Just a little note from me~ I started this when my English was far beyond as good as it is now, so please don't judge it be the lame beginning, thank you~


The schizophrenic had just entered to school building when he felt someone glomp him from behind.

"Zetsu-saaan! I've missed you soooo much!" The masked boy said and hugged him.

"Tobi, get off me. Or I'll kill you." Zetsu said as he tried to free himself from the clinging boy.

"But-but…" Tobi whined. "Didn't you miss me too, Zetsu-san?"

He managed to get Tobi off and then gently pet him on the head.

"Of course I did, but you need to be a good boy and behave now when we are starting high school."

He nodded eagerly "You think the others are here yet!!??"

"They better be…"


A motorcycle arrived outside the big white school and the red-haired teen took off his helmet. So this is the place huh? I wonder where-


There he was.
The blonde boy came running towards Sasori and pulled his arms around his neck, giving him a hard hug. He sighed.

"Geez Deidara, you don't wanna start gay rumors on the first day will ya?"

The blonde smirked. "That wouldn't be entirely wrong, would it?"

Sasori took Deidaras hands and released himself from the tight embrace.

"I don't want the other children to bully you, little Dei-chan" he laughed and ran a hand trough his hair. Deidara pouted. "Seriously though, you're lucky you aren't in a girl uniform 'cause then you would definitely be raped".

"Shut up Danna!" Deidara said, crossed his arms and grumbled. "… You wouldn't let that happen anyway, un."

Sasori laughed tenderly and gave him a really quick kiss on the forehead.

"Of course I wouldn't."


Soon Sasori and Deidara met up with Zetsu and Tobi in the hallway.

"DEIDARA-SEMPAI! SASORI-SAN! YOU GAYS MADE IT!" Tobi shouted happily and hugged them both.

Sasori gave out a frustrated growl. "Why wouldn't we?" he muttered, annoyed by the obtrusive boy.

"Have you seen Pein and Konan yet?" Deidara asked.

"Boo." A dark voice said from behind, making them all jump in chock.

"Waaaah, Pein you meany! Don't scare us!" Tobi said and hasty moved over to Konan for a hug.

She smiled happily "Hi guys!"

"Hi Konan, un!" Deidara grinned.

"Let's see… Looks like everyone is here except for Hidan and Itachi, have you guys seen them?" The blue haired female asked and looked around trying to scan the area.

"No, not yet…" Deidara started but then saw the jashinist come walking trough the hallway. "Oh, there's Hidan, un!" He raised his hands and waved. Hidan made a bitter face and walked up to them.

"Hiya, fuckers!" He said with a damned look on his face.

"What's wrong with you?" The Akasuna asked and raised an eyebrow.

"Pfhe, had a fucking lousy morning. The dammed alarm clock was broken so I woke up 15 fucking minutes ago!"

"Hidan-sempai, be a good boy and don't swear so much" The masked boy pleaded.

"Shut up you! I do as I fucking want!"

Pain coughed loudly and everyone became quiet, turning their head to face their leader.

"Ehem, I was thinking. If you people wish to continue with this so called organization this year we need to make a few things clear..."

"But Pein-san, Itachi-san hasn't made it here yet..." Tobi started.

"Who knows he's even coming..." Konan sighed.

"Itachi won't do any trouble. He rarely even does anything anyway… May I continue?"

The group nodded. Pein gave out a small sigh.

"OK, for the first! We need to win these bastards respect so I won't accept any of you to be pushed around by ANYONE! That includes you Tobi – stay close to Zetsu and behave!"

"Tobi will be a good boy and obey Pein-sans' rules!" Tobi tilted his head to the side and smiled behind the mask. Pein looked in disappointment at him. Why did I even let this idiot join us..?

"For the second" He continued. "It wasn't my intention to be the leader of a squad of homos… I know almost everyone off you are gay. I will absolutely not accept you to show of your nature here in public! Don't think I didn't saw you to this morning..." He glared coldly at Sasori and Deidara. Sasoris face remained in the bored calm expression while Deidara tried ever so hard not to blush.

"But Pein, honey…" Konan pleaded and pulled his arm, looking sad.



"But Pein-sama!!!" Tobi waved with his hand up in the air like he wanted the teachers' permission to talk. "Itachi is not gay!"

"We don't know that Tobi, un." Deidara said. "He has never told anyone his sexual preference."

"It wouldn't surprise me if he was tough..." Sasori stated.

"EXUSE ME! Who the fuck said I was gay!?" Hidan shouted. All eyes turned to him in disbelief.

"Hidan… You hate all girls, un."

"… Well I hate EVERYONE! Girls are no fucking exceptions!"

"That means Hidan-san is gay?" Tobi grinned.

"ANYWAY!" Pein interrupted.

"BUT PEIN-SAMA!!!" Tobi said still hands waving in the air. Pein looked like he was about to have mental breakdown.


"I-I-I was just thinking…" the boy stuttered. "We need a place to meet up in!"

"Yeeaah, like a base, un."

"Well, how about Pein and Konans place?" Hidan smirked.

Pein shoot of an evil glare.

"Good idea!" Sasori said.

"Yeah, our place is big enough for all of you" Konan smiled.

"ABSOLUTLY NOT!" Pein shouted.

"I think it's a good idea!"

"Me too."

"Me too."

"Me too."

"ME TOO!!"

"Then it's settled!" Konan said and smiled at Pein who let out a frustrated growl.

The main entrance was suddenly opened and a dark figured walked in to the school. With hands in his pockets he moved quietly trough the building, eyes fully focused on the floor in front of him. Tobi was the first one to catch the sight of him.

"ITACHI-SAN!!! DEAR COUSIN, YOU CAME!!!" He ran against the weasel with his arms out but then suddenly stopped. The weasel stared at him with a death glare and Tobi slowly backed away.

"I-I-I mean, glad you could make it!"

Itachi remained silent but walked up to the group. Pein started to talk again.

"OK, so if I got it right Tobi, Zetsu, Deidara and Sasori will be in the same class. Hidan, you and Itachi are in the same. And as for me and Konan, we will be entering our second year here. We can meet up with you guys at lunch and breaks-"

Pein was once again interrupted but this time by the strong clangorous sound of the school bell ringing.

"Of we go then Danna, un!" Deidara grabbed Sasori's hand and run off.

"Aaaah, sempai wait!!! Come on Zetsu-san!!!" Tobi said and ran after to catch up with the blonde.


"Why in the name of jashin did you even let them join then!?"

"I have no idea…"