Okay, I know I know. I am writing enough stories already…. But this one just sounded really fun. This is going to be Contestshipping and all in good fun… and fluff. So without further ado, let's begin.

May sat at her desk staring out the window. Her undone homework sat idle in front of her, and her phone continually vibrated from a missed text. She didn't notice them though. She was too lost in thought to notice anything at the moment. The only thing in her mind right now was Drew; the green haired boy in her class which she had liked for a few years now.

"What are you doing May?" Dawn asked. She, of course, just barged in like normal with Misty close behind. May gasped lightly and looked at her friends. She couldn't help but feel slightly cursed being left out of the ability that her two friends possessed… the ease to find people. No matter how hard May tried it seemed impossible for her to be and stay loved. It was easy for Dawn who was naturally outgoing, perky, and pretty. She just walked up and by the time you blinked a boy would be there to say something to her. For Misty it seemed just as easy, it was all about her confidence. As soon as she opened her mouth she commanded the room… and when she didn't, the whole room was in danger. However, May… May felt plain, she didn't have any real noticeable traits… not only did she act ordinarily, but she also looked the part. How would she catch the eye of someone like Drew?

"Hello?" Misty called. She snapped her fingers in front of the girl's face, hoping to get her attention. May shook her head to get back to reality; where her friends were waiting for her.

"Sorry, I was just thinking," she admitted. "What up you guys?" she questioned. She looked at both friends. Misty was standing in front of her face, while Dawn was sprawled across the bed as if it were her room.

"Nothing," the both chimed in unison. "What about you? What are you thinking about?" Dawn asked. She then sat up to give her long time friend her full attention.

"Nothing… just boys," May answered. She then got up and made her way to the closet and slipping on a red pair of flip flops. Dawn and Misty shot each other knowing glances behind her back.

"Just boys, huh?" Dawn mocked. Misty rolled her eyes but chose to ignore her friends remark. Misty then laughed.

"Boys, yeah right. We all know that the only boy May pays attention to is Drew," she taunted. May blushed slightly and stuck out her tongue. She acted so childish some days, but she didn't feel bad… she matched her two friends perfectly. They all let out a laugh as they exited the house and headed into the car. Once inside May's red beetle they headed to the store, for the candy they needed to watch the movie with.

"What were you thinking about boys again?" Dawn asked. She then stepped out of the car and walked confidently beside her two friends awaiting May's answer.

"Nothing important, just about how they never really notice me," she scoffed. Dawn and Misty both rolled their eyes. This wasn't the first time they got this speech from May. "You know," May continued while grabbing a bag of gummy worms and heading to the check out with her friends in suit. "I think that I am just supposed to be un-datable for the rest of my life," she finished sighing.

"Oh come on, you are pretty and Drew would like you if you ever made a move," Dawn encouraged.

"Make a move?" May questioned. She then looked ahead exasperated by the older lady ahead of them who only had a few groceries left to be scanned. "What do you mean by that?" she questioned.

"What does she mean? Come on May, she means flirting… you really don't expect Mr. Perfect to come without you even making an effort do you?" Misty asked. May shrugged. "Well no, he won't. You know what you need to do, you need to flirt with Drew," Misty claimed. Dawn nodded her head in agreement and May stood there pondering the advice.

"I don't know how to flirt," May admitted. The two girls sighed as they watched their pathetic friend look even more depressed than before.

"How about we find you some help!" Dawn exclaimed. Before Misty and May could ask what she was talking about Dawn grabbed a magazine off of a nearby shelf. The main article read, "10 Greatest Flirting Tips". She then threw it on the check out belt and paid for it on the way out.

"Dawn, you know things like this never work," May whined. Dawn just shrugged and turned up the radio. One car ride, one True Blood episode, and several candy packets later Misty and May stood at the door waving bye to their brunette friend.

"Oh I almost forgot," Dawn chimed. She then tore out the two pages with the steps on them and then ripped the big one that said number one off.

"Wow you are destructive," May laughed. Dawn just shrugged and handed it to her. Misty looked at the big bold lettering in May's hand… it read: "Make Eye contact. Eye contact is one of the easiest methods you can use to flirt with your date and it can be plenty of fun too. The knack is to not end up staring at them for too long. Instead go for a sneaky glance that lasts a couple of seconds, and then look away. Repeating this, perhaps with a smile or two along the way, can gain their interest and help let them know you're flirting with them and interested in them." May glared at the instructions and then back to her friend.

"Don't start with me… you were the one complaining, I am just trying to help. Now, tomorrow you do what that sheet of paper says, and then I give you number two. We will keep this up until we get to ten. Now when it works, you are going to love me," Dawn explained.

"When it doesn't work?" May questioned. Dawn shrugged and then climbed into the driver's side where Misty was waiting.

"If it doesn't, then you will still love me forever," she answered. "Later May, see you tomorrow," she hollered eagerly out the window. May waved and then headed back inside… tomorrow would be a long day.

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