Okay, I know it has been a while, but I don't even know how long. My internet has been off all this time and it truly made me want to update even more than normal. Don't you hate when you can't do something and you want to do it… I think everyone should know that feeling. For example, I wish I could go to Japan and rewrite the ending to: Rival Battle Conclusion, Ash vs Paul. It was so stupid… I knew it was going to happen though. This is very sad day for all of us Paul lovers. Anyway, enough ranting… time for you to read:

May sat in the seat mindlessly tapping her fingers on her leg. It wasn't that she was bored, it was because she was nervous. She had been replaying the events in her head. It wasn't his fault that she was stupid enough to share the color of her underwear. The ride seemed to be taking so long… which was funny because May knew that TCBY was really only four blocks away.





May knew it would only be a few more minutes until she completely cracked. Stupid underwear, stupid Drew, stupid guide to dating magazine, it was there fault, oh and Dawn's too.

"Hey Drew?" she started. She then noticed that they had just pulled into the parking lot. In May's mind that was one quickly eaten mint chocolate chip cone and a half a block of running to get to her house. Oh and in this case running didn't seem too bad at all. After placing their order and receiving the cones, courtesy of Drew, they proceeded to one of the corner tables.

"Alright May, it's like this. I'm sorry that I was inconsiderate of your feelings and I am sorry that I was picking on you. It was just that it felt so comfortable, ya know. I annoy you, you yell at me… I guess it just got a little out of hand, ya know?" Drew questioned. May nodded and continued to gulp down the ice cream ignoring her painful brain freeze. "I said I was sorry… can you at least react?" Drew asked. So much for keeping his cool demeanor but he just couldn't take the silence.

"Did you know my ice cream matched your hair?" May questioned. They stared at each other in silence for a few moments, not even moving to catch the small drips of ice cream that was easing down their hands. May then slammed her head onto the table. That was past embarrassing. Then the thing she least excepted occurred. He began to laugh; May looked up to see his face a light red from gasping. "Shut up Drew!" she yelled. Instead of the quiet response she wanted, this only seemed to fuel his laughter.

"See, this is what I mean. I am just so comfortable around you," she stated. He chuckled a little more before catching his breath. "Ok, May, I am sorry…again. However I want to forget this argument. In fact, I want to forget it and look past it. May? Would you go out with me?" he asked. May instantly began choking on her cone. Drew came over and patted her on the back only putting her even more into a frenzy. After a little more frantic waving she knocked Drew's ice cream onto his shirt.

"I'm so sorry!" she gasped. He looked at her and then laughed.

"Yeah… somehow I think I am getting used to it," he mumbled. He then promptly went back to his seat on the other side of the table. "So what do you say?" he questioned. He looked down and began to dab his shirt with a napkin. He refused to make eye contact… he wanted to hear her answer. Unexpectantly, arms wrapped around his torso. Drew felt something wet hit his shoulder but didn't turn still waiting for the response.

"Drew, I would love too!" May said. She was trying her hardest to keep the tears out of her voice. This was it. This is what she had been waiting for all these years. It had finally come true.

It had been two months now and May grabbed her bag and headed for her room door. "Coming Drew," she yelled. This was the day, their day and every month on the 27th it would be. It may have seemed stupid to others, but in her opinion Drew and her anniversary dessert at TCBY was their new tradition. She looked once more in the mirror and then at the picture frame beside it. That was her favorite decoration. Inside a black frame was the edition, of their magazine. しゅりょう。

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