Wesker told me to do this... He would like to see you back alive." A bittered snicker. "I doubt this will do the trick though, I got your blood all over my damn boots. If you do, for some insane reason, survive, I will make you clean them."

That hurts. That hurts. That hurts. That hurts. Make it stop...

... Thanks...

---- Several hours later. ----

"It was Ada?"

"Yup." HUNK nodded and stared at his boss as the man quietly touched the heavily scorched skin of his employee. "I don't know why she did it, but I swear, I saw her leave right after they fought, and then found Jack in..." HUNK sighed. "I don't know."

"Oh fuck, we're losing him!"

"Sir, I think it was too late, he was practically empty when..."

"Get some fucking help right now!" Wesker yelled as he placed his hands on Krauser's chest. "NOW!"

"You can't do that, Albert. I am your father, you're not supposed to turn on me like that..."

Albert smirked. "Looks like I'm in control now, does it not?"

"Think about your mother! She will be devastated!" For the first time in Albert's life, his father eyes were showing fear instead of anger. "And come on, I have done so much for you..."

"Excuse me? What on earth have you done for me? There are several things you did TO me, but I have never seen you do anything FOR me!" Albert sneered. "You fucking nearly killed me a few weeks ago, how on earth is that good parenting? You deserve to die for all the things you did to me and my sister. She did things that were wrong, but in the end, you are to blame for that too!"

"I was just making sure you'd grow up to be a strong and smart young man... I didn't do..."

"Shut the fuck up, asshole! You are not a daddy, you are a sperm donor who annoyingly enough knocked up my mom twice. It's time for you to trade in this life for one in the afterlife. I'm guessing... Hell?" A cold smirk appeared on the younger man's face. "I'm sure I'll be seeing you there someday, but until then... Goodbye daddy."

He pulled the trigger and watched the blood splatter on his arm with a content look on his face. Killing had seemed drastic and scary, but it wasn't as bad as he had expected it to be. It gave him a rush, to have that much power over a living creature. "Damn, I could get used to that..."

"Still nothing, this is taking way too long. Fuck..." Wesker stood back for a second and wiped the sweat of his forehead. "Continue chest-compressions!"

He started searching several cabinets, hoping he would find medication that could possibly save Krauser's life. Medication he had not tried yet. Heck, even a virus he had not tried yet would do. Desperate times would call for desperate measures, and this was a desperate time indeed, no doubt about it.

It seemed though, that everything had been done to try and save the man's life already. There was a time of trying, and a time of giving up. Perhaps this was the right time to give up?

Wesker's eyes caught a glimpse of the red beret he had wanted to set on fire several times in his life. "Oh fuck..."

------- Epilogue ---------

The room was cold and sterile, the only thing that looked somewhat warm was the body of the man lying in the bed. He wasn't concious, he hadn't been for weeks now. Though his body appeared to be healing, it almost seemed as if he didn't want to wake up. And perhaps he really didn't, after everything he had gone through earlier on. Nobody blamed him for this, because if he did wake up, he would have to get back to work again right away. And his job wasn't a very ordinary one, it was actually the primary reason for him being unconcious in the first place.

The white bandages around his head and body almost made him look fragile, even though there was nothing fragile about this man at all. At least not on the outside, and the outside of this man was what mattered most. The strong arms could lift heavy objects and his speed and agility made him very flexible. His eyes made him capable of aiming with great prescision and his strong legs could take anyone down with such ease, it almost looked simple.

So nobody cared about his inside, or so they thought.

The double doors leading to the room swooshed open and revealed another man. The other man made his way to the bed and checked underneath the white bandages.

"Not bad... Not bad at all." A pleased look washed over the man's face as he re-adjusted the bandages. He then turned his head to the monitors next to the bed but what he saw there wasn't as pleasing as he wanted. "But I do think it's time for you to wake up."

The man in the bed didn't hear it, or maybe he didn't want to hear it. His body remained still as a gloved hand was placed on his forehead, or more on what was left of his forehead. The only things that indicated that there was some life left in him at all was the silent rising and falling of his chest and the bleeps on the monitor.

The other man grabbed a plastic chair from near the window and set it down next to the bed. He took a seat and placed his elbows on the bed so he could rest his head in his hands. Sighing he started to wonder about several things, and soon enough he was so consumed in his own thoughts, nothing else got through anymore.

The man in the chair didn't notice the movements of the one placed in the hospital bed until a hand suddenly neared his face. His first thought was to stand up and defend himself, but then he realised it was just him... And he had woken up.

"Christ." The man's voice sounded weak, but he was awake nevertheless. "I feel like shit."

A light chuckle. "You look like shit."

"Hnnn." The man in the bed smirked and slowly drifted back to sleep again. Sure, he needed more rest to heal up a little better, but he had been awake. The other one had seen him move and heard him speak.

Wesker got up from his chair and placed it near the window again. Before walking out he turned around and glanced at the other man again. "Welcome back to the land of the living, Jack."

"Thanks." Or perhaps he had not drifted off to sleep yet. "Hey Al?"

"Yeah." Wesker walked back to the bed and pressed his forehead to Jack's.

"I love you."

Wesker snickered. "I love you too."

"What?" Jack cracked one eye open. "Did you hit your head lately?"

"No. That's your job in our relationship... I'm the one who fixes you when get hurt in the process."

"I'm glad to know you got my back..." Jack groaned as the pain in his arm kicked in. "Oh f..."

Wesker went to get pain-killers and returned pretty quickly, not liking the sight of his 'boyfriend' in pain. He emptied the syringe and sat down on the bed, carefully avoiding leaning on the other man. "It'll only get better from now on..." He cooed. "I'll take some time off until you get well enough to spend the day on your own again."

"You? Taking time off?" Jack replied a few minutes later, when the pain faded away again.

Wesker nodded. "HUNK got his hands on the sample, don't ask me how. I can afford to be a little more flexible from now on."

"Hehehe... Uh, I don't want to spend the days on my own anymore."

"Hnnnn, perhaps..." Wesker was hesitant to finish his sentence. It seemed so fast. "Oh fuck it, I can't afford to take things too slow, before you know it, it can all be over. You know, you could just move in with me and Mr. T. Oh and Odhinn... And whatever other cat I will end up taking home."

"I'd like that." Jack whispered lazily. "I might..." He was exhausted.

"Sleep, Jack... We got time to talk this over. I will make time." He once again stood up and placed his hand on Jack's forehead. "Just get better... I hate seeing you hurt."

"You're turning into a sap." Jack yawned and shivered. "Kiss, please."

Wesker placed a kiss on the small part of Jack's face that wasn't wrapped in bandages and pulled up the blanket a little higher. When he looked at his lover he noticed Jack had actually drifted off to sleep this time. "I'll be back in a few hours."

A few hours... Wesker smirked, because a few minutes was more likely. It wasn't that he enjoyed staring at a sleeping Krauser, but he was still worried about something going wrong. And if Jack really had to die after all, then preferably in his arms.

Though he refused to think about that. At that moment everything was going very well, and that was a feeling Wesker wanted to hold on to. That was one of the first feelings he had ever wanted to hold on to. It made him feel warm inside.

When he reached his office he picked up Mr. T and stood in front of the window. There were still a few things that had to be done, killing Ada was number one on the list, but they could wait.

"Heh... See those trees, T?" Wesker said to his cat. "They're so damn sturdy, but when it's really windy outside, they prove to be very flexible aswell..." A sigh, one of happiness this time. "Flexible indeed... Just like myself."

The end.

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